22 (More) Videos That Will Teach You All You Need to Know About Our Simulation, The Matrix, & The Nature of Reality

A year ago, I published an article entitled 23 Videos That Will Teach You All You Need to Know About Awakening, Existence, & the Universe. Those videos scratched the surface of the esoteric and unimaginable depths to which the proverbial rabbit hole goes.

The following 23 bust it wide open. Prepare to forever change your understanding of the metaphysics of existence and true nature of reality. Seriously — get ready to be rocked and woke beyond all measure — this is our God-given birthright. Enjoy!

Overview & Intro Videos

Let’s start it simple as we get our pineal glands warmed up. “The Egg” is a widely-viewed short film laying the foundation for what else is to come.

The global Mass Awakening is well underway now. Learn more about what that means.

“The Universe is Mental–held in the Mind of THE ALL.” – The Kybalion

What if you could travel to the edge of the Universe? Talk about mind bending (and time bending)…

What is Reality – Dissecting Time, Space, and the Bedrock of Existence

Reality is NOT as you’d previously thought. Explore time-space, how past and present are actually happening right now — and impacting one another at all times — and the miraculous E8 and Emergence Theory which is inching us one step closer to a unified Theory of Everything.

Sim Theory: Understanding the Construct

As the previous two videos hinted, reality is made of information, code, and energy. It is a “simulation” of sorts… so let’s dig in.

If you haven’t read Rizwan Virk’s The Simulation Hypothesis, I highly recommend checking it out. I loved it. My Big TOE is also an incredible and lengthier discussion of Simulation Theory. Listen as Riz shares more:

Let’s back out for a second as my mentor and friend Jeff Street describes more about the purpose of the Earth game, the game we are all so immersed within.

Non-Source Players, Timelines & Frequency Planes

Judy is the most woke person I’ve found on YouTube with a dramatic and radical view on the nature of this game, this secondary duality matrix illusion. Listen as she describes more about timelines, frequency planes, and the now moment.

Not every “person” you think is real is real — in fact, most people are AI-generated matrix algorithms — empty, soulless holograms. Learn more about Source players vs. NSPs or NPCs (non player characters).

Sacred Geometry, Vortex Mathematics & More

Gary Lite shares a great introduction to vortex mathematics, the Rodin Coil, and mechanics of energy. He explainsfurther about how 3, 6, and 9 represent the keys to the universe in accordance with what Nikola Tesla wanted to tell us all.

The Fibonacci Spiral and Golden Ratio are found in every aspect of life. See why it’s the key to understanding our own existence and why our higher levels of consciousness used it as a blueprint for creation at every scale.

Mind-body connection and wellness are two of the most critical elements for conscious individuals. You can cure everything you go through on your own… you are your own energetic alchemist.

NDErs & Mediums Reveal Truth

Anthony Chene is a great film maker and I highly recommend subscribing to him on YouTube. Here he interviews psychic mediums and NDErs to dig into the realities which exist outside our perception.

Conspiracies and The Cabal

D a v i d I c k e had his YouTube channel taken down because he was exposing so much truth. If you really want to know what’s going on with the COVID-19 plandemic, you can find his London Real interview elsewhere on the web. I’m just going to leave this here:


It’s a pivotal time in our world’s timeline as power structures crumble right before our eyes. This video is 3 hours, so carve out some time to entertain yourself with just how distorted the public’s view is and how overwhelming the powers who rule this realm really are… but they’re disintegrating now.

What is up with the planetary bodies within our system? As it turns out, we live in a great apparatus, a connected neural network of consciousness designed much like a system at multiple frequencies. Nothing is as it seems, that is for sure. For instance, what’s going on with the Moon?

Stay Woke in the Matrix

I’ll end on Judy because her videos have expanded my mind and my consciousness beyond anything I have ever found. Escape the matrix, raise your frequency, and win the game. This is a game, and it’s yours to win.

That’s it! If you enjoyed these and want to dive deeper down the rabbit hole, check out my saved “Awakening” playlist on my YouTube channel.

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