Dispelling of Negativity & Humanity’s Ascension Event [Poem]

We are all dancing together towards Humanity’s Great Ascension, with guidance from higher beings and divine intervention! 

Our Grand Awakening was catalyzed artfully by Source, to get everything back in harmony and keep things on course. 

But why is it happening, and what are we doing, where did we begin, and where are we going?


The consciousness of our galaxy is audacious but creative, and certainly quite courageous and ultra-innovative.

Our galaxy wanted to try something that had never been done — for the learning opportunity, the uncertainty, and for fun.

So it reversed the rotational array of consciousnesses’ particles, creating the opposite of positivity, and added other cardinal rules:

  • Anyone incarnating within its 3D layers would forget who they were along with other players.
  • Connection to God-Source energy would be few and far between, and duality and polarity would dominate the dream.
  • The insertion of the adversary, the ego, and perception of separation would make an Earthly incarnation one heck of a vacation and frequency modulation for each individuation.

Polarization and indoctrination make this simulation a special exercise in self-creation as we strive for realization of our divination despite the aberration.


The aforementioned intention was to inspire motivation towards Ascension — the idea being that negativity would provide invaluable lessons for consciousnesses incarnating beneath the Veil of Forgetting.

But the idea to reverse photonic rotation created a dire situation, unanticipated stagnation, and energetic complications. Nuclear weaponization and subsequent detonation caused widespread devastation to the population. Frustration among the Galactic Federation mounted and the creation needed a stimulation and resuscitation.

After much attention, contention, and reflection, the perception across all spectrums and dimensions was that this experiment was headed in the wrong direction.

The remnants of the negativity are being severed and retention of the lessons would be dependent on if the cosmic collective could cleanse and balance the imperfections.

So, intelligences planned a restoration from the separation. 


The universal directive says you can not intervene with the ascension of a species, but this was unforeseen.

The best option since you couldn’t interfere, was to incarnate WITHIN the system as a volunteer.

So a message was put out to the Universe spanning far and wide, and if you’re here you saw the fear and you were horrified.

And as the negativity spread and intensified, you could not bear to sit and watch idly from the side.

The dignified and qualified were identified, and did decide to subdivide themselves to reside, in the Earth for a time to help to purify. In Three Waves, they began to spread their light and rectify, standing unified, glorified, and vivified.

And to quote V from the movie, they’ve “vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition!”

The only detergent is sentience, held as a motive to end the game, for the absolute capacity of LOVE shall one day dissipate the impotent and superfluous!


Negativity will not be used again in any other Matrix, for even though it was creative it was too contagious.

In conjunction with galactic waves that’ll hit our stage in many ways for many days, master souls who know the road will call this home for just a moment as they dissipate what remains…

Of all the bigotry, all malignancies, all hostility, morbidity, and negativity. It will be quite literally eliminated completely with fragility, nobility, and delivery of divinity to sufficiently, efficiently restore positive polarity for infinity!

#infinitelove ∞♥∞ #lightandlove

── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──

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