Love is the Answer: What it Means & Why it’s is the Key to Everything

Love is all you need, and love is the answer. Though many may generally agree with this sentiment, from an esoteric perspective, what does it really mean? In our divine journey for reintegration with Source, it is infinite, unconditional love by which we will return. In this article, I explain how love is the answer to solving the question of our existence.

What is Love?

Love is the name of the harmonic force which binds the entire Universe together. Love is the CONSCIOUS ENERGY which makes up the fabric of existence itself.

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Love is the word we use to describe the highest state of consciousness available within Source, at Source. This level of consciousness is extremely blissful, euphoric, and all-knowing. To create something is to know everything about it is to love it completely. There is no degree of separation whatsoever between wisdom, knowledge, understanding, power, potential, and freewill creator ability.

While we’re here in the flesh, love can be thought of as the visceral sensation of pure, intimate self-knowingness or oneness.

For another detailed perspective, let’s turn to The Ascension Papers by Zingdad, as he describes love via his Higher Self:

Source: The Ascension Papers, Ch. 11, by Zingdad

Love is much more than a word or an idea — it is who we truly are at our core.

Loving Thyself

Since all is one, and Source created everything and every-one (every other one or, literally, each other), self-love can be best achieved by loving yourself and all other ones.

If you want to love another, then love yourself. If you want to love yourself, then love another.

Self-love can only occur when we choose to see ourselves and others for who we really are — in the absence of ego, fear, and any residual belief of separation.

Love is really just a stark recognition of non-separation.

By piercing through the illusory constructs we decorate ourselves with on the outside, we can begin to more easily peer inside.

Love is about unconditional, unremitting acceptance and admiration of who you are. It’s about giving up the exterior subconscious battle to convince the world you are who you create yourself to be with the props you attain or the feathers you flaunt.

Love, as a profound knowing — as a deep understanding — of the self by the self, is IMMATERIAL. In following, if we want to love, we must learn to release superficiality, materialism, and related distractions as these attributes only keep us from seeing ourselves for who we really are. They serve as diversions to test our ability to see through them and completely love ourself for who we are — a non-physical essence.

When we can see past illusory constructions — anything physical — we can bring forth unconditional love. Love also carries an implication of COMPLETE TRUST in the Universe, and complete peacefulness and acceptance of your direct moment-to-moment reality.

The Soul Says “SO U Love”

Our soul knows that love is all that matters, but we forget this when we incarnate. Our human mind and resulting egoic propensity to accumulate “things” to boast our outward expression tries to convince us otherwise.

This brings us to another incredible truth:

The soul says, at all times and no matter what, “SO, U Love!” Then, and only then, do you ever EVOLve.

In those (even fleeting) moments when we have glimpses of the only thing that truly matters, we invite our soul to take the drivers seat, and we become walking manifestations of it.

The deepest human emotion possible is a knowing of pure, unconditional love. This emotion occurs when time seems to stop and our breath is taken away.

This kind of earth-shattering love brings about tears, shakes, or rippling chills throughout the body. In those moments, whether you know it or not, you:

  • Have absolutely no fear.
  • Align everything within yourself into perfect harmony.
  • Can’t be harmed, hurt, or distracted by anything — nor do you need anything whatsoever.
  • Merged your thoughts, beliefs, and actions all into one harmonious essence.

The love vibration of 528hz can help us tune our natural frequency to be open to such feelings.

If these feelings of liberating self-knowledge and honest self-acceptance are reached with the help of another, you have seen the true reflection of the self within that other self. This feeling of true love might be described as your soul’s recognition of its counter-point in another.

Romantic Love

Our current Earth experience offers an opportunity where we can attract, via our vibration, a soul mate.

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This self-love offers mutual and nearly perfect soul fulfillment since a soul mate is literally your “other half.” Soul mates offer that one missing piece that helps one to unlock a solemn, intrinsic knowing of the self. 

We’re getting into complicated territory, here, because love is a complex concept — we need nothing to love fully, yet we need another to love fully, too.

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In the case of soul mates:

Love has nothing to do with another; yet simultaneously everything to do with another.

Ever wondered why people call their soul mate “the one?”

When you find the one, you know The One.

These dichotomies and truisms are exactly what make the miracle of love so breathtaking! When in love, everything makes PERFECT SENSE while making NO SENSE whatsoever. This is why love is the highest vibration in the Universe — everything becomes absolutely, unequivocally perfect.

Love is a figurative coming together of the entire puzzle beneath your very foundation. In some cases, this emotion may rock you to your core, forcing you to deal with unpleasant emotions first.

Love is the Answer – Always and to Everything

The Beatles had it spot on — love is all that matters. Source’s ultimate intention in this game was to know itself. The only way self-gnosis and reintegration is possible is by a process of self-love.

It’s with this acceptance — that of our ultimate reality, intention, and destination — that we can understand that, truly, LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

By holding ourselves back from love, all we’re really doing is prolonging the amount of time and energy we spend “doing the work” that’s necessary to refine ourselves enough to finally “get it.” But when you finally choose to commit to the cosmic agenda of love, ALL is WON.

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Michael Becker

Michael is an intuitive empath, awakening mentor, and esoteric scientist. He is claircognizant and has the ability to visualize abstract metaphysical processes, phenomenon, and concepts. His expertise includes life purpose coaching, wellness and hydration, holistic health, illness and disease symbolism, self mastery and personal development, the energetics of emotion, LoA and manifestation, and the emergent ego mind. He is also passionate about the metaphysics of existence, the purpose and origin of the Earth Game, the multidimensional self, Ascension, simulation theory, the global awakening of consciousness, and synchronicity/celestial synchronicity.

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