23 Videos That Will Teach You All You Need to Know About Awakening, Existence, & the Universe

For as many books as I’ve accumulated over the past few months — and I love reading — I’ve consumed exponentially more videos about the cosmos, reality, life, consciousness, awakening, and more, which have really helped me along my journey. For me, YouTube has provided a new dimension of learning to my repertoire. Today I’m going to share 23 of the most impactful YouTube videos to help you along your path, too.

Are you ready to see how far the rabbit hole goes? Good — but be warned, once you start, there is no going back. Depending on your level of consciousness, the content within these videos should resonate with you in a very deep part of your being which transcends words; so be prepared.

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What We’re Doing Here — Life Isn’t Random

What is reality, really? At a higher level, there is a grand design, a divine purpose to life that’s more amazing than most realize and deeply understand.

The truth is that our lives here on Earth are more like a very coherent, lucid dream than the ultimate reality. We are living in some kind of a simulation.

Are You Awakening to Higher Consciousness?

You’re not crazy. You’re waking up.

Understanding Consciousness

Who are you, and why are you conscious? Where does consciousness lie? You are a microcosm of the macrocosm — that is, you are a fractal of the whole and the whole is you. You are an individuation of our Source — as it becomes conscious of itself.

Understanding Who and What You Really Are

You are a multidimensional, immortal spiritual being having a temporary human experience.

We are all on a journey to ascend the densities of consciousness, expanding and growing through experiences.

All is One, and one for all!

Source Creator, Oneness, & Evolution

What is Source, and what is it doing? Source is immersed in a very complex experience to better know itself. However Source does not interfere on the Earth plane… that is our job.

Understanding How The Universe Works: Energy, 369, Sacred Geometry

We constructed and live within a Universe governed by mathematics, energy, frequency, and vibration, and born out of love.

Bonus: if you enjoyed the video above, check out this video about sonic geometry, showcasing the musical and geometric harmony of the universe.

Understanding the Matrix

Let me introduce you to Judy at Quartz Crystal. This is where the rabbit hole busts wide open. If you’ve raised your frequency high enough and are truly ready, I HIGHLY suggest checking out her channel.

Ascension, The Event, Incoming 5D Energies

Coming “back down to Earth,” a bit, what’s currently going on here on our planet? You’re likely here to evolve your own consciousness while also helping to awaken the species. The Event is underway, and it’s the most exciting time to be alive.

Life After Life: What’s the Other Side Like?

What awaits us on the other side of the veil? This question initiated my awakening journey as I dug deeper. The “other side” is a utopian reflection of this world; a glorious, blissful state of ecstacy. Upon transition, we simply enter another dimension of existence where we gain a wider understanding of reality.

The Cosmos & The Galactic Agenda

Our Galactic Consciousness created the Earth Game of duality and separation to allow us to see what it could teach us. Highly evolved beings from across the Universe are all watching.

That’s it! If you enjoyed these and want to dive deeper down the rabbit hole, check out my saved “Awakening” playlist on my YouTube channel.

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