My Two Most Amazing Synchronicity Experiences

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Synchronicities have been described by some as “meaningful coincidences.” It’s only upon awakening that we can come to see the truth — that there is NO such thing coincidence in our Universe; only the illusion of coincidence. The universe uses synchronicity to speak to us, if we choose to listen.

The best synchronicities seem to occur when a combination of multiple variables align perfectly, in a way that simply can not be random chance and defies all logic or mathematical probability.

The most impactful synchronicities are the moments that make us want to fall to our knees and shed tears of gratitude to the Universe. Here are two of those stories I’d like to share from my life over the past year.

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Story #1: My Alignment on an Airplane

Several months ago, I was traveling from Indiana to California for a quick getaway. Things had been hectic with work, and I needed to get out of the Midwest for a few days. I was catching a connecting flight to San Diego, lifting off from the open skies of Minneapolis just after sunset.

A few minutes after take off, I noticed the rising of the brightest blood moon I’d seen in my entire life. This moon was beyond beautiful. I even exclaimed to the guy sitting behind me “hey, did you see that moon!” I was struck by its luminescence, and could barely keep myself from staring out my window.

Out of nowhere, a thought entered my mind… I instantly recalled how, just a day prior, I’d gone to my first ever Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. At the end of the session, as I was emerging from my hypnotic state, my practitioner asked me for a “safe word” — a word from my subconscious, for my subconscious, to indicate during our next session that it was okay to go deeper into hypnosis. For no reason that I can comprehend, I inexplicably blurted out the first word that popped in my head. “Moonlight,” I said.

When I connected these two dots, a gigantic smile emerged across my face — I couldn’t believe the alignment, here! And almost as soon as I recalled the whole “moonlight” thing, another thought rushed into my mind.

It was about another mentor of mine, Lory Pollina. I doubt I’d have been going to my QHHT session at this point in my life had it not been for my discovering Lory’s videos and thus this New Age healing modality. Just a couple days prior, in order to prepare for my QHHT session, I had watched a video interview that Lory posted on his YouTube channel with tips for undergoing a session. In it, Lory recounted his first QHHT experience. During hypnosis, his Higher Self told him he’d see a cloud in the sky while “looking out the window of an airplane.”

My jaw dropped at this second revelation. Not only had I made the connection between the red moon and my safe word of “moonlight,” but now I connected it with the whole QHHT thing and Lory’s experience of having looked out the window of an airplane, too.

Not five seconds after this realization, the universe gave me one final gift to top it all off. I’d been listening to music on the plane, and looked down at the song that had been playing on Spotify — it was one of my favorites, “Smooth” by Florida Georgia Line. It was almost exactly one minute in when I refocused my attention… and right at my favorite part in the entire song, the second verse, which goes:

Like Cat Daddy driving a caddy from Cali baby
You’re smooth
Like young love buzzing off an Old Camp bottle
By the moon
Blackberry jam, finger-licking off your hand 
Flying out the window

As if I wasn’t shocked enough from the previous few connections I’d made, this just completely topped it off with a big fat cherry. Not only was I on my way to California, but the verse also mentioned the moon and “out the window” in one fell swoop.

For a couple minutes, I sat there in complete awe. In a span of about one minute, I had made three amazing connections, all in divinely-perfect timing. I couldn’t help but smile as my sense of peace and harmony in that moment was incredible.

Story #2: My First “Singularity Event” — Numbers Leading to Summerland

This story remains one of the more profound I have experienced to date. it occurred back in October of 2018.

What had began as a normal and beautiful day seemed to take sudden a turn. In the midst of hanging out with my now ex-girlfriend, I received two text messages, out of the blue, from two acquaintances. Both messages caught me completely off guard, and really threw me for a loop based on what I perceived as insensitive, unneeded remarks.

I was initially tempted to react, and to fire back at them. But, I took a deep breath, thought over the situation, decided to take the high road, and remain calm. We instantly knew this was a test — an opportunity for us to decide and define, express and experience, who we really are. So, I simply chose not to respond at all, and to silently thank them for playing their parts so eloquently in my play.

Right after this happened and as we drove home, we began to get pummeled with repeating, descending, two- and three-digit angel numbers from the Universe! Our guides were seeming to reward us for having made the highest possible decision! Everything from street signs to numbers of trucks to license plates to phone numbers on buildings seemed to contain angel codes! We could not believe it — I still have never seen so many angel codes that quickly in such succession.

999 on a cab. 88 on a licence plate. 777 in a phone number. 66 on the side of a truck. 555 on a restaurant sign. One of our phones — 44% charged. 3:33 on the clock. Route 22. 11 on a license plate.

It was absolutely uncanny — and we could barely contain ourselves. In a mixture of hysteria, laughter, and happiness, we were somehow guided to pull off the road, and take a detour into what looked like a pasture off the beaten path. As we pulled off the road, we came to a small spot to park within what we could now identify as a back entrance to an old golf course.

We felt a desire to get out of the car and breathe — to take in what had happened. About 100 feet ahead, there was a giant tree which resembled the Tree of Life in its stature. As we walked over to it, we were both instantly overcome with deep chills and an overwhelming sense of love. We knew we’d been guided to that exact spot, and we were completely amazed. We just stood there for 10 minutes before returning to the car.

We took a couple pictures of the scenic greenery, which we thought closely resembled Summerland — the nickname of the dimension of existence where some souls go after physical death.

It clearly resembled Summerland based on the way it was described to us by our two friends, Tanner and Richard (we’d connected with them dozens of times using divination tools) who both passed over in their teens.

After we soaked it all in, we decided to head home after what’d turned into an incredibly blissful day. It wasn’t until after we got home and checked out the pictures, though, that we noticed an obvious blue orb in one of the pictures!

We instantly knew that our friends were projecting their consciousness/energy to be present with us in the field, and that’s why it had felt so peaceful and serene. We’d been guided there by them, and everything fell into place in that moment. It turned into one of the most amazing days of my life!

These two experiences are my two most memorable synchronicities up to this point — but I have had dozens and dozens of others that are worthy of sharing.

If synchronicity really is the universe’s way of communicating with us and letting us know we’re on the right path, then we should begin to perk up, raise our awareness, and send thoughts of gratitude and love to the Universe for sharing its gifts with us.

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