My Awakening Journey & Why I Began This Blog

I do not consider myself to be an “ooey-hooey” spiritualist, new age looney, or a hippie.

But, I’ve always considered myself to be a deep thinker, and I’ve always had this insatiable, inherent, intimate interest in the “big whys” about life as well as the classic mysteries and urban legends we all hear so much about… Bigfoot, Area 51, the Bermuda Triangle, aliens, supernatural abilities, the paranormal, some conspiracies, and so on. 

Prior to my awakening experience which began about three-quarters of the way through 2018, I’d considered myself to be a  sort of “hopeful skeptic.”

Since I grew up playing sports, going to school like any other kid, and doing what adolescent boys do along with my friends throughout college and the few years after, I never really dug deeper into exploring the aforementioned ideas — and it definitely wasn’t the topic of conversation at the bars, on the basketball court, in college classes, or even with family. 

I’ve also always been extra curious and inquisitive. These attributes, coupled with my built-in sense of creativity, led me to take up a Journalism major in college — an area where I could ask pressing questions about important issues and then report on them for the masses. As I now know, I was undoubtedly guided to go this route in school since writing, content creation, and idea-sharing is crucial to my Earth mission.

So, how did my awakening transpire? I’ll share that story (with as much brevity as possible).

My awakening journey was catalyzed by a trilogy of several concurrent events which are important to understand as each led, in part, to my experience: 

Let’s take it back to summer 2018.

I’d just endured the last of what had amounted to numerous heart-breaking experiences with a girl who I truly believed could have been “the one.” We’d met in an unconventional way, but for the first time in my life, I truly felt this crazy spark whenever we touched. Quickly, this amazing energy that I felt from the get-go with her grew into an addiction, and I quickly fell for her despite… questionable… circumstances.

Even though I intuitively knew I was feeling a mixture of lust and love, my infatuation with her and her thirst for me was simply too strong for either of us to ignore.

Long story short, we ended up seeing each other for about two years, off and on. But after two years of uncertainty, misleading statements, and broken promises, I had to face the music: it wasn’t going to work. She didn’t know what she wanted, couldn’t commit to me, and was not able to get to the place I needed her to be to move forward in love and trust.

After things ended, I promised myself I’d never put myself in a position of irresponsible, emotional vulnerability with a girl who was that much on the fence ever again.

I began beating myself up inside, wondering what in the world I did to deserve this — seemingly finding the one thing I’d been waiting so patiently for, having it dangled in front of my face, and then taken from the palm of my hand. I wanted answers where there simply were none. If it was meant to be, it’d be… right?

A couple months later, I had a dream in which she came to me and told me to look at her Facebook. When I woke up, I vaguely recalled the dream, looked at her page, and saw that she had a new boyfriend. I was crushed.

But, without this painful impetus, I wouldn’t have begun my “seeking.” I needed to find a higher understanding, and began asking “higher” questions… was this some kind of karma? Was I being punished by some kind of cosmic vengeance? Most of all, why was my soul mate laying in the arms of some other guy?

But the Universe was also working in my favor behind the scenes, systematically removing people from my life who weren’t meant to be in it and aligning me with others who were. The very next day, I met someone new… and get this: she had the exact same birthday as the girl I’d just been so destroyed by. She was also in need of healing from an abusive relationship in her recent past, and we were able to connect on that level pretty quickly. We immediately hit it off and began casually seeing one another. 

It was several months after this that the first of two events transpired in which my best friend of four years and I had a serious “falling out.” After the second — which happened a little further down the line — I felt so backstabbed and blackmailed that I think we both reached an unspoken assumption that it was just time to move on with our very different life trajectories.

Despite minor road bumps with the girl I’d been seeing, things got more serious with time, and we began exploring deeper topics the closer we got. One night, for some reason, the conversation shifted to the topic of paranormal activity.

In fact, as she described in vivid detail to me, she grew up in what she believed was an actual haunted house. I was incredibly skeptical and doubtful — as most people would be — since I’d never experienced that kind of thing. 

That was, until she got her brother and Mom on the phone to corroborate every story she’d told me — without conferring with them beforehand.

LONG story short, we both wanted to start digging deeper. So, we visited her northern Indiana home, and stayed the night.

