The True Meaning of Karma

Contrary to what you might have previously believed, karma is not an orchestrated tit-for-tat system of intentional cosmic vengeance.

And karma most certainly isn’t handed out by some God or deity outside of yourself. In fact, Source is actually NEUTRAL and so it does not dish out rewards or punishment for anything or to anyone. Any perceived karmic debt is not caused by a fictitious all-seeing God.

Most people who live in a state called VICTIM CONSCIOUSNESS tend to believe and perpetuate the idea that they are victims of their circumstances. Thus, most of society’s social conditioning around karma has us believe that everything lies beyond our control. This simply is not so and is just a story told to us to keep us fearful, submissive, and distracted to the truth!

In fact, karma is chosen by you — initiated higher levels of your own consciousness called your Over-Soul and Soul to be more specific.

Do we sow what we reap? Absolutely — but in ways more complex and more divinely perfect than we can currently understand.

The Buddhist view is that anything we do can be considered karma — it defines karma as the “law of moral causation.” Here are the 12 Laws of Karma:

Karma is real, and “manifests” in almost every area of our lives. (Image source)

To simplify things, let’s look at karma from two perspectives:

Sometimes karmic debt from previous lives can be repaid by life events which were planned before incarnation. In our pre-birth plans, our Souls devise situations and experiences which are geared to help us evolve and grow.

Other times, like a cosmic boomerang, what you put out into the universe can and does come back to you in a variety of different ways which I will explore below.

Still, karma is nothing to be afraid of. It’s negative connotation comes from a fear-based perspective, but like anything else, when we change our thoughts about what karma is, we can change our experience of it.

I think of karma as the universe’s response to the vibration you are emitting and as the intentional planning of certain life events so that the soul can evolve.

“The universe is not pushing you. It is not blessing you. It is not controlling you. the universe responds to the vibration you are creating! Think happy & happiness will come to you… what we put into the Universe, we will get back like an echo…”
– Gary Lite

The Universe exists in a state of perfect energetic balance — as does each sub-level of consciousness within it (galactic consciousnesses, [solar] system consciousnesses, and planetary consciousnesses). In order for balance to remain and for consciousnesses to retain free will, karma is actually a natural consequence.

Without free will, we wouldn’t have karma. But we’d all much prefer our free will with karma. Why? Because, a Universe where consciousness does not have free will would limit its development and be boring!

It wouldn’t be incorrect to think about karma in the same vein as “The Golden Rule.” We should treat others as we want to be treated. Since all is one, and all is connected like an energetic spider web, everything we do reverberates throughout the cosmos, eventually making its way back to us! Like jumping into a pool, eventually, the ripple you create will make its way back to you.

One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Neale Donald Walsch, has a glass half full perspective, and articulates things perfectly:

“Most people make the mistake of thinking their life is about them (local you). Your life isn’t about you. It’s about all of the people whose lives you touch, and the manner in which you touch them (universal you). If you want something, the best way to receive it is to first be the cause of that thing for another.”

For the above to be true, though, the opposite must also be true. If you can cause “good” to occur to yourself by first being the cause of that for another, then you can equally bring negativity to yourself if you intentionally choose to be the cause of it to another.

As mentioned above, karma outlasts and outlives individual lifetimes or incarnations. Time and space are useful mechanisms, but are only constructions to make the Earth experience work. Karma exists at a UNIVERSAL LEVEL as everything we do is forever etched in the Akashic records. The playing out of karma is how the universe attains wisdom through us.

The soul seeks one thing: to evolve through expressing and experiencing who it really is. In the physical realm, this can be easily achieved.

If the soul seeks wisdom gained through experience, it desires a wide array of different experiences to achieve it — hence the playing out of karma via many lifetimes.

From a universal or cosmic perspective, karma is synonymous with drama.

We have all been the oppressor; we’ve all been the oppressed. We’ve all been poor, and all rich, and so on and so forth.

Of course, we forget this when we incarnate beneath the VEIL of FORGETTING. And, because of the substantial time delay between thoughts, actions, and their manifestations in the physical, it’s not always so obvious when our karma returns.

As the creator of your reality, you create each and every experience that “comes” to you, at some level.

In this construct, the Universe simply responds to the vibration you are emitting — not your voice, not your actions, not your beliefs… your frequency. The Law of Attraction is wildly misunderstood, but it is real. Like a black hole, we each attract that which we are a frequential match for because that is how the universe perceives our desire.

The universe is always conspiring to give you exactly what you want.

Do not think of karma as a literal “you get back what you put out.” We do sow what we reap, but only figuratively, experientially — not literally. We do so until we’ve finally repaid (learned) all of the lessons we need to. We’re then free of any karma… or, put more accurately, we’re experientially complete.

Would you really have it any other way?

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