Nature’s Proof of Intelligent Design: Sacred Geometry, Phi, the Fibonacci Spiral, & Self-Reflective Designs [Mega-Post]

The miraculous creations, self-reflective designs, and beautiful blueprints which are evident across the entire natural world offer spectacular and mesmerizing insights about the nature of their — and our — Divine origin.

What you are about to discover is a plethora of nearly perfect, mathematically-consistent ratios, forms, and creations imbued within our planet’s natural landscapes and the lifeforms inhabiting it.

These provide, for those with eyes to see and hearts to feel, intuitive proof of INTELLIGENT DESIGN.

Earth is a Cosmic Masterpiece

Image result for earth ecosystem"

If you could step back far enough, and see the whole picture — including all of the physical “games” conceived within our Universe — the appreciation, awe, and love you would have looking at Earth would be tremendous.

Within our present frame of reference, most of us can not immediately sense the extremely high level of creative genius that went into constructing the Earth realm.

Everything works together in perfect harmony. Nothing is wasted. This multi-layered energetic ecosystem works like a gigantic interconnected machine.

Further, the intricate designs and sacred geometrical ratios imbued within all biological life on this planet are absolutely exquisite, and, as I will reveal below, they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Earth is a very special artistic masterpiece and believe it or not, we — higher levels of ourselves — made it!

This is precisely why so much attention is on Earth’s well-being right now from beings across the Universe. This is why so much care has gone into the maintenance of life on Earth, and it is why — despite the universal directive of non-interference — our species is simply not permitted to engage in any activity (e.g., nuclear war) that would instantaneously demolish the construct.

Sacred Geometry: A Mathematical Blueprint for Universal Life

The Golden Ratio, represented by the Greek letter phi (Φ), is sometimes called the “Divine proportion” because of its frequency in the natural world.

The divine proportion within Earth’s geography

The Divine proportion is present at many scales within Earth’s geography. If you were to look at a flat map of the globe, you’d find the Golden Ratio almost perfectly encasing several major land masses:

Source: Ashlee Webster

The proportion also serves as the geometric outline, with nearly perfectly accurate dimensions, for major continents of Earth:

The Fibonacci spiral was used as the blueprint for the creation of many land masses on the planet.

And, you could drive yourself up the wall if you wanted to start superimposing it on cities and countries to find very interesting relationships between the spiral and locations it traces.

The Fibonacci spiral perfectly traces 5 of the biggest cities in Victoria, AU — Shepparton, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, and Melbourne.

This is not merely coincidence, but rather the primary outline from which much of our geography was set up.

The divine proportion in nature

While the Fibonacci sequence doesn’t define every aspect of nature, it is found quite often in significant structures and is thusly not an anomaly.

The number of petals on a flower, for instance, will often reflect a Fibonacci number. And, almost every flower unfurls in accordance with the Divine proportion.

This beautiful pattern is repeated throughout nature — from flowers to seashells to pinecones to a fetus en utero:

The Fibonacci spiral serves as the blueprint from which much of the natural world was designed, modeled, and created.

The commonly-referenced Flower of Life also serves as the artistic basis for a number of derivative creations in nature:

The Flower of Life serves as the blueprint for structures throughout nature such as a honeycomb and a sunflower.

We find that cross-sections of many fruits of the Earth are modeled after sacred, geometrical, mandala-like shapes, too:

Sacred geometrical patterns are contained within the internal structure of natural fruits of the Earth. These frequency-raising fruits are meant for our consumption.

Of course, this is not just evident in plant life, but at nearly every scale across all life including in the ocean and in weather patterns.

For example, waves of the ocean and hurricanes over the ocean both occur following a fairly strict Fibonacci pattern:

A wave occurs in the pattern of the Golden Ratio.
Image result for hurricane golden ratio"
A hurricane also unfurls as a Fibonacci spiral — implying that there’s even beauty in destruction.

Stepping back further, we find these same recurring patterns happening within the cosmos, too.

