The Origin, Science, & Structure of Consciousness

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Consciousness is the fundamental “stuff” of the universe and of existence itself!

Whether you want to believe this or not is largely irrelevant — and it is a hard pill to swallow if your world view up to this point has been determined by traditional/mainstream science, or if you require hard evidence in order to justify the true nature of reality.

And the reality is that there is MUCH more to our existence than what our five senses seem to indicate!

Even though mainstream scientists and hardcore materialist physicists will debate the fact that QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS describes the ultimate nature of our universe — and even though it hasn’t yet been proven — many among the awakening community have long known this is so by virtue of their own intuition, research, and attainment of higher perspectives.

Because consciousness is IMMATERIAL, it is therefore — as of today’s state of technology — unobservable and immeasurable.

The good news is that many awakened minds who are tapping into higher levels of awareness and who understand the nature of existence are working hard to bring this knowledge forth — and more and more are beginning to come to realization.

“Consciousness is the basis of the universe. Consciousness is what everything is made of. The energy that you are able to work with and perceive is created by, from and within consciousness. Coming to this realization and finding a way to integrate it into physics will change everything… you are living at the dawn of the ‘age of consciousness!'”

8, Zingdad’s Higher Self, The Ascension Papers 2

In this article, I will describe my understanding of the mechanics of consciousness and the basics of the “pseudoscience” of how it works. This is a highly technical and complicated subject, so what I am sharing here is a gross simplification. But I hope that it can shed a little “light” (pun intended) on the manner in which consciousness is structured within our universe.

First, we need to establish a few key points as it relates to consciousness:

  • There is only one consciousness in existence. We are all individuated expressions of one, singular consciousness which is experiencing itself from the subjective viewpoint of many different forms, perspectives, and levels of awareness.
  • Everything is conscious. Every life form contains the eternal essence of consciousness imbued within or “flowing” through it — from a rock at First Density to a physical being at Third, Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Density all the way up to a galactic and universal consciousness.
  • Consciousness exists to evolve, and evolves through experience. Source Consciousness — the One being — exists in a constant and continual state of EXPANSION of its CONSCIOUSNESS. Its strategy for achieving this feat is complex, multi-faceted, and highly immersive, but it is doing so with great attention to detail through each one of us.
  • There is no separation. Oneness is the most basic and fundamental truth of our existence. There is no real separation whatsoever among consciousnesses (only the illusion of such). Furthermore, there is no separation between Source Consciousness and YOU!

“Consciousness exists to evolve, & it evolves through experience” via @mjbecker_

Figure I: Consciousness is imbued within every life form, and every life form is conscious. Imagine that the yellow highlight represents consciousness. This essence is the real you; not the form which it takes to temporarily ascend through the dimensions.

Note: I will likely publish a separate article in the future describing the densities of consciousness as it relates to the process of Ascension, so stay tuned to the blog.

The Interrelated Nature of Consciousness

Before we dive into the science and structure of consciousness, we have to understand the basic meaning of “oneness” as it relates to consciousness, and how/why Source Consciousness did what it did when it sought to know itself.

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At its core, the term oneness is the most basic rule of existence, and it essentially implies that all consciousnesses in existence originated from — and are a necessary, integral, and holographic/fractalized part of, in fact — one “place” or one being.

You can call this eternal essence God, Infinite Intelligence, Source, The One, The Creator, or whatever you please. In the end, it doesn’t really matter because it is you, and you are it.

In our eternal quest to know ourself, our Source (which is YOU at the highest level of consciousness) developed an intricate and detailed plan to study itself from many different perspectives.

This means that it had to create different kinds of constructions or paradigms through which it could observe itself. The possibilities for optimal learning were limitless, and this is part of the reason there are so many variations of consciousness inside of the multiverse.

Source’s Strategy for Evolution

Let’s discuss the strategy that our Source set up in order to facilitate ultimate expansion/evolution of its consciousness.

When our universe was conceived, it was designed as a neutral, multi-leveled GAME or system for the evolution of consciousness to ascend within. Thus, various densities of existence — or frequencies of perception — were imagined, planned, and created.

There are, according to numerous sources, seven or eight densities of existence for individuated units of consciousness to ascend through with First density being the lowest and most basic level and Seventh/Eighth density being the highest and most expansive level which would be mergence with the conscious energy that runs the entire system.

Two of the primary methods which Source employed in order to achieve its goal include FREQUENCY REDUCTION and ENERGETIC DIVISION.

In the beginning, my understanding is that Source — the one consciousness — reduced its energy into “lesser” aspects, which could aptly be referred to as sub-selves. These original 12 sub-layers were universal aspects, and existed at a notch of consciousness just below (but connected to) Source.

When our universal consciousness was created, it subsequently created and spawned 12 galactic consciousnesses, and these existed at the “level” or FREQUENCY which was a notch down from Universal/Cosmic Consciousness.