I ended up hearing very audible voices in her bathroom late at night and whispering in my ear as I drifted off to bed. Over the weeks that followed, her mom, stepdad, and brother would share dozens of stories of strange phenomena they’d experienced over the years.

Thus, my awakening story really began, as many do, from a more intense interest in the afterlife and a more determined self-exploration of it. Her and I began exploring how paranormal phenomena works — and began learning more about others’ experiences.

Shortly thereafter, we bought a Ouija board, armed with a genuine intention to leverage the intense energies on her land and a desire to connect with whoever was beyond the veil and willing to communicate.

At this point, we both began to remember that there was more to reality than what meets the eye, and our goal was definitely NOT to stir up or agitate any spirits. Since we both inherently believed that the Universe returns to you the energy which you emit, we were taking this exercise very seriously and not as some kind of slumber party joke. 

We researched the best way to succeed with a board and even learned mantras and protection prayers to recite before and after a session. We learned all about the ideomotor effect and practiced keeping our fingers completely still on the planchette before we tried the board. 

I’d be lying if I said I actually expected anything to happen when we sat down to do it. But, we lit candles and created a space to make it happen. When we respectfully, curiously sought contact with those on the other side, the planchette started moving and spelling, using our combined energy as messages were relayed to us.

We could hardly believe what we experienced — and we were both shaking with elation as the candles beside us crackled and her old garage started creaking like crazy. It was a rush.

We ended up having an hour-long “conversation” with the other side, including an essence which I believe was the residual intelligent energy of my deceased grandparents confirming loads of information only their consciousness could know! I was bawling and hyperventilating like never before! Could this really be possible?

Within a period of weeks, her and I began remembering old and new age concepts all discussing the same core ideas:

The miracle of existence was becoming more clear. Luckily, I was pretty unattached to my few previously held belief systems, and I was willing to divert from my lifetime of moderate social conditioning to consider any possibilities.

Judaism and its tenants helped shaped my previous world view, but not to such a point of attachment.

Within a few weeks of the initial Ouija board experience, “it” happened. 

The figurative sun shone on me brighter than I’d ever imagined it could.

One day as I was sitting at work, watching a video about what a spiritual awakening is, wondering if my experience qualified, I was overcome with an emotion so incredibly overwhelming that I still do not have any words to describe it. In an instant, EVERYTHING seemed to gel together. I had to walk outside.

As I looked up at the cloudy Indiana sky, I began breathing heavily — a bit uneasy, but quite invigorated.

I was overcome with what I can only call a new, profound sense of love and elation. I felt a new kind of energy, happiness, and a sort of universal high which I’d never felt before.

It took me only a minute before I internalized what was happening — I was awakening to a higher level of consciousness.

In that moment, my kundalini energy erupted throughout my body and I emerged into a higher level of awareness. It was as if I’d opened my eyes for the first time, from a 26-year-long slumber.

I fell to my knees, and cried. When I looked up, I noticed how the flowers looked exponentially more vivid, more colorful than I’d ever seen them before. I recall seeing the bright beauty of the trees, the magical movement of their leaves. I could talk about how the rain began to fall on my skin, and felt like diamonds bathing me in love.

From that day on, I was no longer the me I was prior. I was ready to emerge from my ignorance, and was ready to fully embody higher-dimensional truths about who I really am… about who we all are. Previously held ideas about society, the way the world and universe worked, models of thinking, paradigms, even people, places, and things I’d surrounded myself with, and nearly every notion I held true about life CRUMBLED to my feet. The conventional thinking I’d been groomed to believe was “real” had totally fallen away, and I began to consciously shed layers and years of programming that no longer resonated.

In a very real sense, I DIED. The me that was me for 26 years ceased to be — and a new me emerged.

In an instant I felt closer to knowing — awakening to something which was embedded within my DNA like a ticking clock that had laid dormant until it was time.

I knew, somehow, that my life would never, ever be the same. I knew I’d dedicate my days, in some capacity, to finding and sharing the truth of existence. This feeling was like nothing I’d ever experienced. I felt like I’d abruptly changed my perception of things, and finally saw, with clarity, the enormous illusions of this world. Anything which promotes any degree of separation is part of the illusion! David Icke’s now famous quote rang through my being like a magical wave: infinite love is the only truth… everything else is illusion! The deeper meaning and connectivity of EVERYTHING became apparent in my heightened state as I stepped out of the Third Dimension and into another realm altogether.