The divine proportion in the cosmos

Zooming out to the scale of our system, galaxy, and Universe, we still see evidence of the golden ratio being widely used. I say “used” because structures in space — just like those on Earth — were modeled with incredible attention to mathematical detail by the consciousnesses which spawned them.

They are using these mathematical ratios because they work in the most efficient way to orchestrate and organize life.

Galaxies, solar systems, and aspects of planets all contain sacred geometrical patterns in their makeup.

Galaxies exist within the framework of the Golden Ratio.
Image result for solar system fibonacci"
Though not depicted to scale, system consciousnesses throughout the Universe also use sacred math.
Image result for fibonacci sequence saturn"

“The harmony of the world is made manifest in Form and Number, and the heart and soul and all the poetry of Natural Philosophy are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty.”

D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson

In order to avoid falling into a deep “sacred geometry rabbit hole,” here, I will move on — because there is much to discover, especially within the proportions/orbits/distances of celestial objects. I will publish an article on this topic down the line, so be sure you’re subscribed!

The Golden Ratio in the human blueprint

If you were wondering… yes, the divine human blueprint also follows sacred geometrical ratios. da Vinci eloquently depicted this in his now-famous “Vitruvian Man”:

The proportions of the human body were depicted by the Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci in about 1490.

You can overlay or superimpose the divine spiral atop various parts of the human body in many ways — and it doesn’t take a mathematician to see the inherent beauty involved when we do so:

The physical vehicle for the homo sapien was meticulously developed in accordance with universal geometrical consistency.

Repeating patterns and self-reflective designs at many scales inside our ‘electric universe’

We live in what’s been called a HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE which could also be thought of as an electromagnetic, fractal-wave, motion Universe. What does this mean?

Fractal, by definition, means that each part of the whole has identical statistical characteristics of the entire system. In essence, we live in a giant mathematical equation.

This explains how these patterns can appear so often in such impossibly-perfect sequences, and it essentially means that our Universe is a projected thought made of a data stream — defined by, at base level, 1’s and 0’s. We do live in a “simulated” universe.

In this Universe, all is energy, and all is SELF-SIMILAR, or reflective of the rest.

This is precisely why we find repetition in nature — trees, organisms, eroded coastlines, snowflakes, and everywhere natural life abides.

Similar energetic patterns also emerge at smaller scales when looking at random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth, snowflakes, or fluid turbulence, for instance.

Snowflakes form in sacred geometrical patters.

All organisms, humans included, are FRACTALS. A cell is a smaller portion of a life form, just as all cells of an organism contain the DNA of the entire being. Even our DNA follows exquisite symmetry and adheres to the Fibonacci sequence:

DNA is structured into nucleotide triplets known as codons. Geneticist Jean-Claude Perez found the frequency that codons appear in the human genome are closely related to Ф.
The literal code of life is a multi-dimensional encapsulation of the Golden Ratio.

Thinking, neurogenesis, associationism (an organism’s experiential, causal history helps determine its thoughts, sensations, and ideas) and consciousness itself are all fractal spiraling processes.

In short, we are nature and nature is us!

Every aspect on the Universe is every other aspect because everything is consciousness, and consciousness, by nature, is connected.

Image result for electrical universe"
The nervous system of the Universe itself is a fractalized, geometric structure.

And, SACRED GEOMETRY not only describes the energy structures used to conceive of our Universe, it literally is the Universe expressing itself! This means that shapes and patterns are ALIVE as much as the forms and patterns they are expressed within.

Image result for sacred geometry in nature"
There is no separation between a geometric shape and its manifestation into form. Shapes are alive as are the forms they take to serve as building blocks to support higher-level consciousnesses.

As Above, So Below: Self-Reflective Art In Mother Nature

Let’s switch gears, briefly, and take a look at some of the most wonderful self-reflective creations that Mother Nature has to offer. “As above, so below” has never rang more true… and believe me, after you see these, you be throwing any prior belief you may’ve had in “coincidence” right out the door.

Flowers resembling animals and humans

We’re familiar with most of the commonly-known flowers that fill our meadows, yards, and pastures. But, mystics, sages, and true botanical enthusiasts know that nature is full of different varieties of flowers.

