We are Players Inside Our Own Mind Game

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The VIRTUAL REALITY experience that we live within is more complex and more intricate than you can possibly imagine!

As Nikola Tesla said, “Earth is a realm, it is not a planet…” In order to understand the truest nature of reality, we have to take ourselves out of our conditioned frame-of-mind which has imagined our reality as static and unchanging, and the human genome as simply a random byproduct of chemical mutations or the result of Darwinian evolution. Mystics, philosophers, and spiritual gurus have long posited that the Earth experience is more akin to a very ludic, coherent dream than the ultimate reality.

Even though the Earth is a shared CONSTRUCT for the creation of experiences within it, your experience is yours, and yours alone. Every circumstance, person, place, event, thought, word, action, and detail was created by YOU for some purpose within your game — yet none of these are actually who you are. Still, everything inside of your experience is an aspect of yourself created by your Higher Self!

In this article, I’ll be exploring the dynamics of the true nature of reality, simulation theory, consciousness, enlightenment, as well as my understanding of how they all tie together so we can win the game and set ourselves free.

The Greatest Mind Game in the Cosmos

Put simply, Earth is a shared virtual reality stage for the evolution of consciousness. Thomas Campbell calls it “a virtual reality trainer for consciousness,” and I’ve heard other spiritual teachers describe Earth as a petrie dish or cosmic theatre for all to play out their individual dramas.

Whichever description you subscribe to, the reality is that we’re living in some kind of complex multi-player, interactive dream illusion with many other souls. However, we each constructed and are currently consumed within our own individual experiences in accordance with our soul’s plan. As I will allude to below, while the stage (the planetary layer) is objective, the story (your personal experience) is highly subjective.

The Earth game is only ONE construct within the larger “Mind Matrix,” as it’s been called. There are many experiences for consciousness to dive into throughout the cosmos, but none like Planet Earth.

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⚠️ ιηтєηѕє мαтяιχ ωιѕ∂σм ~~~ What is the #mind #matrix? ~~~ The Mind Matrix is our #reality construct… a programmable, vertical, multi-dimensional reality that is the manifestation of the universal #Cosmic Mind of Source. We exist within in a great cosmic thought! ~~~ This reality consists of a series of descending #dimensions, a.k.a. planes of #existence, densities, or domains, each projected from the one above. ~~~ We are each a projection (by our souls/#higherself /pure consciousness) into a body within the 3rd #dimension. We are fragments of the Universal #Creator, here for immersive growth and learning experiences, on a cyclical path of return. In Eastern traditions this system is called the #maya, an illusion, constructed by the mind through senses. This is NOT absolute reality! ~~~ Science has discovered that at the deepest level, the equations of #stringtheory used in #quantumphysics to describe reality is a code of 1’s and 0‘s that is identical to binary computer code! This #divine program runs on the ‘cosmic web,’ the interactive #neuralnetwork of connected consciousness throughout the #universe. ~~~ Therefore, this reality is uniquely constructed in OUR mind by the brain from the perceptions of sensory stimulation of the matrix which all #conscious beings have agreed to as the consensus reality. The goal: raise your #frequency as high as you can, keep it there, & keep expanding. ▪️much info via Robert at mind-matrix.net ── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ── #spiritualawakening #universalconsciousness #higherconsciousness #consciousness #l#expandyourconsciousness #ascension #awakening #meditation #yoga #esoteric #raiseyourvibration #raiseyourfrequency

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The Earth game is extremely special because this planet is essentially a melting pot for all types of beings from across the Universe. We’re caught in the tiger’s eye of galactic strife and ET control which has persisted for millennia, and part of the rule of coming to Earth is that we completely forget who we really are.

In fact, the dramas being played out are occurring simultaneously on a number of different scales, including on a:

What’s more, each individuated unit of consciousness which takes on a physical body on Earth will have ONE massive life theme to overcome.

The level of difficulty in figuring out and beating our individual MIND GAMES within this planetary construct is EXTREME.

We each have our own unique circumstances which were preordained by our HIGHER SELVES. Your Higher Self is, in fact, the one creating and imagining most of the circumstances of the experience you’re having now; local you is the one navigating through them towards enlightenment (ultimate self-mastery).

There are three important layers — the three S’s — of the Earth reality syste, to understand.

The Three S’s of This Reality Construct

There is budding evidence as more and more gurus clamor around Simulation Theory. The evidence is overwhelming to support the notion that this is a simulated reality. However, the connotation carried by the word “simulation” falls horribly short to describe the utter perfection and creativity of this experience.

“Although many people say my work supports simulation theory, I actually believe that it’s pointing to something much more beautiful and subtle about the nature of the laws of physics.”