I began fervently consuming anything that resonated — devouring any and everything I could find about the afterlife, near death experiences, paranormal activity, and much more. Soon, I found myself immersed for 8-or-so hours per day learning about the universe and existence. I read Zingdad’s “The Ascension Papers” in a period of two days, along with a host of other books I quickly found. 

And, as if on cue, new cosmic “downloads” began to flood my consciousness as I began remembering lost truths which I was sure I’d once known but, beneath the Veil of Forgetfulness, had forgotten.

I learned to use my intuition and heart to be the arbiter in what I held as truth; not my brain. I felt my heart center begin to open up, sending vibrations of love through my body. I felt like my body’s energy centers (commonly known as chakras) began working overtime.

I began leaning into my empathic and intuitive abilities like never before, and in so doing, my psychic abilities began to open. I soon found myself reading minds, picking up on others’ energies, feeling spirits touching my body (e.g., my face, my crown, etc) and having precognitive dreams.

Like an addiction, I couldn’t stop learning. I began peeking further behind the curtain in search of one thing: the ultimate truth about existence.

And (for me) that truth is as grandiose as it is simplistic. The underlying fabric of the universe isn’t matter. It’s energy created from a conscious cosmic mind, and born from a nucleus of pure, unconditional love. 

As I began to somehow remember, we live inside of a great thought happening within the mind of The God-Source… and there is no separation between US and Source! We truly are the lenses through which the universe is becoming conscious of its own glory! We are each expressions or individuations of The One, and, at a much higher level of consciousness, we are God.

I began thinking about the universe in terms of dimensions, levels of consciousness, energy, frequency, and vibration. I began to remember more about the multidimensional nature of self, our journey to oneness, Source’s intention in learning about itself, and the purpose behind it all.

For weeks after that, I felt high on life. I cared about nothing but EXPANDING MY CONSCIOUSNESS — and I spent more time alone than ever before. I continued to read what resonated, diving further into all of this, embracing it with open arms. I became obsessed.

Soon, my now ex and I found ourselves thrust into an immersive, months-long self-discovery journey. We’d spend hours per night connecting with higher consciousness: Ouija boarding, doing automatic drawing, learning how to talk to our Higher Selves in meditation, contemplating esoteric secrets of the universe, using divination tools to connect with, get real information from, and even help our two deceased friends (Rich and Tanner), researching how consciousness works in a simulated reality, dissecting the extraterrestrial agenda, reading about the journey of souls, experiencing one another in a very real “soulmate” relationship, learning about holistic healing, and expanding our awareness. We began exploring magic, manifestation, and supernatural abilities, too. One night, we even unintentionally manifested intense storm-like winds in the living room of her Dad’s house after asking our spirit guides to materialize and/or give us a sign they were there (we learned to be more conservative with energy manipulation after that…). Dozens of other similar and personal experiences showed me just how real and fundamental the spiritual world really is. 

As I strived to release my true “free soul” personality (a new feeling for me, especially being stuck in the Midwest), we traveled to Colorado, California, and Hawaii together — three of the biggest spiritual destinations in the Hemisphere. 

While in Colorado, I experienced my second “Singularity Event” (pg 140 [my initial awakening being the first]) — inexplicable moments in which time completely evaporates, divine knowledge is imbued into one’s consciousness, and the distinction between waking life and a dream becomes blurred. I experienced “ego death” for the first time in my life, which was both incredibly horrifying but also unbelievably enlightening. In so doing, I actually believed I had died… and even begged her to take me to the ER! Simultaneously, and once I was able to embrace what was actually happening (that I’d completely shattered my ego), I was able to relax and, as soon as I did, it’s like I saw her with a completely new lenses… I heard an essence tell me how we’d known each other before incarnating into this lifetime, and I instantly felt, in that moment, like I’d never loved anyone in the way I loved her. As soon as I told her this truth — tears rushing down my face — I felt rippling body chills completely overtake my body, and in that moment, I believe, for the first time, I literally touched my own soul. All my fear was gone, and nothing but love remained within my totality. The “local me” called Michael was, for a period, non-existent, and my physical vehicle embodied the true essence of who I really am as I surrendered. I actually remembered and begin embodying the highest version of me… I felt more confident, kind, loving, calm, confident, and present than ever before and it was extraordinarily blissful. I was still convinced I died and even kept asking her if this was heaven!

