The Eradication of Negative Polarity in the Milky Way

Duality and polarity are not universal concepts. Negative polarity, specifically, is an experiment that our galactic consciousness implemented in order to see how consciousnesses within the games of this galaxy would overcome it. Now it is being eradicated in full; and if you’re reading this and resonating with these concepts, you’ve incarnated on Earth at this time to bear witness to — and assist in — the permanent removal of negativity from the Earth experience.

Understanding Negative Polarity and Why it Exists

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Throughout the cosmos, each Galactic Consciousness is responsible for establishing the rules of its construct, of its galaxy. The challenge is to create new and exciting games within which consciousnesses can experience. The relatively young Galactic Consciousness within which the Earth construct exists created a new and previously unthought-of rule for its constructs — a rule that would impede ascension and create a desire to overcome it: POLARITY.

The Milky Way is a DUALITY REALITY — and it is one of the few areas where negativity even exists. Earth is one of the most difficult planets for consciousness to ascend in the entire universe because of the pronounced challenges that negatively polarized energies, entities, and experiences present. 

Negative Polarity Urges Consciousnesses to Grow

So, why was negative polarity created and inserted into the constructs of this galaxy?

“[With negative polarity], consciousness would have to ‘choose’ and ‘strive’ to achieve success upon their chosen path. Duality was also incorporated into the life forms to teach these lessons… for the collective consciousness. The concept of negative polarity was created by this Galactic Consciousness and exists only in this galaxy; it’s not a universal constant… the objective of this new construct was to impact positive polarity and require it to strive for ascension.”

Todd Deviney, Expansion for Ascending Consciousness

The polarity experiment was employed in several solar systems within this galactic construct when it was created. It was introduced to provide a more formidable opportunity for advanced ascending consciousnesses to grow, evolve, and strive toward Ascension

Negative polarity offers ascending consciousnesses valuable lessons like the beauty of love, the value of positivity, the delicacies of balance, how to manifest abundance amidst gloom and cynicism, and the wonder of pursuing higher consciousness within a dualistic system.

It’s my understanding that the Earth game is SO difficult that only the most advanced player characters (Source Players) were permitted to enter into it. You had to have won at least 55% of the other Matrix games in play in order to even be considered for admittance into Earth. You had to also be a “master manifester” in order to come here, to BE LOVE in the face of strife, and to assist in dispelling the remaining negative polarity.

Negativity was initially intended to serve as a slight hindrance by which positively aligned consciousness could learn, overcome, and prevail. As a minor catalyst, it would urge consciousnesses within the games of this galaxy to ascend. 

Negative Polarity Didn’t Work as Anticipated

The polarity experiment actually caused more stagnation than anticipated. It created too much work and the experiments became stuck. But it spread like wildfire throughout the galaxy and, after much consideration, was considered to be an infection whose benefits were not worth the self-inflicted traumas that growing consciousnesses were (and are) undergoing where negativity persisted.

Negative polarity is now seen as a virus of sorts that must be cleansed and healed to preserve the experience contained within the systems it still resides within.

So, the negative energy that remains inside of the constructs in the Milky Way needs to be neutralized.

A subtle but coordinated series of events/efforts was setup in order to stimulate planetary awakening, and a fleet of light-workers descended into Earth whose mission it would be to awaken as many people as possible.

Editor’s Note: I may write about the Three Waves of Volunteers, as Dolores Cannon called them, in a future post, so stay tuned to the blog!

Why Negative Polarity is Difficult to Overcome

Beneath the Veil of Forgetfulness, incarnating consciousnesses on this planet often succumb to the lures of the material world and can became quite enthralled in the negativity. Once indoctrinated and conditioned, many stand little chance of overcoming it — let alone pursuing the path of enlightenment and embracing the truth of unconditional love.

Even though positivity and love are stronger than negativity, positively-aligned consciousnesses will be overcome by negative polarity if the negative force is too overwhelming. And in no place is negativity more tenacious than our very own Planet Earth.

The challenges of the ego, the perception of separateness, and the required dose of amnesia to come to Earth brew a perfect storm for negativity to impact otherwise positively-aligned consciousnesses. Thus, the state of consciousness that the type of reality system we’re all immersed within now has created can aptly be referred to as SEPARATION CONSCIOUSNESS.

Dispelling of negativity by entities (e.g., light workers) who decided to incarnate WITHIN THE SYSTEM as opposed to working from outside of it is VERY difficult. Thus, upon incarnating, many third-wave lightworkers’ and Indigo childrens’ consciousness was tuned more strongly than is typical to the frequency of love. Their toroidal field was also adjusted so they would have a stronger connection to higher consciousness than was typical.

The Shift is Underway

The “shift” in consciousness we’ve been hearing so much about means the polarity experiment is culminating and Earth and her inhabitants are moving into unity with the God-Source energy. Our planet is the last one in the galaxy to be fixed and freed of the negativity dilemma.

The 2012 Mayan “doomsday” prophecy was never REALLY about the end of days — it was about the induction of a New Earth free of negative polarity. The prophecy was distorted and misinterpreted by humanity as an apocalypse prediction, but instead refers to the Grand Ascension event taking place right now!

“The anticipated positive photonic-encoded plasma waves have arrived… many have been witnessing Solar flash activity… since mid-2015… these Divine light influxes… support a new level of Christ consciousness. This is cosmic-level support for our embodiment, as well as a New Earth… this crystalline DNA [amplifier] is a collective activation for both the Ascension-bound and Gaia herself.”

Sandra Walter,

The experiencing of The Event will likely occur at different times for each individual. This is based on whether individuals have reached the necessary level of light quotient to receive — and are a vibrational match which allows them to mirror — the love of Cosmic Consciousness.

This will be initiated and accomplished by the God Source pulsing an overwhelming flash of positive energy throughout our Galactic construct. When the negativity has been reduced to a “threshold level,” “The Event” will occur as a visible flash of blinding white light. At this point, all positively ascending consciousnesses will ride the vibration of love energy into an incredible awakening while the negative polarities are realigned.

“The energy from the Central Sun will stimulate a flash… from the Sun that permeates the Earth and humanity, raising the frequencies of all living entities on the planet… everyone on earth will feel and know something has happened… [this] light-love energy will end duality”

Prepare for Change,

After The Event, a wave of electromagnetic plasma energy emitted from God-Source and transmuted by the Sun will trigger ascension on a massive scale.

At this point the New Earth or 5D earth will be in full effect. Our experiences on this planet and in this galaxy from that moment forward will no longer contain ANY negativity.

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If you want to learn more about the polarity experiment that our galactic consciousness decided to initiate, I highly recommend checking out Expansion for Ascending Consciousness: Understanding the Universe, Consciousness, and Ascension by Todd R. Deviney.

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