Traversing The Central Sun System & The Imminent Event 2020

The following represents my personal understandings; please take what resonates and leave the rest. As I share my understandings in this post, do not be so attached to the labels I use to describe the various suns. Individuals refer to them with different name tags. Rather, seek an intrinsic understanding of the implications and scope of what I am attempting to convey with this very short, simplistic explanation.

The universe is its own neural network, comprised of distinct energetic patterns held at particular resonant frequencies — all set up, interconnected, and maintained via a system of suns, which are consciousnesses that govern a specific frequency range where further sub-levels of creation take place.

The Oldest Galaxies in the Universe - The Atlantic

It is through this network of sun portals that the universe we find ourselves presently, individually aware within is literally “enlightened” — in fact, the entire universe is light (the only reason we see darkness “out there” is because our present form and scientific instruments can not detect the frequencies of light which completely fill the entirety — all is light, there is no space, we are inside our own mind-matrix dream world continuously seeking the light).

Suns are the batteries of the universe. While “wattage” may differ, the power source is the same across the board — The Larger Consciousness System. The LCS, or God, or Source spawned our and every other universe. Regardless of what you call it, traced back far enough, there is a singular consciousness which is currently engaged in and energetically enabling this gaming experience.

The Function of Stars and Suns in This Universe

Stars and central stars serve as energy portals which can illuminate the universe with God Source light.

They are also the power grid upon which the universe is maintained. Stars/suns at all scales have several other important functions, including:

The creational power of suns varies by the scale at which they exist.

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As a connected web electrically upholding every corner of the universe, the sun system serves as a lattice of light that keeps everything “on.”

Earth: a less volatile version of the sun - Cosmos Magazine
Like a scientist illuminates, magnifies and observes the developments in his petrie dish, the consciousness collective we think of as our Sun is carefully watching the Earth experiment with a vested interest.

Working our way outward from our current perspective, we have our Sun at the center of this solar system. The Sun serves as the seat of consciousness for this system, and is the nucleus of the intelligence governing it. And, it is much more than just a ball of helium and hydrogen as I described in my article “Understanding Consciousness Construct Holders.” The Sun is an intelligent, aware consciousness collective, comprised of millions of individuated consciousnesses. Together, this team has dedicated itself to upholding the natural laws which create balance and harmony in this solar system.

Alcyone is what I call our “Section Sun” or Central Sun. It is the brightest star in the Pleiades cluster, and is about 6 solar masses (600% the sun’s mass). Alcyone is more than 10 times the size of the Sun. Our system’s central star, the Sun, is in constant communication with Alcyone as the two would work together to pass information, energy, and insights on energetic balance and the development of ascending collectives in this part of the galaxy.

Alcyone Star | Facts, Information, Location, History & Definition
Central stars work together as celestial calculations, considerations, and communications are made to ensure balance is maintained and ascension is happening throughout the area of the galaxy over which they preside.
Every 26,000 years, our Sun and Solar System completes a cycle in its orbit around the Central Sun. We are completing this cycle now. When the Sun moves around the Central Sun, it passes through various energy fields in space. One such energy field is the Photon belt, which is a spiritual field, having been born from the Greater Central SunSirius. There are photons of Light that illuminate from the Central Sun which we enter halfway through this cycle and then again at the end. During this time, it’s also as if all the pieces of this cosmic machine become perfectly situated in divine synchronicity — The Sun, Central Sun, and Greater Central Sun become aligned with the Galactic Center.

Sirius is the Greater Central Sun. The Sirius system is the fifth closest stellar system to the Sun. The consciousness collective comprising Sirius makes all major decisions as it pertains to the experiences, rules, and components of the lower-level games in this nexus of our galaxy. Sirius is 23-26x brighter than our sun and shines like a diamond in the night sky, flashing blue, pink, and yellow light. Sirius is the spiritual hub of this area of the Milky Way and Sirius has a direct, open line of communication with the Great Central Sun at the galactic core.

Sirius says goodbye to the evening sky |
Sirius is visible in the eastern sky currently. “I am serious” has a double meaning. You are, in fact, Sirius.

I believe that, contrary to popular belief, there is more than a super-massive black hole at the center of the galaxy. At the center of what we call the Milky Way is the Great Central Sun.

“Let us consider — along the lines of Platonic cosmology — that there is a Central Sun at the heart of our galaxy. However we designate what is at the galactic center, it is of immense power, as may be grasped by way of the following analogy. If one imagines the force exerted by our Sun in holding the nine planets and countless asteroids and other cosmic objects in their orbits, one will get a sense of the power and majesty of our Sun. Now, if we think along the lines of Platonic cosmology of a Central Sun at the galactic center, the scope of its power is such as to hold more than one hundred billion Suns (not planets!), in their orbits around it, including our Sun! To explain this immense power, modern astronomy postulates the existence of a “supermassive black hole” at the center of our galaxy. We have to bear in mind that this is a theoretical construction of modern astronomy. Moreover, from my perspective it is an inadequate theoretical explanation of what takes place at the transition point from the realm of material creation to the realm of pure spirit. The alternative perspective that is offered here is that at the galactic center there is a Central Sun (Plato’s Supra-Celestial Sun) and that all the Suns/stars in the heavens, including our Sun, are ultimately offspring of the Central Sun.” ~ Astrogeographica

The Great Central Sun serves as a portal from the material realm to the spiritual. This Sun is incredibly powerful, having been spawned directly from our universal consciousness which is a DIRECT “sub-self” of God-Source energy.

The Great Central Sun is enormously powerful, composed of billions or more individuated units of ascended consciousness whose cumulative task it is to, essentially, run this galaxy. Our galactic consciousness, as I also described, is incredibly audacious, risky, creative, bold, and intelligent. If you’ve ever noticed these traits within yourself, you know why… as above, so below.