Days went by, and we contemplated more mysteries of existence than I can count. Slowly, the dynamic of our relationship began to change, and as months went by, feelings started to evaporate. I was confused why my feelings began to fade given how connected and close we’d become.

Even though we had so many synchronicity experiences and discovered so many deep, cosmic truths together — including how soul mates find one another outside of incarnations, how love is the key to everything, and how ascension works — I just couldn’t get to where I needed to be to commit long term. I was heart-broken.

Reflecting back now, I think that, in time, I felt like our relationship had somehow developed into more of a spiritual friendship/partnership than of deep romantic love. While I know she was one of my soul mates (yes, we all have more than one soul mate… and they’re not all romantic), I just couldn’t get to a place where I could see a future with her. Though I’ll always love her for the time we spent and awakening hand-in-hand, I knew something was missing, and we ended up going our separate ways in April 2019.

It was one of the hardest break-ups I’ve gone through, and was punctuated by several really hurtful stories she made on Instagram (and remote viewing experiences I had) that drove a knife through my already-hurting heart. Several weeks later, it came to my attention that she’d apparently moved in with another guy. Both experiences reaffirmed that I’d made the best decision for me.

Since then, I’ve been focusing on loving myself and learning more about who I truly am, practicing who I desire to be. Each day, I feel increasingly ready to find my next girlfriend; but at the same time, for the first time, I’m so confident in the value I can offer to the right woman that I’m not able to settle for anything less than what I deserve. I’m also hoping to let her find or at least pursue me this time because I have a deep and visceral knowing that whoever she is, she will be my last. I know that our love will blow all of my past relationships out of the water. 

I’m working on resolving and healing internal pressure I’ve been putting on myself to “find the one” (anyone who REALLY knows me knows how badly I desire to meet “the one”), and trying to let the universe take over. In the meantime, I’m going to focus on creating the best version of myself. 

All this to say — it’s been an absolute runaway freight train, and it literally IS NOT STOPPING. Looking back now, (it’s November 2019), it feels as if I can’t even account for the past year of my life. With humility, I feel certain that my primary purpose and passion on this Earth is to pursue the path of higher consciousness and true enlightenment… and then to share as much of that knowledge with as many people who are receptive as I can.

In honoring my gifts of content creation and claircognition, I spend the majority of my free time working on my website and my Instagram account, @new_earth_knowledge. I’ve grown my Instagram to 12.1k+ organic followers in under four months, and have accumulated 80+ subscribers to my blog in one year… and there is nothing else I’d rather be doing than spearheading the global awakening of my brothers and sisters through content. I’ve never felt more “in my purpose” than I do when creating content about esoteric wisdom, reality, and existence.

I also enjoy working out, getting massages, taking epsom baths, meditating, concerts, wineries, doing and watching boxing, enjoying the good vibes of my loft apartment, and visiting my local new age store. Aside from the occasional night out, I have an aversion towards any activity which does not SOOTHE MY SOUL or EXPAND MY CONSCIOUSNESS. At the same time, I’ve been working on reintegrating and learning to balance my 3D life with my 5D life. This has not been easy!

I still enjoy the blessings of daily divine occurrences and amazing synchronicities that continue to make me drop to my knees in awe of the universe’s magic. 

I’m always working on connecting with my own Higher Self, and most importantly for me, connecting with and gaining cosmic downloads from my Infinite Source Self. I’d like to continue to hone my psychic abilities to: 

The modern spiritual path doesn’t have a right or wrong way. I’m witnessing many fellow millennials who are waking up en masse, and forging a new way forward as we welcome the 5D New Earth. We are the ground troops who will usher in a new age on this planet and restore balance to what’s become the greatest control/manipulation/deceit program in the cosmos. The mind-matrix is real, but it’s time to break away from its divisive agenda.

