How to Unlock Your Soul Purpose: Ultimate Chapter Guide [+ Exercises & Videos]

Chapter 3

Finding Deeper Meaning

The Dark Night of the Soul usually happens right before awakening, but can also carry over into the initial stages. During the Dark Night of the Soul, the best thing you can do is try to cultivate a newfound inner awareness and focus on these three things:

Finding Meaning in Discomfort, Stagnation, and Confusion

As Eckhart Tolle describes, there is a noble purpose in suffering: “the dissolution of ego and the evolution of consciousness.”

What Tolle meant by this is that without suffering, we would not have the impetus that is needed to awaken.

Suffering literally forces you step into your soul purpose because there is no where else to go.

In fact, all this fear, doubt, and uncertainty that you’re feeling is just your soul trying to get your attention as it begins pushing you to let go of what no longer serves and to find your purpose.

Neither your Higher Self or soul will push you to fulfill your mission or awaken until you’re ready; it will wait until it knows you’re ready.

The reason that you feel so confused, unsure, and discombobulated right now is because you likely do not have a good SOUL CONNECTION.

And if you can’t “hear” your soul, you have no idea what it’s trying to tell you. If you could hear it, you would drop 98% of the things you’re doing or thinking about right now and become completely immersed in your purpose — after all, it’s why you’re here.


Remembering Your Multidimensional Self

Did you know that each of our souls created sacred contracts and intricate pre-birth blueprints that outline themes which WE wanted to accomplish in this lifetime?

We each have multiple learning objectives we wanted to achieve IN THIS LIFETIME, and your soul purpose — or sole purpose — will be the guiding force empowering you along that journey.

Your soul is an actual, immaterial level of your consciousness with its own agenda, and local “memory drive.”

It is the sum of all of the accumulated experiences of its many lives.

Your soul is vibrates at a rate higher than local you, but low enough to enable connection to physical vehicles for embodiment. 

Image: ‘The Multidimensional Self’,

Physical you sort of “reports” to your soul, and your soul answers to your Over-Soul. The Over-Soul is the level of you that a lot of people call the “Higher Self.”

Where your soul has a specific agenda and set of goals for a given incarnation, the Higher Self/Over Soul is more like the master teacher.

Even though your soul is privy to exponentially more knowledge than physical you, it is the Higher Self/Over Soul that’s the real expert. Most Over-Souls specialize in one core theme, having accumulated LOADS of knowledge in a certain niche over the eons.

For example, I’ve learned that my Over Soul is highly knowledgeable in philosophy and metaphysics, having spawned Souls which connected to physical bodies inside the Earth game including Aristotle, Socrates, and Henry David Thoreau.

Even though it’s been masqueraded as discomfort, your Soul has been subtly trying to nudge you to get started on your purpose.

Remember who you are?!” it’s yelling. “Let’s get started on our mission!“.

Why would your soul be urging you to WAKE UP?

One, because you’re ready.

Two, it feels your Over-Soul — the entity that has the greatest stake in your development and experiences — urging it to get things going.

Remember, neither of these aspects is at all separate from you — you LITERALLY are your soul and Over-Soul.

The problem that comes into play — which spurs the Dark Night — is that you haven’t quite built that SOUL CONNECTION.

To do so, you need a “Level 5” frequency. What does this mean?

Essentially, you have to be existing in your NOW MOMENT at 5th Density (the 5th Density of consciousness vibrates around 40-100 Hz) — transcending fear, embracing non-identification with form, and releasing limitation, lack, or any residual belief in separation. Beings living at fifth density are also spiritually awake.

What is “spiritual awakening?”
Awakening is the conscious recognition that you have been sleeping. When you awaken spiritually, you begin operating on a higher frequency plane of existence while maintaining connection to your Earth body. Awakening spiritually means attaining higher levels of consciousness. It offers a wider perspective of reality and a deeper understanding of your own miraculous existence. When we awaken, we begin to discard all previously-held conditioning perpetuating any degree of separation. When you are fully awake, you simply KNOW (not believe, not wonder, not think) that you know. If you want to break through and fully awaken spiritually, you have to remember that you ARE “God” — you are Source, the Creator, the One who built, coded, and constructed every aspect of reality.

When we can both awaken spiritually and to our life purpose, we become powerful stewards of the light — beacons of cosmic consciousness — as we shift into living, breathing, awakened, activated representatives of God-Source energy in the physical.

But if we remain closed off either spiritually or to our purpose, that nudging from the Soul — though it’s coming from a place of excitement and love — may manifest in your 3D world in one or several ways which I’ve coined The 5 D’s.

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