In executing its plan, Source had to divide its energy and partition it into these separate and discrete components. The process of division and sub-division is a general capability of consciousness, and this process continued at lesser and lesser scales within our universe as each successive sub-level of consciousness spawned sub-aspects, down to the most minute portion — minerals, bacteria, and single-celled organisms.

We are all a part of this process since we are vast multidimensional begins experiencing ourselves at many levels simultaneously. Our bodies could be thought of as sub-selves of our Souls, which are spawned from the level above them, called the Over Soul, and so on and so forth on upward. In this way, Source is structured like a multi-level branching tree where each level “down” from the level of Source Consciousness is comparatively “less conscious.”

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Even though it is hard to imagine with our limited human minds how “we” could possibly be “more conscious,” we will all experience a dramatic expansion of consciousness when we leave the Earth plane and as we continue to ascend each successive density moving up the rung on our journey ever closer to oneness.

In this sense, we can think of ourselves as INDIVIDUATED or INDIVIDUALIZED EXPRESSIONS created indirectly from Source Consciousness. In this universe, individuated units of consciousness go through — or ascend — the DENSITIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS in order to learn, grow, and experience as they move “upward” and accumulate greater levels of experience.

The amazing and beautiful thing about consciousness is that it is all one energy — the same consciousness which imbues a rock, a dog, a tree, and your friends and family is literally the same consciousness that is “inside of” you. We all exist within a gigantic sea of connected energy, from which everything originates.

This conscious COSMIC MIND surrounds, fills, and makes up everything we see and that which we can not.

“The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter… we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of this realm.”

Sir James Jeans

Consciousness is the energy web of the cosmos from which creation springs.

“The universe is holistic. It is interrelated within a grand field of interlocking waves and particles of light forming the ether lattice of collective consciousness.”

Meg Benedicte, Author of Soul, Realized
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Though infused with the essence of unconditional love, this entire process of ascension through the densities is a NEUTRAL process — imagine computer code running through the “interwebs” to get where it needs to go. Consciousness works the same way, like a neural network that functions like a machine.

It may come as a surprise to learn, with that in mind, that Source Consciousness is completely, 100% neutral. And, it is NOT a person, place, or thing. It is a LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Period. And, this singular consciousness that we all come from and are an integral part of is beyond sentient — it is highly intelligent with creative capacities that far exceed anything we can possibly imagine with our human brains. It is imaginative, inventive, and more innovative than we presently realize.

The Composition of Consciousness: the Function, Mechanics & Structure

I’ll zero back in, now, to focus the rest of the discussion on the architecture of consciousness within our universe, and, specifically as it ascends from First through Third density.

The mechanics of consciousness

Consciousness exists within an architecture of photon light particles. These particles are coherent and conscious, and they are the core essence of awareness.

The number of photons that a consciousness contains is its PHOTONIC DENSITY. The more dense an individuated consciousness is, the more experience it has accumulated. Experience can never be lost and remains a part of a consciousness as long as any semblance of individuality remains in-tact.

The energy level of the photons which compose an individuated consciousness directly correlates with their strength or force, and this is what we call VIBRATION. Like a planet spins on its axis (as above, so below, as below, so above), so too do these particles of light, and this is what we call FREQUENCY.

“The electromagnetic photons that make up all consciousnesses are the repository of the experience gained by the respective consciousness. The experience of existence in all its forms raises the charge of the photon and subsequently increases the linear movement (vibration), which ultimately affects the spin rate (frequency).”

Todd R. Deviney, Expansion for Ascending Consciousness: Understanding the Universe, Consciousness, and Ascension
Photons and the energy they contain exist at an electromagnetic scale, not a physical one.

Each individual experience of existence — or Individuated Unit of Consciousness — exists within a unique electromagnetic frequency and contains a magnetic barrier which “holds” or protects their individual experience. This is called a consciousness wavelength. The protective barrier, the photons, and energy of experience constitute an individualized consciousness.

What does this mean? We each have our own, unique energetic signature based on the experience we have gained through many incarnations! There is no one else like you!

Your physical body which your consciousness is driving is what allows you to come into the Earth game and build your material experience, not the other way around. Consciousness does NOT originate in the brain; the brain is merely a receiver or tool for consciousness to work through.

It’s important to understand that the descriptions above and which follow are approximations as consciousness does not function within the limited boundaries of our physical construct; consciousness is, by definition, INFINITE and LIMITLESS — which means so are you.

The Science, Structure, and Densities of Consciousness

While I won’t go into detail about how consciousness would perceive or experience at each level of consciousness in this piece, I will describe how a consciousnesses’ photonic structure changes as it ascends from First through Third Density.

First density

At the smallest scale — and for consciousnesses just beginning their journeys of experience — there is a single photon of conscious light-energy which emits a magnetic field and forms a spherical boundary on the exterior of the photon. The ability to form matter from energy exists and the energy can enter matter. This is the origin of first density experience.

