Building the Earth Experience: 8 Devices, Components, & Mechanisms Crucial to Making the Separation Game Work

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Earth is the single most difficult planetary game in existence. There are a number of elements which were intentionally inserted into the experience in order to create an obstacle course-like gauntlet that would allow consciousnesses the opportunity to achieve exponential expansion. By taking incarnations on the Earth plane, consciousness finds itself lost in a dream-world illusion, exposed to high levels of forgetfulness and other illusory mechanisms impacting and impairing its perception. In order to incarnate on this planet in this timeline, you had to be a master manifestor with high levels of proficiency in creatorship and energy manipulation. This article explores 8 key aspects of the Earth game that make it such a difficult experience for consciousness immersed within its confines.

Constructing the Earth Realm

Earth is only one of billions or even zillions of realities within Source where consciousness can have expansion opportunities in the physical.

Like all realities, Earth is a realm or MENTAL CONSTRUCT conceived, planned, and manifested by us – higher levels of ourselves, that is.

This planet a secondary duality matrix illusion which was developed for a specific set of experiences — namely, to allow incarnating consciousnesses to enter into a game where they would forget who and what they were, feel completely isolated from their Divine source, and where things would seem random, chaotic, and disconnected.

But why would consciousness want or need to create and enter that kind of a reality construct?

As it turns out, such a construct could provide an extremely formative experience for the evolution of its being. Consciousness wanted to see what it could learn by immersing itself into a full-scale SEPARATION REALITY.

So, higher order consciousness collectives got to work on designing and constructing a realm with conditions that would work to achieve the desired goals — that would somehow make embodied consciousness feel like it was separate and alone, victims of its circumstances.

Eventually, like advanced coders and programmers of the most complex video game ever conceived, they landed on the right combination of many interconnected variables, embedded them within the game as “rules,” and figured out a way to alter the consciousness of game players when inside of a physical avatar in a way that would drastically restrict its awareness through the lenses of the five senses — which serve as a filter by which our interpretation of reality is severely impeded.

Constructing the The Separation Game, as it could be called, included the following intentionally-inserted elements which, in combination, make it the hardest gaming experience that has ever been conceived in this or any other cosmos.

They include:

Let’s explore each of these miraculous devices in greater detail and examine how each impacts the experience of consciousness inside of the game.

Devices at Play in the Earth Game

The origin, purpose, and destiny of the Earth game is to awaken to who you truly are within the game and raise your frequency level as highly as possible. But the following obstacles were created to hinder – and test – your ability to do so.

1. The Veil of Forgetting

The Veil of Forgetfulness is a required condition for all beings who wish to incarnate on this planet. All souls go through a complete amnesia process when they come to Earth.

The VoF is not a literal or visible “thing” – it’s an alteration to an individual’s consciousness which isolates the operative portion from the whole; that inhibits their ability to access information regarding any “past” experiences or higher knowledge through the human sensory system and the mind.

Our planet is the only one in the Universe where incarnating entities completely forget their connection – their Oneness – with God-Source energy.

Many other planetary civilizations throughout existence retain varying degrees of awareness of their connection with God-Source energy when they immerse a portion of themselves inside of a given reality construct.

But on Earth, the extent to which we temporarily “forget” is significant. Memories of parallel lives, long-standing spirit guide and soul mate relationships, and your soul’s pre-birth plan are NOT accessible by (or located in) your brain. This information is available only within the Soul’s local memory drive, which is stored in the higher-vibrational etheric realms. It’s only upon getting “out of our mind” that you can begin to remember the greater reality of your existence and dissipate your VoF.

The Veil serves multiple purposes, but its most important function is to incentivize consciousness to strive for Ascension and to allow it to be awestruck by the mystery of its existence.

Many people may be tempted to ask “why do we have to forget? Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could come in with full knowledge of our mission, our task, and our Oneness with all?” Remember, though, part of the challenge of this experience is having all of your memory erased and seeing if you’re able to remember your mission even in the wake of a “spell” of amnesia.

As channeled beings and subjects of quantum hypnosis have stated, it would simply not be a test of the strength of your consciousness if you came in knowing the answers.