The Grand Central Sun is the “power source” of all conscious existence within our universe. It could be said that we are all “indirect” offspring of Source, having been spawned by layers of consciousnesses up the ladder to our universal consciousness. The universe is a consciousness absorbing all experiences had by its lower-frequency components (all galaxies, systems, planetary realms, and incarnate beings) and sharing that wealth of experience back to Source.

Source is you, and you are it. Source is a level of your own consciousness, the highest level of awareness available. The seat of consciousness of Source is a high-frequency particle of highly-charged plasma-photon energy from which all else emanates.

What is the Event?

The Event is a system reset within this universe that will eradicate all devices, mechanisms, and distortions which were created to serve as an impetus for consciousness to pursue ascension.

Inside of this galactic construct, the polarity experiment will be coming to an end. NEGATIVE POLARITY is going to be completely ERADICATED across all timelines and from all individual consciousnesses who hold the necessary density to make the transition to a 5th Density New Earth governed by love.

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As ascended collectives conferred with one another, the best option to remove the #negativepolarity that had grow out of control within this galactic construct became clear. ~~~ The settled-upon solution included the emission of a series of energetic pulses directly from #GodSource – the energy from which would be transmuted by our galactic core, and the several central stars in this galactic construct, as well as our #Sun. ~~~ These pulses would contain special codes geared to accelerate a #quantum leap in #consciousness among the life forms living in lower-density realms – especially Earth. ~~~ “No human authority will decide when this is about to happen. The final word when the ‘Event’ is to happen is coming directly from the Source. This is an Event of #Cosmic Importance. The last #planet under the grip of the dark forces is about to be liberated and this is going to send ripples of #Light throughout the Galaxy. ~~~ Just before #TheEvent, the Source will send a pulse of Light through this Galactic construct which will basically be the beginning of the ‘grand finale.’ From that moment on, there will no longer be any negative polarity for consciousnesses that choose to live in the #5D #NewEarth. ── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ── #galactic #ascension #awakening #negativity #polarity #duality #starseed #milkywaygalaxy #separationconsciousness #yinyang #energy #frequency #vibration #spiritualawakening #cosmic #cosmicknowledge #creation #creationism #starseed #milkyway #newearth #oneness @5d_awakening_consciousness @galactic_starseed @ig_milkyway @awaken_kundalini_energies_5d @awakeningpeople @conscious.arrival @consciousness_expansion @theoneconsciousness

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This is a solar event whereby Source has already and will continue to emit multiple pulses of love-light armed with codes geared to accelerate a quantum leap in spiritual evolution.

One Who Serves ~ 2017, “The Event” Update, Pulse From Galactic ...

The energy being spouted off at that frequency would be much too overwhelming for even our Sun — let along us humans — to absorb and integrate directly.

So, as it permeates the energetic sea of consciousness that is this material matrix we call our universe, part of the function of the tiered network of suns is to TRANSMUTE, ALCHEMIZE, and DISTRIBUTE the energy — preparing it, funneling it, and delivering it to its sub-systems of matter, including embodied consciousnesses, working within each of their respective domains.

“The Event is a correction in the Universe that is sent out as a ‘pulse’ every so often… let’s say every 24k-26k years. Source sends out this pulse to get everything [back] into harmony… our planet is basically a planet under construction… with the Higher Self as the ‘nurse maid,’ it is grooming us to come into alignment with the love that’s in the rest of the Universe…”

Lory Pollina,

Note: I highly recommend visiting Lory’s YouTube channel where he shares, in great detail, more about The Event. Todd Deviney also offers incredible insights on his channel too.

The Event is already occurring as pulses have been sent out.

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Every 24-26k years, Source sends an energetic pulse out into the #universe. This wave of #energy contains special codes & information to catalyze a #quantum leap in #spiritual evolution for all incarnating (and disincarnate) species that are ascending through the constructs within the #cosmos. 🌌🌊 ~~~ But, The Event isn’t just a single ‘thing.’ Such an event would energetically overwhelm consciousnesses working within the games of the cosmos. It includes a series of smaller waves which may ultimately lead up to this major #solar flash. Regardless, this time, Source is making a resounding intention to completely eradicate all remaining negative polarity within the universe. ⚛️💕 ~~~ However, I received an interesting download a couple of weeks ago — since all is occurring in the ever-present NOW moment, #TheEvent has actually already happened. ~~~ My #spiritguides showed me how this was so within my mind’s eye, and reminded me of a flash which I witnessed inside of my head which jolted me up as I was drifting off to sleep one night a few months ago. They told me that people (even among the #awakening community) are waiting for some major event, as if they’re still stuck in a #victimconsciousness mindset, eagerly anticipating for something outside of themselves to come and save them. This is all backwards! In fact, The Event, however you define it, has already happened, they told me. We will each experience it in our own way when we choose, definitively, to commit to the #cosmic agenda of #unconditionallove. ❤️=💥 ── · 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ── #cosmology #universe #space #existence #cosmos #universalconsciousness #spiritualawakening #raiseyourfrequency #highvibe #awakeningsoul #soul #enlightenment #life #spirituality #mechanicsofexistence #metaphysics #higherconsciousness #conscious #metaphysical #esoteric

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We each absorb them as we become ready to receive the light codes they carry. The Event is intended to get everything back into alignment but it is up to us to ensure that feat is completed on Planet Earth as we become beacons on the net of global consciousness, awakening hand in hand.

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  1. Got here by exploring about the Central Sun. I have Mayan sign of Yellow Resonant Sun and wanted to learn more. Have found such hope in your wisdom and words.
    Highest warm regards from Rachel, UK


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