25 Wordplays & Double Entendres about Existence & Reality

Dating back to the earliest origins of the English language, wizards, sorcerers, and occultists sought to create, infuse, and engrain — within everyday words of our language — intrinsic truths and knowledge.

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These wordplays and double entendres offer knowledge in plain sight, but we need to remove old conditioning, alter our perception, and see them! They reflect the perpetual, hypnotic state of mind control, materialism, and mainstream disillusionment we live within.

Here are 25 of my favorite spiritual wordplays and double entendres — including several which I’ve uncovered and am revealing with the world!

  1. The week days put you in a weak daze.
  2. Partying and draining yourself on the weekend will make you weakened.
  3. DOG spelled backwards is GOD – this is not by accident. Dogs represent unconditional love.
  4. Rearrange the letters in TIME and SPACE, and you get “emit” and “escape.” The Earth game contains time and space so we could emit our energy in the physical, and escape the Oneness for a brief stint.
  5. Television tells lies to your vision. Programming programs you. TV channels channel matrix lies. The remote control controls you, remotely.
  6. The news is on — the noose is on.
  7. The word “Universe” is literally telling us what we’re doing, here. U are IN VERSpecial Equation; but U NEVER SEe it.
  8. The Matrix makes tricks.
  9. Why is “emergency” called such? When you have an emergency, should you succumb, you’ll then emerge ‘n see the truth… you’ll energetically merge and return to the other side.
  10. Raise your frequency — and, when the moment is right, you’ll freak out when you see.
  11. The government governs your mental.
  12. EVIL spelled backwards is LIVE. In this duality matrix, they are opposites — to truly live is to choose no evil.
  13. “The Maya” — a word handed down from ancient India — refers to the illusion of the external world. Spelled backward, you get ay am or, spelled another way, “I AM” — which is the most powerful affirmation of all.
  14. When you break apart and then re-arrange AWAKENED, you can create NAKED and AWE. Why? Prior to the awakening journey, we might first feel naked within this dream and lose ourselves quite severely; but once we remember the truth, we will stand in absolute awe.
  15. The word KNOW has several interesting meanings. Upon enlightenment, “you know that you know.”  However, we can take this homophone, too, of “NO” — as in “no, you don’t know what you think you do.” How about K, NOW — as in “okay, NOW you really know.” Or lastly, spelled backward, WONK — which has a bit of a negative connotation, but could simply imply that once you know, you’ll want to study every intimate detail and commit yourself to that KNOWing — and that that is what true knowing is (so you’ll become a wonk when you know).
  16. Grass will ground your ass
  17. Fear really just stands for False Evidence Appearing Real — there’s no such thing.
  18. LOVE is the name of the harmonic force of the universe as our Source was trying to conceive of a name to call its Light from abOVE. Look up, and feel the sun (which you are “something under”)!
  19. When you’re truly aware, you are in absolute awe of who you are.
  20. Believe. You can “be” it or “leave” it — with your gift of free choice, you decide.
  21. CANCER – A horrid disease, or an opportunity for rapid spiritual evolution? I’d argue both. We tried to remind ourselves that we CAN SURvive (or, if we choose, we can surrender, as well). Only the bravest and most courageous souls decide, in their life planning, to take on such a challenge.
  22. When you begin questioning your existence you will likely be ready — or discover the key — to exit this instance (of the game).
  23. HEART really means HEaling ART — and you should use it with passion to PASS-I-ON.
  24. You are a composite being: mind, body, and soul. The mind says “it’s mine!” The body is “born” and dies” but the soul always says “so, u love.”
  25. Life really just means “live fearlessly.” Did you know that there’s no such thing as “DIE”? It simply Doesn’t I Exist.

So there you have it — 25 incredibly powerful wordplays with special spiritual significance. Subscribe to the blog and be sure to stay tuned — I will likely update this post down the line to include 50-100 of these awesome innuendos.

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