James Sylvester Gates, theoretical physicist and supersymmetry, supergravity, and superstring theory researcher 

Life really is but a dream. We are all imagining that this experience is real so that we could dive into it, reduce our entropy, and evolve the quality of our consciousness.

If you’ve seen the movie Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it is not far off at all from the picture that I am trying to paint.

With the Earth as the construct foundation — call it the Stage layer — we’re each able to create our own unique dramas that we wish to play out. You have little to no control of the events and occurrences at this scale — unless you are involved in high-level decision-making within the systems, organizations, and parties which govern it — and most Source players are not.

Your present location — your surroundings — is the Setting layer, and is the location within the Stage where your Higher Self has placed you to learn, evolve, and work. You have comparatively greater ability to impact this reality layer — typically achieved slowly and in tandem with community.

Your Story is by far the most important aspect of your reality. It is your immediate experience, along with your self-told tale not only of your primary life goal, but also of how you go about attaining higher levels of awakening in pursuit of that goal. You have total control of everything about your experience at this level of reality.

Like DiCaprio and Gordon-Levitt do in Inception, we dive into our dream in different ways and in a multitude of different locations. The only difference is that we forget this is a dream while we’re in it, and it is highly experiential.

There are commonalities — aspects of the construct that we all “agreed” to abide by. These include most “stationary” aspects of the Stage layer of the reality — cities, towns, buildings, and more. They also include pieces of immaterial, collective agreements — language, symbols, archetypes, and more.

Are Other People Merely Projections of Your Mind?

Every player’s Higher Self has written their individual challenges, placing them into the movie — yet what if, somehow, no one else within the experience is REAL in the way you might have previously believed?

It seems that the individuals that we come into contact with, and especially the main players that surround our immediate reality, may be self-created aspects of our own Higher Self’s mind! They are each teachers that work with us so we can work on some aspect of our self. Other than the experience you gain with them inside the lifetime, they might not be real.

This could explain why, upon physical departure from the game, you suddenly feel, know, and experience everything you ever did to another person — hundreds of NDE accounts prove it.

Those emotions, energies, and experiences are simply reacquired within your own higher mind. When we exit the stage, we automatically know everything about every other character in our game. They are YOU, and you will realize that they were only actors in your play — and are merely portions of your own consciousness — which were projections from you unto you.

Winning the Game

The way that we win the game is by finally figuring out our own puzzle — by solving the MYSTERY of the SELF!

This is how you escape “The Matrix”, and it is why the tales of reincarnation are both true and extensive. It seems as though we exist (and are immersed) within a gigantic simulated MIND GAME of control, self-doubt, and seeming randomness. But what if all is secretly controlled, planned, and being executed in accordance with YOUR divine will?

My understanding is that we win this game when we achieve enlightenment — which includes full comprehension of and mastery over our individual life theme as described above, along with the highest understanding about the order of the cosmos which is possible at this density of creation.

For 350,000 years, this was the golden ticket to escaping the reincarnation cycle. In order to stop your soul from reincarnating/recycling into new bodies, you’d have to come to full realization within the construct. Now, my understanding is that a Central Sun portal has been opened and there is no longer a requirement for incarnating consciousnesses to come to enlightenment — very few souls were able to achieve it within the dense construct plagued by negative polarity, ego, and the amnesia required to play. These roadblocks are precisely why this construct is so hard to win — and why only the highest-achieving Source players were permitted entrance.

Achieving Enlightenment

But what if we do want to reach that pinnacle of near perfection? What if we do want to attain the highest frequency level possible during our time on the Earth plane? Enlightenment is a PERSONAL endeavor and highly individualistic depending on the strategy for self-mastery of each soul. Yet similarities abound.

First I will describe my understanding about the similarities that all consciousnesses will experience in journeying toward enlightenment, then will describe the individualistic nature of it within the Matrix illusion.

What is enlightenment?

From a mechanical perspective, enlightenment MEANS the same thing for all embodied individuations (the path to get there is very different). No matter which consciousness achieves it or when, enlightenment works the same way.

Enlightenment refers to the amount of light particles, or photons, that your “body” is able to hold. But the body is just a vehicle which allows you to take on an incarnation in order to gain experience and add to your consciousness’s figurative bank account or repository of knowledge, experience, and wisdom. So, it might be more accurate to think of your true body as a “light body,” not a physical one.

As your consciousness grows and matures, it accumulates greater PHOTONIC DENSITY. This is yours and you take it with you everywhere you go. Whenever you achieve enlightenment within this construct (however many lifetimes it takes), you will be done with this level of the game, and move on.

Like an infinite singular energy ascending a spiral and restarting again, each individual is at differing levels of their path toward enlightenment. Remember, we are all individuated aspects making our way along an infinite journey.