There are certain types of flowers which look very similar to other things like animals, people, and more. Many of these are even difficult to be recognized as flowers.

Scroll through the carousel collage above to see how flowers express themselves in ways that mimic other lifeforms.

Nature is mystical and we are yet to discover its full manifestations. It’s clear that our planetary consciousness went to good lengths to create fun, humorous forms within its landscapes.

Smiley faces in plant ventricles

As one example, if you stain the cross-section of the stem of a Monocot plant (grass) and look through the microscope, you’ll see smily-faced bundles.

The job of the ventricles is to help to transport water, minerals and food — and they are alive. The implications of designs like this are vast.

Why and how do these flowers express themselves in these gorgeous, too-similar-to-be-coincidence ways? How can you explain the fact that a plant’s ventricles — something so seemingly minor and tiny — mimic, without a shadow of a doubt, a human smiley face (the global symbol of happiness)?

And, most importantly, who or what created these blueprints?

Higher Level Consciousnesses Collectives Create Forms Within Their Domain

I believe these miraculous creations provide proof of INTELLIGENT DESIGN within and among the natural life of our Universe.

There is an inherent intelligence not only guiding the day-to-day evolution of natural life, but there’s also a hierarchy, if you will, of conscious collectives which created its intricacies and detail. This intelligence exists at higher scales throughout the cosmos.

Our Earth, our system, and our galaxy are conscious, and they are among the most creative planetary (Gaia), system (Sol), and galactic (Milky Way) consciousnesses throughout the entire Universe.

As is the case across all of Creation, each consciousness collective is responsible for creating the conditions, rules, elements, and designs of the lower-level components within its construct — over which it presides and provides loving sustenance.

Related: Understanding Consciousness Construct Holders

The levels of consciousness who oversee the construct in which the Earth game exists have an affinity for detailed and self-reflective patterns in their creations. This evident through the way life expresses itself on this planet. We exist within an INDESCRIBABLY CREATIVE Galactic, System, and Planetary Consciousness co-creative system!

The world we exist within was designed by us… higher aspects of us, that is. Even though you probably can’t consciously recall doing this, you (we all) developed the elements, ecosystems, ratios, proportions, designs, blueprints, life, and systems we’re gloriously experiencing now. We did this in a self-reflective manner where proportions are repeated at all scales.

With unbelievable foresight and strategic planning, we even created them to mimic our human expressions down to the scale of a blade of grass to help us remember who we are and what we are doing here!

You can also get a good sense for the personality of the higher levels of consciousness within a galaxy, system, or planetary realm by examining the natural life within it — and, in our case, the intricate (if not slightly humorous) life forms show how highly-creative we really are.

Designs within the natural life of a planetary system reflect the creativity of the higher level consciousness collectives which devised their blueprints

All is Created From Love

It’s important to understand that all natural life was created with the essence of unconditional LOVE.

The heart symbol can be found reoccurring at all scales where life exists — from the grandness of a nebula, to a lake, cave, and flower on Earth, to the animals which inhabit our planet, to the intricate designs of the divine human blueprint, to the foods and nourishment we all consume:

Scroll through the carousel collage above to see how love is ingrained throughout the natural world.

I believe that love is ingrained within all, as a universal constant of sorts. The love is always there, but we have to be open to receive it in order to see, feel, and know its expression.


The patterns explored here reflect Universal formulas and reveal a Universal matrix of form which is evident throughout existence and could only have been devised by a conscious cosmic mind.

Our reality is self-similar… life itself is a fractal of nature, and nature is a fractal of the Universe. The Universe is alive in its very fabric, with various levels of consciousness maintaining and creating within it continuously.

When the implications of what this means truly sink in, you may feel just how mind-blowing your existence is. As this realization washes over you, you will begin to remember bits and pieces of the “bigger picture” which can not be expressed in words. You are a perfect part of something much bigger than yourself!

As consciousness creates, it expands its abilities, and it gets smarter. This means that in further creations, life will be even more complex than it is now… gradually increasing in intricacy as Source continues in its infinite quest to know itself via expansion of its consciousness.

── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──

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