2. The Veil of Unknowing

The Veil Of Unknowing is another vital device which guarantees that the existence of spirit and God can never be proven – even as both are your true nature.

One reason the VoU is a crucial component of the Earth game is because it hides our creatorship and our Divinity from us – one of the most important elements we (higher aspects of ourselves) sought to achieve when we created the Separation Game. Anything approaching evidence for proof of spirit or God will always be equally met with sufficient cause for doubt.

“How would we seek knowledge of The Creator without remembering it is really us? Will we be able to remember who we really are,” we asked?

As we have seen, the resulting tendency of consciousness immersed inside of realities governed by a strong VoU is to:

These tendencies represent the collective result of a separation reality governed by a strong VoU, and Humanity has sufficiently demonstrated what it breeds.

The only antidote to overcoming the VoF and VoU is by virtue of accessing higher levels of consciousness within the game – which is an individual, immaterial, and spiritual undertaking and thus can’t really be “proven” – by remembering and rediscovering the truth of who we really are… the Creator itself.

3. Time and Space – The Illusion of Movement

Time-space is actually a perceptual illusion — so everything is happening right NOW and RIGHT HERE… just at different frequencies of perception.

All realities are emanating from a central point which could be the size of a pinhead, a single particle of plasma photon energy, the Source of all being. This point is “your” consciousness, and believe it or not, you never actually “go” anywhere. The illusion of movement is a very clever perceptual illusion enabled within the construct.

When a movie is being projected onto a screen, many individual still frames are being played in succession, giving the illusion of continuity, fluidity, and motion. Indeed, there is no actual movie at all; just thousands of still frames of images depicting slight variations and being shown so quickly together that it essentially creates a movie.

“The experience of our linear reality is produced in a similar manner,” writes Jeff at “Our earthly consciousness, which is a thread and focal point of awareness of Universal consciousness, is viewing individual still frames of reality in rapid succession — BILLIONS of times per second — thus creating the illusion of linear experience.  Each of the frames of reality is just a static composition of information which our consciousness is ‘viewing.’”

The purpose of the illusion of time, space, and movement is to allow consciousness the ability to perceive forward movement and improvement over time while moving about and exploring the construct.

4. The Density of the Construct: Disconnection Between Thoughts and Manifestation

A critical mechanism which was essential to making The Separation Game work is the substantial time delay between thoughts, actions, and manifestation. The DENSITY of Planet Earth added with the illusion of time provides a formidable training ground which would ensure a delay between our thoughts and their manifestations — between what you put out and what you get back.

In the higher immaterial realms of existence, manifestation happens immediately. To think of a thing or have a question is to instantaneously understand everything about it.

The linear experiences that the construct of time facilitates creates a wonderful environment where choice and cause and effect combine to produce incredible exercises in creatorship. It also provides the framework that allows us to hide our creatorship from ourselves.

This is compounded by the fact that, at any given moment, you’re getting a mixture of manifestations/results from many different sponsoring thoughts making it very difficult to see the connections, correlations, and causality when manifestation does come to fruition. 

At any given moment, you’re getting a multitude of #manifestations from many disparate sponsoring thoughts making it difficult to see connections & correlations

5. The Perception of Separation

The physical self — the human body — feels separate and distinct from all others. Individual bodies seem to imply that we are separate from one another. This is also a very convincing illusion.

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What we can’t see is how all is connected via an energetic ecosystem pervading all life. If we could see this, we would never act out of separation or fear towards another because that same output would clearly be reflected back unto us.

But since we can’t see the Oneness with our eyes, until we awaken inside of the game, we believe we’re all separate.

What better way to truly know what Oneness is than creating a game in which we could experience ourselves as completely separate from others?

6. Eclipsing the Ego Mind

One emergent construct which develops shortly after birth is an overarching and unyielding mental dynamic called the ego. The ego is mainly a subconscious mechanism that very quietly seeks to infiltrate our awareness and which tries to influence our beliefs, control our thoughts, and distort/overtake our sense of self to get us to identify with form. A couple other crucial roles the ego plays is to instill fear by perpetuating separation and to convince the consciousness it is intertwined with to believe its incessant stories, chatter, judgments, and opinions.