I always tell people that your higher self won’t awaken you until you are ready to receive the truth, precisely because it (your HS) knows how scary, overwhelming, and mind-shattering it is to experience real truth. There’s no rush to any of this… take your time and let your journey unfold as feels natural to you! There are many angles one can take toward becoming conscious… self-love, self-help reading, motivational videos/quotes, meditation, prayer, and thousands of other ways. But, don’t expect to start doing real inner work if you’re not willing to face your darkest demons. They will come up. 

This shit isn’t easy… awakening is really hard. I’ve lost old friends (for the better), I’ve lost interest in most of my 3D life, and I don’t fit in as well as I once did with a lot of other people. But, the opposite is also true as I find incredible solace when I’m able to connect with others who are awakening and focused on raising their frequency.

I’ve been told by people that I thought cared about me that I better be careful because a lot of “this stuff” can lead to cults. I’ve been told to come back down to Earth. I’ve been told to reach out if and when I’m able “to find myself.” 

I continue to grow more empathic each day, and find that I soak up energy like a sponge wherever I go… which makes it really difficult for me to be in low vibrational places or around consciousnesses still living in separation and fear.

While I want to inspire others and touch lives, I no longer care what others think about me in an outward sort of way — those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter! 

At this point, I seek only “Source truth” — that is, the highest and most esoteric real truth about existence. 

The work we do while in physicality on Earth is both highly challenging but also highly formative. The reason souls take (and are lining up, in fact, for) incarnations on this planet is because Earth provides the most incredible environment within the entire cosmos for the evolution of consciousness. Only the most advanced Source players can even come to this planet (in order to help this species in its Mass Ascension). This is a tall task! 

Earth is essentially an evolutionary fast-track, and your Consciousness is gaining exponential learning that is contributing greatly to your spiritual maturation. For this reason, souls which decide to take incarnations on Earth are highly venerated! 

And now, there is a massive global shift in consciousness from the 3rd to the 4th and 5th dimension that has been well underway since approximately 2012. The the base frequency of the Earth is steadily rising from its long-time state of about 7.8 Hz where it’s sat for thousands of years.

“At the threshold of 13.13 HZ, humanity’s primordial cells are resonated and pineal glands ‘ignite’ creating a cascade of quantum shifts in the body… from the Activation of DNA (all 64 DNA lightcodes) through to the attunement of DNA to a resonate frequency that now reflects a awakened level of 5D consciousness within the physical body.

Simone Matthews, Universal Life Tools

As our DNA begins to activate from 2 to all 12 strands, we invite greater amounts of God-Source energy into our awareness.

On a galactic scale, we are witnessing (and helping with) the most exciting event the universe has ever seen. Negative polarity is being eradicated from this Galactic construct (Milky Way) in a multi-faceted cosmic initiative termed “The Event”, and Source is catalyzing a special plan that is being carried out and enacted by higher-level consciousness collectives including our Galactic Consciousness.

I believe that it is each of our duties to humbly, kindly share with others our greatest gifts of love! We must offer our hand to all, unconditionally, as we each ascend in our own time, but nonetheless as One.

Oneness is all there is — one consciousness, one energy, one love. There is no separation!

Image result for AWAKENING

Every life form is an individuated expression of the constant, collective, creative, current of conscious energy that is Source. Source is experiencing itself as us — through us. When you are ready to fully and deeply understand this, you begin to awaken. And as more people choose to commit to the cosmic agenda of unconditional love, all of humanity raises a notch.

I hope my website/content can help you, even in a small way, along your awakening journey. If you take away nothing else from my thoughts here, take this one thing and never let it go: be, give, and receive unconditional love, always. This is the essence of life and of existence itself. Offer this love for yourself, others, and the universe. ALL IS ONE!

With love,

── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──

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  2. experienced very similar story.. as I’m sure so will thousands of others very soon… you do realise that first girl was your twin flame right? an ‘activator’ soul w your exact same energetic frequency sent to trigger you in the exact areas where you need the most development.. jury’s out on whether there is eventual union… ”I’m also hoping to let her find or at least pursue me this time.” maybe just surrender to the unknown instead of dictating to the universe how it should happen? 🙂 very brave of you to share this story so openly, thumbs up


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