Understanding Consciousness Construct Holders

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In this reality construct, as in all realities, everything is made of energy which was first imagined by a non-physical sentient being(s). Every material thing that exists began, in fact, as a thought.

In other words, in order for any physical thing to exist at all, a conscious entity had to first imagine it. Of course, creation of — and within — the material world is happening at different scales. A consciousness at Third Density has comparatively less creative power than a Seventh Density collective. But all is a product of the one great COSMIC MIND!

Once imagined and created, the creating entity must devote some or all of its energy toward maintaining the construction if it is to remain and sustain life.

Construct Holders Create & Conserve Realities

Each level of reality — especially the “stage” layer, or base frequency (e.g., the Earth) — was created and IS CURRENTLY being held together by the focused intention of higher-order beings (higher levels of ourselves)! We can refer to these higher order intelligences as CONSCIOUSNESS COLLECTIVES or CONSCIOUSNESS CONSTRUCT HOLDERS.

What does this mean?

“All the information (e.g., energy patterns) that make up everything… were created and are maintained by the intentions, thoughts, and imagination of non-physical beings (e.g., consciousnesses).  These beings have dedicated themselves to creating and maintaining the major elements that make up our reality, and multitudes of other realities — a role often referred to as “construct holders.” All the information that represents the foundation layer of our reality construct was imagined into existence by these beings!”

Jeff Street, Divine-Cosmos.net

Consciousnesses which have ascended beyond the need for embodiment inside of the physical games within the cosmos will go on to create communions with others at their same level of consciousness throughout the universe.

These collectives are created and cultivated for a multitude of purposes, but center around the core needs of the system or galactic consciousness in which creations are spawned.

Creator beings at these levels harness much more potential and power because they contain MUCH more God-Source energy than a singular individuated unit of consciousness incarnated in a physical frequency band of the consciousness system.

There is power in numbers, and joining with other ascending consciousnesses is a natural part of the ascension journey as we all make our way towards reintegration.

All is Consciousness

Each star, planet, nebula, quasar, black hole, and every other structure in space is alive, conscious, and evolving. Each higher-order collective is growing and ascending by EXPANDING ITS CONSCIOUSNESS and empowering constructs which exist in its domain.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that a human at baseline consciousness represents 1 Individuated Unit of Consciousness (IUC). A planet construct like Earth might be “held together” via concentrated intent of hundreds or thousands of IUCs, all coalesced together in a coordinated effort to provide an environment for developing consciousnesses to experience life within it. Our Sun surely contains many more IUCs, while a more dense planet like Betelgeuse would be made of even more.

Many people may look at our Sun and see only a giant, glowing, gaseous, ball of hydrogen and helium. However, these are only the ELEMENTS which compose the Sun’s physical makeup. They are no more the Sun than the cells, blood, and organs which hold our bodies together are US. The parts of our body are not WHO we are, just as the elements and the chemical bonds which compose the Sun are not WHO it is.

I think of our Sun more along these lines:

The Sun is the heart-center of the system consciousness we call the Solar System. The Sun is a conscious entity, a collective of many “individuals” which have joined together for the singular purpose of sustaining the system in which Earth resides. In selfless devotion to Earth and her inhabitants, the entities which have joined forces to create and conserve our Sun have all rallied around a central “cause” — a service-to-others mindset to Gaia and the system she resides in.

Furthermore, the heat from the sun is NOT a result of the fiery combination of material elements which compose it; the fiery combination of material elements which compose it are but a byproduct of the incredibly focused thought-power and intention of the construct holders keeping it in-tact.

Why Consciousnesses Join Particular Collectives

It seems rational to assume that consciousnesses get to choose where and how it reintegrates as it ascends upward through the densities of consciousness.

The Sun is a masculine energy while the Earth is a feminine energy; so consciousnesses which perhaps had an affinity towards the masculine energy while incarnated may prefer to join central stars similar to our Sun, while beings that saw themselves as more nurturing, caring, and compassionate over their many lives may opt to reintegrate and work on a planetary consciousness like Earth.

The primary job of construct holders — including those holding together Gaia and our Sun — is to create and maintain collective thought and provide sustenance/love for lower-level ascending consciousnesses as they ascend throughout the construct being provided for.

Construct holders have devoted a lifetime in whatever form they’ve taken to the MISSION of that creation/system.

In offering an analogy: in the same way you and I would choose companies to invest our money in, consciousnesses carefully select which construct holder(s) they want to join. After graduating from the Earth school or the physical plane, consciousnesses would start/join a particular collective for any number of reasons (e.g., the mission/personality of the construct holder resonates, the work of the construct holder aligns with the themes that an individual consciousness had mastered within their incarnations, etc.).

This concept is echoed at all scales of reality. Higher order entities (e.g., parents to a child) provide guidance and love to others in order to assist and provide along their journey.

Construct holders exist at smaller scales within games of the universe. For example, nature spirits commonly called “elementals” (fairies, elves, gnomes, mermaids, etc.) could perhaps be considered construct holders in-training because they affectionately maintain the intricacies of Earth’s natural life. Because they vibrate on a different dimensional plane than we do, most humans can not typically perceive of them.

Final Thoughts

Consciousness construct holders sustain the planets, systems, and galaxies of the universe. Planets, systems, and galaxies are more than alive — THEY ARE CONSCIOUS. Each construct holder has important jobs to do, activities to oversee, and agendas to fulfill.

Without their loving, concentrated power of will, lower level ascending consciousnesses would be unable to work within the constructs they maintain.

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