The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness

Today, I’m addressing my understanding of how the various frequency bands of existence are set up within the energetic field that is Source. I want to note that even though my research, readings, and learnings informed and influenced my conceptualization of this idea, none of what I’m about to propose is being regurgitated from elsewhere, nor have I found this particular imagining or “theory” anywhere else on the web. The contents of this post come from my personal downloads. Please take what resonates, and leave the rest.

How Dimensions are Structured

The body of Source is a spiraling vortex of energy, beginning from a singular point which can aptly be called the Godhead and which uncoils like a cone to form the energy body.

The central filament — the connector which runs through everything — is a golden cord, which serves as The Creator’s figurative spinal column.

Within itself, Source created rotational FREQUENCY BANDS where it could apportion and then experience itself from various levels of awareness and from differing perspectives. Some believe there are 7 of these bands of existence, and some postulate 12. My understanding is that there are 12 dimensions. The 12th Dimension is the essence of Unconditional Love.

Each frequency band could be thought of as a particular strata of light, and each vibrates at higher frequencies as they are ascended. Each contains a different color, along with separate makeup and activity.

Via a process of energetic division and frequency reduction, Source put aspects of its own consciousness inside the various levels of its creation.

These levels I’m referring to can also be called dimensions, and they exist as spectrums of energy, of awareness, that stream from the Godhead through its body. 

Dimensions are NOT places or locations — they are LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS vibrating at certain FREQUENCIES. Consciousness acquires greater photonic density it ascends upward, and in so doing, gains a broader perspective of reality.

As Consciousness ascends the dimensions, it accumulates greater density. This means it re-acquires increased Godsource energy — more light, love, manifestation power, wisdom, and understanding.

Our Universe is Governed by Mathematics

I am not a mathematician or physicist, but I have found it helpful to do s little familiarizing of myself with how energy works, with Sacred Geometry/the Fibonacci sequence, and the “369 keys to the universe.” These concepts might help you begin to form a better mental image of my conceptualization.

Energy. Energy is everything, and all is made of energy. Do not think about dimensions as places or material layers of a cake; think of them as layers of energy stacked atop one another but in the same space, just like radio or TV stations.

369. Tesla’s 369 Keys to the Universe — unveiled and explained in detail by Gary Lite — reveal the how energy is expressing itself mathematically. This math has no anomalies and shows the dimensional shape and function of the universe, which is one of MANY situated within Source’s omni-verse.

Sacred math. Vortex-based mathematics and Sacred Geometry offer insights we can take into account to understand the dimensional structure of existence.

In the same construction as a galaxy, a hurricane, or a seashell, dimensions are SPIRALS of ENERGY where consciousness exists inside of Source.

In following the Fibonacci sequence, each dimension swirls in an unfurling manner.

Up until now, I have not been talking about what happens in each dimension or what kind of entity/collective would correspond with or populate each. I am addressing the pattern/structure of the light-energy that constitutes dimensions within Source.

However, if you’re interested, here’s a couple graphics showing the manifestation/form that consciousness takes to experience each dimension:


I’ll publish a separate piece down the line explaining how consciousness would experience at each dimension as it ascends, so stay tuned to the blog!

What the God Source Looks Like

Source is FORMLESS and NON-PHYSICAL. But I will need to use material analogies to illustrate my point so it is clear.

With the vortex or cone shape in mind, the best way to understand Source’s “make up” and dimensions is to consider the human body systems.

Image result for systems within the human body

Each system in our bodies exists SIMULTANEOUSLY, within YOU. They are in the same space, but perform different functions. Yet all work together harmoniously as one giant system.

Now imagine a vast and expansive body containing multiple levels. The set up resembles the interior of the human body; you have multiple pathways (arteries), channels and tunnels (veins), energy centers (nerves) and more levels.

If you were viewing it head on, directly in front of it, you’d see a golden dot in the very middle as a point, and which extends backward as the central filament of golden light. You’d also see a rotating spherical vortex filled with different and beautiful energy structures. 

The Third, Sixth, and Ninth dimensions are of particular significance. They serve as the core self-actualization frequencies within Source. Dimensions can overlap but consciousness can only perceive of experiences vibrating at the same or lower levels. 

Dimensions spin along the rotation of Source as it rotates itself, catapulting itself through the un-manifest. Dimensions are in constant movement, too — their placement is not fixed. But consciousnesses works among each in relatively steady environments.

Dimensions exist only so consciousness can experience from different levels. All things exist simultaneously within Source, but since dimensions require consciousness to experience them, your perception is dictated by your level of consciousness based on where your focal point of awareness is working. A 2D tree wouldn’t perceive of a 7D planetary collective, though it could feel its love.

Final Thoughts

Dimensions exist as rotational energetic frequencies within Source and can be likened to our internal cells, arteries, and bodily system.

They exist everywhere at once but are in constant movement and do not usually interfere with one another. Dimensions provide different experiences and purposes, and they all work together for the totality.

I will update this article as I continue to gain new insights, downloads, and information about this complex subject.

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