Why ETs Haven’t Landed Yet

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Extraterrestrial life exists in VAST numbers among the great infinite Universe beyond our own solar system. One of the more pressing questions that many seem to be asking is, “well, if they exist, why don’t they make contact?” Believe it or not, ETs are actually waiting on us to be ready for them… not the other way around. Many life forms which populate the planets and galaxies of the Universe are vibrating at a rate much higher than that of humans, and exist in realities that more closely resemble a utopia than a war zone. For them, landing on Earth is simply not something they’re ready to do, precisely because we’re not ready to receive them in peace and love. This article outlines three reasons ETs haven’t officially come to Earth yet.

Rumors, myths, and misconceptions run rampant when it comes to the subject of ET life. Our western culture, especially, has exaggerated and perpetuated the notion that if ETs were to land, they’d be of malevolent intent, keen on taking over the planet, abducting our people, and hijacking our ecosystem, government, and economy.

Case in point: have you seen NowThis News’ Apocalypse saga? They published this episode about ETs visiting Earth — give it a watch.

I love the episode, but paradigms and content like this only creates more fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Like so many of our belief systems, this fear-based perception stems from completely unfounded prior social conditioning that’s told us a harsh story about ETs taking over the planet. Movies, video games, comics, sci-fi media, and more only serve to disseminate and perpetuate these kinds of fear-based distortions.

While there are negatively-polarized life forms elsewhere within the cosmos — the Reptilians, the Greys, and those of the Orion star system have acquired such a connotation — they are assumptions and generalities. We can’t group all ET life into one stockpile, assuming they’re “scary predators,” chomping at the bit to come and take us over. Such an assumption is insensitive, inaccurate, and offensive.

In fact, there’s mounds of evidence including long channelings from benevolent, spiritually-evolved species like the Pleiadians that want nothing more than to HELP humanity during our great awakening event.

If you’re reading this and taking to this information, then you are a star-seed … and you came to Earth to help AWAKEN THE SPECIES If you can wrap your head around this, ETs are actually us from the future. To fear or insult “alien” life is to fear and insult yourself.

Here’s three reasons ETs are waiting it out before they come to Earth.

ETs Won’t Land in a War Zone

To advanced highly evolved life forms throughout the cosmos, Earth is basically a high-functioning war zone.

When they look at our planet, ETs see too much risk and not enough reward to maximize first contact.

Many people in our society are living in deep FORGETFULNESS of their divine connection, and are badly stuck in a state of ignorance, perceived separation, and victimhood. This state of awareness can aptly be referred to as SEPARATION CONSCIOUSNESS.

Humanity OFTEN turns to violence to settle disputes. Many among us insult one another at will, mindlessly fight and slaughter our enemies, and even destroy our own environment. Our news media operates from a fear-based agenda, inciting debates and turning us against one another in pursuit of viewership. Most people stuck in this lower state of consciousness often debate, argue, and compete with one another from a place of FEAR. Their EGO is effectively running the show, and they remain ASLEEP to the greater truth of their existence and Oneness with the rest of the cosmos. This keeps their vibration low and their connection to their divine self hidden.

Since this segment of the population still represents the majority, we, as a species, simply prove to loving ET lifeforms that we are not yet of a high enough level of consciousness to humbly understand, lovingly accept, and curiously collaborate with them when they arrive.

ETs Don’t Want to Cause Global Panic

ETs are in no rush to come to Earth; they’ll come when contact can be optimized. When ETs evaluate whether it would be in their — and our — best interest to land, they weigh multiple factors, including public opinion about how people would respond if ships came to Earth and our present mindset around ETs. Do you think they’re unaware of the recent “Storm Area 51” craze that’s been swarming all over social media? I highly doubt it — and the fact that people are spending so much energy on mindless “campaigns” like that as opposed to creating educational groups/communities around awakening to higher consciousness is further proof of our relative immaturity.

Were they to land, even in peace, they know what a massive upheaval it would create. Their intention is certainly not to cause commotion, fear, or paranoia.

From that fear, we would likely evacuate our cities and hide in bunkers. Global governments would quickly react with nuclear armament, and prepare for a presumed invasion. If an ET craft was so much as detected around the Earth’s periphery, the powers that be would prepare to shoot it down (which they wouldn’t be able to do) instead of welcome it with loving arms.

This kind of “War of the Worlds” scenario is undesirable, to say the least, from the perspective of ETs who seek only to help us awaken, grow, innovate, love, and unite as one cosmic family.

ETs love Earth and Humanity, and do not want to cause such widespread panic.

ETs Vibrate Too Highly to Safely Interact with Most Humans

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Most highly evolved beings elsewhere in the galaxy exist at HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS in higher densities. The photonic array of the consciousness of these beings vibrates at rates that are much faster than ours — and, in fact, most no longer carry physical vessels. These light beings at 6D, 7D, 8D, and 9D vibrate at rates upwards of 40-100 Hz or more.

This is the reason they can and are hanging around Earth in higher vibrational plasma starships (we can’t see or detect that which we are not a vibrational match to perceive). They’d have to substantially lower their frequency to take physical form in order to have face-to-face communication with us. In short, humans just simply are not on their wavelength.

If an extraterrestrial walked up to you right now, their vibration would be so high that it would automatically cause everything not integrated within you to be brought to the surface for refinement and immediate attention. As a result, anything you have not processed or perfected would erupt, causing panic, fear, and a “fight or flight” reaction. You would think the alien was doing this to you when, in reality, you simply would not be of a frequency to comfortably perceive of another being at that level of consciousness.

They know this and have no intention of scaring us or stirring up all of our unresolved karma… and making us think it was them doing it to us in the process.


Extraterrestrial life is much more than just a fun topic to discuss, think about, or hope for. It’s a reality that will, within the next decade, likely become common knowledge.

But we must change our beliefs, rhetoric, and behavior if we want to have first contact. ETs are waiting on us, not the other way around.

Extraterrestrial beings WILL visit our planet when it’s time — which some mystics postulate will occur between 2025 to 2033.

In addition, and most importantly, these cosmic collectives and councils will eventually escort humanity into the Galactic Federation of Light where our species will finally become stakeholders in our spiral of stars’ cosmic roundtable.

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