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The first density of consciousness is the most basic level of development for an individuated aspect of consciousness — think of it like the first month for an evolving fetus in utero. This rudimentary level of consciousness is manifest within elemental entities like rocks, plants, minerals, water, and air as well bacteria and single-celled organisms.

The membrane enlarges and grows as additional photon particles are “let in” as this portion of Source energy continues to earn basic experience via expansion of its consciousness. This will be manifest in an increase in both vibration and frequency which is the product of conscious experience.

Second density

When enough energy has been accumulated at First density, the consciousness is ready to evolve to Second density life.

Second density is mainly characterized on Earth by bugs and animals.

Within these forms, we would witness an assembly of photons all spinning in the same direction. As more energy is gained, photons spin faster and faster and the entire consciousness gains a higher charge. At a threshold, a torsion wave begins and we begin to see the entire consciousness begin to take on a rotational structure.

Source: Expansion for Ascending Consciousness: Understanding the Universe, Consciousness, and Ascension

As photons multiply and gain energy, they move further apart from one another, causing the radius of the growing electromagnetic field of the consciousness to broaden. Until a nucleus or central “seat” of the toroidal sphere is generated, the consciousness will stay at Second density.

A Second density consciousness will begin to acquire a rotational geometry in the toroidal/spherical shape when preparing for Third density for its many incarnations. With time, experience, and enough light within its membrane, it will finally be ready for the heralded journey into Third density.

Third density

Third density is the (first) level of consciousness characterized by self-awareness. Third density is the baseline level of consciousness of Humanity, and the first where beings can begin to question and understand the nature of their own existence and their place among the cosmos.

At third density, the toroidal geometry is in place, and the array of photons will begin a “unified rotational geometry.” The “seat of consciousness” emerges at the heart center. Additionally, a “hollow” pathway emerges in the center of the toroid, allowing for the flow of energetic particulate from above and below.

The vibration — coupled with the spin of the photons (frequency) — determines the geometry of the toroidal sphere. Balance is achieved within a consciousness by increasing vibration and frequency. Source: Expansion for Ascending Consciousness: Understanding the Universe, Consciousness, and Ascension

As photonic density increases, so too does the ability to carry higher vibration and frequency. This leads to the induction of increased amounts of God-Source energy within the individual, and, like a video game, the consciousness begins to unlock access to higher order truths about existence and more complex understandings about the function of the cosmos. 

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Self-awareness first emerges at #thirddensity. The vibratory rate of the oscillation – coupled w/ the spin of the photons (#frequency)- determines the geometry of the toroidal sphere. ~~~ Balance is achieved within a #consciousness by increasing the #vibration & frequency of the spin of energetic particulate. ~~~ Each individual expression of #existence generates a unique magnetic frequency called a ‘consciousness wavelength.’ The protective magnetic membrane/barrier, the photons, & energy of experience constitute an individualized consciousness. ~~~ As photonic density increases, so too does the ability to carry higher vibration/frequency. This leads to increased amounts of God-Source energy within the individual, & like a video game, the consciousness begins to unlock access to higher order truths about #existence + understandings abt the function of the #cosmos. ▪️info via ‘Expansion for Ascending Consciousness’ by Todd Deviney ── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ── #spiritualawakening #higherawakening #chakra #kundaliniawakening #cosmicknowledge #universalconsciousness #christconsciousness #buddha #buddhaconsciousness #chakra #crownchakra #mechanicsofexistence #metaphysics #higherconsciousness #conscious #energy #Tesla #ascension #enlightenment #spiritual #spirituality #spiritualwisdom #awaken @5d_awakening_consciousness @plant_conscious_energy @conscious.arrival @conscious_timeline @wokespiritual @raise.the.vibe.tribe @youarecreators @ufohighstrangeness @lawoflight @open_state_of_mind

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Within their incarnation(s), beings or consciousnesses have the opportunity to expand and attain higher levels of consciousness, as indicated in Figure I. Again, I will likely cover the perception of consciousnesses at varying levels in a future article, so be sure to stay tuned!

Final Thoughts

Consciousness is the essence of existence itself, and everything else is derivative from it.

Oneness is the ultimate truth of everything, including, especially, consciousness. And, there is only one consciousness — Source — in existence, experiencing itself through many subjective lenses. Who knows how many reality constructs it’s developed in order to jump into and experience. But it is constantly learning and evolving, all in pursuit of ONE goal: the expansion of its consciousness! This is also the point of life. How you go about doing that while bringing more love and light into the world is your purpose.

This all points to many extremely beautiful and subtle truths about the nature of reality, of our universe, and the ONE SELF! Ultimately, we are all one connected consciousness… learning, expanding, and growing as individuals, but nonetheless as a single, integrated essence of love.

── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──

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Much of the information I share here comes from this book, Expansion for Ascending Consciousness by Todd Deviney. I highly recommend checking it out if these concepts resonate.

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