Feeling The Vibe? Ascension Symptoms & The Awakening Body [+ Infographic]

If you couldn’t tell by the bombardment of high frequency energies engulfing our Planet, a great deal is happening beyond the reaches of Earth realm on a cosmic scale.

Humanity’s Grand Ascension Event is escalating in fervor, and as it does, accompanying changes in our physical avatars can be perceived — with symptoms ranging from minor to incredibly intense.

The Event is a blanket term referring to the high frequency series of energetic flashes being emitted from Source as its resounding intention to initiate complete eradication of negative polarity throughout the Milky Way galaxy.
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There’s also been some recent, unusual spikes and “white outs” within the heartbeat of the Earth, The Schumann Resonance. There is a divergence in timelines as Earth is emerging into a higher frequency plane.

The Grand Solar Flash known as The Event marks the beginning of the Great Ascension of Humanity. With it, our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are undergoing some profound changes.

What on Earth is Happening?

There are major energetic shifts and upgrades happening throughout the galaxy as 40Hz 5D Gamma plasma photon rays penetrate the atmosphere of Earth. These high-frequency cosmic pulses — which are being transmuted by the Sun — contain coded information to propel and assist ascending consciousnesses (and to rectify imbalances in negatively polarized consciousness) in their ascension.

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We’re essentially being bathed in a super high-frequency galactic bath!

Pleiadian light forces are helping transmute energies within the heart chakras of all 4.5 billion star-seeds stationed on Earth as we work to clear energetic blockages that may be present within. This work must be done in order to free us from matrix bondage if we are to allow our consciousness to ascend. In effect, the resulting symptoms which are manifesting from this mass purging may be unpleasant. If you want to learn more about all the work the Pleiadians are doing to help us ascend during The Event or about Operation Andara, check out Michael Love’s channelings of the Pleiadian high council here.

Body and DNA Upgrades Galore

For consciousnesses that are ready to ascend, there are many things happening within the energy body.

As we undergo a quantum shift of epic proportions, the journey won’t be without its necessary “side effects” as old energies that no longer serve are being let go.

Energetic downloads and DNA activations that help us shift to higher consciousness are underway, resulting in what some have termed “ascension flu.” This can occur when one is going through an intense awakening period and the body is transitioning to its “Light Body” — from carbon-based to crystalline. We normally operate with 2 out of 12 strands of our DNA working; what’s happening now is the energetic light-activation of upwards of 5, 6, 7 or more strands.

Common Ascension Symptoms

One notable side effect for almost all awakened star-seeds is happening within the Third Eye. If your pineal gland seems overactive, you’re definitely not alone. Pineal activations are a core tenant of the process of awakening to higher consciousness, and with its awakening, you may notice that your intuition seems out of sync — either more pronounced or temporarily discombobulated. You may also be noticing disrupted sleep patterns, exhaustion, and vivid dreams.

Enhanced intuition and psychic awareness is likely to occur as the awakening body ensues. Intuitive empaths probably feel like they’re going crazy.

I can share a couple anecdotes from my experience. Things hit me hard one night during Fall of 2019… to the point I was actually considering driving myself to the ER from fear I’d suffered heat stroke and/or an incidental concussion after a workout. There was another period where I was having extreme tightness and soreness in my shoulders and back that I knew was abnormal for me. I’m currently going through some incredibly pronounced forearm/wrist/hand achy-ness and soreness which has been persisting for months. Additionally, the cadence of my panic attacks has increased and the intensity with which they bombard me has also leveled up.

Again, ascension symptoms can be severe depending on two factors: (a) how much excess emotional, past life, and subconscious baggage needs to be purged, and (b) how highly you’re raising your consciousness.

As these waves continue to ripple throughout the cosmos and our galaxy, common symptoms are being felt. They include:

Geomagnetic storms and energetic portal periods — synchronistic days like 1/11, 2/22, etc. —  are intense transformational periods that can bring mind-opening awakenings and reconnect us to internal and external universal knowledge and wisdom.

Less Talked-About Byproducts of Ascension

In addition to the more well-known byproducts of the awakening process, there is also a host of other lesser talked-about side effects. I created an infographic to illustrate 11 that I think are particularly important to consider:

ascension symptoms
As part of the Ascension process, you might find tendencies, skills, desires, and attributes of your personality begin to shift towards higher-vibrational frequencies.

I recall one night at the onset of my awakening in which I felt the strong urge to lay down in my bed and open my awareness. As I did, I experienced newfound access to deep universal wisdom and knowledge which began flooding my consciousness. I literally saw these crazy mathematical equations, energetic imprints of past and future events, individual thought forms and new ideas, musical notes, and fresh insights hurdling at me that had not priorly been part of my personal cosmology whatsoever. I felt bombarded by the intensity and rich saturation of these ideas, and wasn’t sure what this wisdom even was. But, I knew it was happening for a reason. These are the moments you can learn to accept, work with, and empower during awakening. Do not fear the gifts the universe is bestowing upon you; be grateful, explore them, and then get to work.

Curbing the Side Effects of Awakening & Healing Ascension Symptoms

To ensure we resonate with these higher frequencies so that we can raise our vibration along the continuing path of enlightenment, we can combat the side effects by resting and taking time from our busy 3D lives/schedules. Be as present as possible when “doing” these activities and get out of the ego mind if possible. Here’s a few activities that can help:


With the introduction of high-frequency galactic waves smashing into our planet, Consciousnesses presently experiencing within the construct are undergoing significant changes on many levels. It is the time of The Great Awakening across the planet, but also of some pretty intense purging.

However, the side effects, these Ascension symptoms, are a necessary byproduct of the Ascension process as we’ve decided to incarnate in the most dense, most difficult game in the entire cosmos.

By spending time in solitude, caring for and nurturing the physical vessel, and resting, we can curb the effects and even transmute the energies as we vibrate ever higher.

Here’s a few resources if you’re interested in learning more about what’s happening at a high level, as well as more on Ascension symptoms:

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