Gradations of Gnosis [Poem]

Nature is our market, and we its most unruly, unaware saboteurs.

A species who ravishes and lavishes and leaches the life of its land is both self destructive ⓐnd selfish.

Such mainstream motives and insane interests characterized by impatience, competition, and greed are the unconscious reflections of an organized sect driven by commercialization, globalization, and domination — yet nature remains indifferent to such ideals.


There is harmony in homeostasis and the body breathes through balance.

All is cyclical and the dust ⓦill settle.

The seen exterior is always a reflection of the inner unseen, true for you too.

Littering out there must begin within.

The current continuously flows within to without, as above, so below.

We make and mold what we wish from whatever we desire, acting is if it were in isolation to the toll.

Currently we walk unconsciously with limited coherency of the universal gnosis that energy is currency. From a plⓐce of separation we empower societal absurdities, try to fight our inequalities, resist personal adversities and run from insecurities.

All these are now bubbling up concurrently, and we still refuse to awaken spiritually to our striking similarities as pure consciousness born from a single singularity — that’s the real emergency.

If Humanity determines it will vanish to obscurity then it will be because it could not find more loving clarity with a sense of urgency. And if we fail to reach maturity required for Fifth Density, then self-destruction by our species is necessarily a certainty.


Distraction and infatuation are promoted by factions who use attention as their weapon… the global paparazzi.

Monetary fugazzi, we own this economy, we crash it, kamikaze.

We use language and symbolic slang calculated and communicated via complicated digits too complex for most to comprehend.

Numbers do not run the world except for he who is stuck in it.

An illusion so enormously overwhelming we find ourselves numb to its cutting incisors at every turn. It is everywhere — but so are you.

Time to open up your eye.


He who steals needs love, and she who gossips, esteem.

What we find inside we project unto others. Soon a mural is painted and projected on the canvas of the screen.

All truths are half true and all are half false. What we see is not what we get, but rather what we are.

Swirling and spiraling we go, when will it stop, we don’t know. Is it involuntarily, my fractal of symmetry, living out a colloquial parody, most of us without seeing the verity of this bad copy duality matrix mixed with polarity.

The wicⓚed and wise, saint and sinner, have no dissimilarities.

We are all broken and perfect at once.

This is all only a game of immⓔrsion — you are not a person, merely apportioned by a higher version here for an excursion to fix said distortions.


The symphony of the sunlight as it shines through our sky, and the waves on the water, neither will die.

Any change or variation in your perception of the spaciousness carries a code of synchronicity contrasting faithlessness, and it does it with gracefulness.

And in its subtle message, unspoken gnosis echoes deep, depending on your frequency and how far down the hole you’ve reached.

Any shift, however menial and meek, offers the ability to see further serendipity.

And so you decode the dance to the best of your abilities.

Mixing insights coming in philosophically, symbolically with creativity amplified by curiosity… then pieced together logically to find illuminosity.

Deep breaths, for the game has been oⓝe.

It has always been.

It is all you.

Just you.

Just me.

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