The Symbolic Structure of Existence (Source, Divine Masculine/Feminine, & More)

Recently, as I was in the depths of meditation, I was bombarded with a series of enormous esoteric “downloads” from Source. Through visualization, I was shown details about the symbolic structure of existence. The “download” also encompassed information about:

As I’ve been discovering over and over again, imagery and symbolism are literally embedded into the blueprint of the universe and all life… and we TRULY are created in “the image of God,” precisely because we ARE God, and we created it that way.

As an esoteric wisdom seeker and occultist, I simply set my intention to recover and remember these kinds of magical elements that God-Source and our Universal Consciousness sought to engrain within the template of existence!

Suffice to say, this is one of the most amazing multi-part downloads I have ever received. Before you read on, please relax your mind and let go of any 3D distractions. I really want you to focus on “being here, now” while reading this post. 🙂


“The underlying, primary psychic reality is so inconceivably complex that it can be grasped only at the farthest reach of intuition, and then but very dimly. That’s why it needs symbols.”

Sigmund Freud

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God-Source and it’s Strategy for Evolution

God-Source is a sphere of blue energy (Figure I).

In an elaborate scheme to better know itself, it devised a brilliant plan in which it would divide its energy into equal aspects with whom it would imbue God-like creator power — hence began creation.

So, a framework was imagined whereby God-Source would (somehow) split itself into equal universal aspects (Figure II) within itself. Some say this process began with 12. That feels right in my heart.

As a note, since the construction/mechanics of it all requires Source-level intellect to pull off and since it’s all immaterial infinite awareness/energy, it’s hard for me to imagine how this would all fit inside of a sphere — and I’m not a geometrist, but somehow, the Higher Levels of ourself made the physics work!

But since this is easier to portray as if looking at a 2D cross-section, that’s how I’ve illustrated it:

It is important to understand that:

The “Shape” of the Universe

For the sake of this piece, we’ll just focus on one universe — ours! Let’s imagine that the below (Figure III) is our universe’s “slice of the pie”:

This general configuration has been portrayed before in other diagrams to show how the shape of the the universe resembles a sideways cone:

Related image

Occult meaning within the Eye of Providence

This knowledge has long been embraced by truth seekers. Since the shape of the universe most closely reflects a triangle, a symbol was created to reflect that truth — a triangle with an all-seeing eye inside of it.

This is why the Eye of Providence represents illumination, knowledge, truth, and enlightenment. But, there are more layers of hidden meaning embedded within this symbol!

The symbol on the U.S. dollar contains 12 layers, perhaps symbolizing those 12 original universal aspects or 12 dimensions of existence, while other depictions show 8 which I believe represents the densities of consciousness in the universe.

Another key point to understand, as mentioned above, is that there are frequency levels — eight, in fact, also known as DENSITIES of CONSCIOUSNESS — within our universe. The eight layers of bricks in the Eye of Providence represent the eight densities of consciousness within the universe.

The Symbolic Structure of Universal Consciousness

The structure of the bricks in the pyramid also represents the figurative road that consciousness takes in its Ascension journey returning up to Oneness.

I tried to show how this process works, symbolically, in the below diagram which also goes a step further. This outline shows how the densities of consciousness within this universe are structured, the journey of consciousness through them, and several other points to understand.

Consciousness must navigate the maze in order to ascend to the top. Like bubbles floating through water, all of the consciousness will make it to the top.

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There are several things to note, here:

There is NOTHING like physicality elsewhere in the universe, so we invented a strategy to ensure ascending consciousness would remain there for quite some time. Physicality provides highly formative experiences for the evolution of our consciousness.

That very top layer is where consciousnesses will reintegrate with the nucleus at the “center” of it all, effectively merging back into the essence of Oneness, or, as I termed it above, the “mind of God.”

The Significance of the All-Seeing Eye

The all-seeing eye, when placed in the very center of the pyramid, also has its center — the pupil — perfectly resting on the third line up, representing the Third Dimension within the universe.

What does this hidden meaning suggest? When we’re on Earth, we are PUPILS in a school!

The “pupil” of the eye rests on the 3rd line, representing the Third Dimension. This is a clue — we are here as students, as pupils, in the Earth school.

The pupils of our eyes are also a microcosm of the macrocosm (the core or mind of God-Source). Our iris’ radiate beautiful blue, green, and brown colors which symbolize God-Source’s energy body.

Image result for blue eye up close

In the #EyeofProvidence, the pupil of the eye rests on the 3rd line up, representing the 3rd #Dimension, suggesting we are here on #Earth as pupils or students.

The Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

At this point, I was guided to illustrate — within the pyramid — a basic representation of both external reproductive organs for the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine:

Instinctively, I knew I had to superimpose them as if they were one. After I did that, I was intuitively guided to outline all of the places where hearts could be seen… so I did (purple):

At this point, I knew I was onto something pretty neat.

I let my guides aid me as I intuitively traced over the top of the design. What I’d outlined, and what now appeared, blew my mind! I instantly saw what looked to be two individuals in embrace and holding hands — I knew they were dancing:

Love is the answer! When we love, we create music, and love can transcend us outside of this universe.

Superimposed on one another, the #DivineMasculine & #DivineFeminine reveal two individuals dancing in embrace! #esoteric #occultism #awakening #consciousness

Notice the four infinity symbols within the two people. Notice also where their two heads meet and where their bodies touch — this is significant as it obviously marks the two areas where a man and a woman experience their climax. Notice, too, how part of their bodies are inside of the triangle while a portion is outside of it — this is also significant as it implies that LOVE can transcend our being, and that INFINITE LOVE is the only thing lasts forever. The couple’s temples meet at the very top of the pyramid, which seems to indicate they have succeeded in ascending the densities.

The dragonfly and butterfly

The longer I stared at the picture, and the more times I re-draw the diagram, I continued seeing new shapes and lifeforms imbued within it. I was able to easily see a dragonfly and butterfly, which symbolize self-realization and our soul’s emergence into life, respectfully.

The divine blueprint for the dragonfly and butterfly was likely conceived within the same template as the universe itself.

It is fitting that the butterfly — which represents our budding into life — fits perfectly into the bottom half of the pyramid with it’s head placed perfectly on the 3rd line/dimension, and that the dragonfly — which symbolizes change and self-realization — spans the entire height of the pyramid with its head at the top and eyes popping out so that it can see truth.


These visual representations reveal mind-blowing truths embedded in the fabric of our divine blueprint.

These kinds of clues and pieces of knowledge can be found everywhere — symbols, pictures, drawings, words, names, and more. It is simply a matter of us rediscovering them, finding the MEANING HIDDEN in PLAIN SIGHT, and re-creating ourselves as we do!

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