Of course, both fear and separation are completely illusory. But when we identify with our ego, we then create separation by permitting derivative and associated dynamics like competition, greed, lack, materialism, superficiality and more to literally possess us.

The ego also enhances the experience we have around role of the adversary. When we feel threatened or challenged, it’s easy to build up walls and resist. The flight or fight response is a chemical byproduct of the egoic mind. Earth is a MIND GAME and ego IS simply unconsciousness — your job is to let the light of consciousness shine through.

To separate oneself from the ego, it first must be brought to light/awareness. This begins by recognizing that all other selves are really other versions of you.

7. The Inclusion of Negative Polarity

Inside of this experience, we have day and night, good and bad, black and white, up and down, right and left, love and hate, and so on. This dynamic describes a duality reality construct. In this kind of realm, everything has its polar opposite – including positivity.

Negative Polarity

One important component of the Earth game is negative polarity. In most other planetary constructs and the higher realms of existence, there exists only pure love and bliss – no negativity whatsoever.

But, the galactic consciousness in which the Earth game exists (what we call the Milky Way) decided to try something completely novel: it came up with a new concept that would impede ascension and create a desire to overcome it… polarity. Prior to the creation of polarity, all cosmic games (galaxies, planets) existed within the frequency of God-Source love only. Negative polarity is a construct ONLY of this galaxy — it was not employed at a universal scale.

Like an infection, negative polarity began to spread among the lower densities of this galaxy. On many planets – including Earth – entire civilizations which had no defense to the new “negativity virus” were slowly turned. Though Earth is still a slightly positively-oriented planet, there is more negative polarity here than anywhere else throughout the galaxy.

If you want to learn more about the reason behind the polarity experiment currently being implemented (and now eradicated) in the Milky Way galaxy, check out my article called The Purpose & Resolution of the Polarity Experiment in the Milky Way Galaxy or check out the book Expansion for Ascending Consciousness by Todd R. Deviney.

8. Non-Player Characters

Yes, I saved the most controversial and esoteric point for last! The introduction of negative polarity by and within our galactic consciousness supposedly included an additional component for use within select planetary games – mostly where advanced ascending consciousnesses were gaming. Enter: the insertion of Non-Source Players, a.k.a. “non character players” or soulless ones.

Non-Source players are essentially empty matrix holograms. They appear real to game players because they have physical bodies, but their bodies are simply programmed holograms being projected as data streams. Apparently, soulless ones outnumber game players at a ratio of 5,000:1. NSPs do not have a soul (and obviously no soul connection).

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If this is true, Non-Source players were developed for several purposes: to fill and infiltrate planetary games; for the benefit of Source players to allow for more challenging gaming experiences; and to evoke emotions (particularly negative ones) from Source players which some highly esoteric thinkers believe fuel the continuation of the Matrix itself.

You can learn more about NSPs and the roles they play by checking out self-proclaimed matrix winner Quartz Crystal on YouTube – as always, use discretion and caution when consuming this content and use your own Source self connection to validate the truth of what you learn.


While here, we are pupils in class. However, even though it may not seem immediately obvious to “3D you,” Earth life truly a wondrous gift.

This planet provides very immersive, intense, seemingly real experiences and thus provides a FAST TRACK for the evolution of consciousness – making the Earth school a challenging environment, indeed.

If all this seems unfair or frustrating, rest assured that you self-selected and then made an agreement to experience, for a time, that you were separate from Source and that you’d adhere to all of these rules (knowing they were non-negotiable conditions for playing). You did this — we all did this — to find out how well we really knew ourselves and then to experience the incredible thrill of remembering who we were inside the dream.

And now, we’re moving from a society lost in the depths of separation to one where Oneness, Love, and Unity will prevail. In unity, spiritually-awakened beings not only believe, but KNOW the inherent connectedness between themselves and others. With this knowing, we may all come together to help light it up and usher in a new era on Mother Gaia.

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