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Enlightenment refers to the amount of #light that your ‘body’ is able to hold. Your ‘light body’ reflects your state of #consciousness. ~~~ Your body is just a vehicle which allows you to take on an incarnation in order to gain experience and ‘add’ to your consciousness’s figurative bank account or repository of knowledge, experience, and wisdom. As our consciousness grows and matures, it accumulates more PHOTONS/LIGHT, or greater PHOTONIC DENSITY. This is yours and you take it with you everywhere you go. ~~~ Since ‘enlightened’ individuals carry more photons/light (and the photons within their consciousness are spinning faster), they have access to higher understandings about the order of the #cosmos, the mechanics of #existence, and the true nature of #reality. This earned, increased amount of God-Source energy is also the primary reason these people are #empathic, #intuitive, #psychic, and tend to feel emotions more deeply than others. They are usually kind, soft, loving people. Each individual is at differing levels of their #Ascension path or journey toward enlightenment. We are all individuated aspects making our way along this #infinite journey. ~~~ Cessation of physical embodiment (#reincarnation discontinues) occurs once an individual consciousness has accumulated the maximum amount of photonic density that can be carried within the physical vehicle which we temporarily take on to experience and #ascend through this #planetary construct. This is the point of life, of incarnating into the #ThirdDimension. ~~~ In most cases, individuals will ‘KNOW that they know’ when they have reached this level in their journey. ~~~ Thus it could be said that the primary PURPOSE of LIFE is to INCREASE THE PHOTONIC DENSITY OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS by gaining a multitude of experiences and learnings, and ultimately to maximize progress on your path toward spiritual self-mastery wherever you happen to be. ── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ── #mechanicsofreality #life #DNAactivation #purposeoflife #spiritualawakening #higherconsciousness #conscious #consciousliving #allisconsciousness #lightbeing #awakeningbody #metaphysics #thirdeye

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Reincarnation discontinues once an individual consciousness has accumulated the maximum amount of photonic density that can be carried within the physical vehicle that we temporarily use to experience and ascend through this planetary construct. This is the main reason we come to Earth, regardless of the individual.

The point of life, then, is to INCREASE THE PHOTONIC DENSITY OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS by gaining a multitude of experiences, and ultimately to maximize progress on your path toward spiritual self-mastery. Like the mind matrix itself, I believe there are levels of awakening/enlightenment.

This describes my personal perspective of the process of how enlightenment happens in general.

What is enlightenment for you?

With the Earth as the stage, we each have our own paths toward achieving our unique goals. In this experiential construct, the path toward complete self-mastery is extraordinarily difficult.

Your story is yours to play out. The dramas, pains, pleasures, successes, failures, and ups and downs all contribute to the perfect puzzle that is your own journey to self-knowing. These journeys are too complex to articulate, but, as mentioned, usually involve some main theme for each of us. This theme usually involves some deep-seated perceived fear that seems to haunt us or follow us throughout our life, but which is closely related to some greatly desired pinnacle or thing which we seek.

Our resolution of this plight is our life purpose, but we never achieve it how we thought we would.

When we finally do, all becomes aligned, and the chakra system lights up. When it happens, we will know because for the first time, we will be present, we will feel happy and fulfilled, we will do what we know we came here to do, we will love what we do because it is our greatest gift to the world, we will speak our truth, we will see the mechanics and beauty of our journey/experience through expanded doors of perception, and we will finally know that we know.

Do you see? Individually, these aspects can all come to us at different points, and they usually do! We might feel happy when we’re 4 years old playing with our toy, and we might love a significant other. We might speak about our truth at our job as it relates to work, and we might even see the truth of the universe or know why we’re here. But these are just training opportunities because they are not aligned with the other aspects. Self-mastery is achieved when these are all aligned in ONE harmonious essence. Only YOU will know when, where, and how this comes to fruition for YOU.

Suffice it to say this: the journey is complicated, so be patient and calm — your Higher Self rewards you when you show it who you really are. It rewards when you TRULY do what you love MOST, not what you do to escape what you’re afraid of. It rewards you when you choose love over fear. It rewards you when you begin to seek your own truth about yourself, existence, and the cosmos. It rewards you when you are ready to recognize its beauty, synchronicity, and magic.

This describes my personal perspective of the process of how YOU become enlightened.

Final Thoughts

While I could continue on and on about this highly esoteric subject, you can see how multiple factors begin to come into play when thinking about the ultimate nature of reality. We could easily be here for hours!

It’s also interesting to note the massive paradox involved in all of this: the Earth game can either be really, really easy, or really difficult — it’s all up to us. By practicing acceptance and unconditional love at all times — regardless of the self-imposed tests that come our way — we get ever closer to that elusive goal… the attainment of ultimate self-mastery.

Stay tuned to the blog as I will publish more of my insights about these topics in the future.

── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──

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