How to Unlock Your Soul Purpose: Ultimate Chapter Guide [+ Exercises & Videos]

Chapter 4

Feeling The 5 D’s

The 5 D’s of the Dark Night include: Dormancy, Dread, Disarray, Disillusionment, and Death.

Indeed, the old version or PERSONA you’ve been working so hard to prolong is dying so that a new you can emerge.

That’s exactly why it hurts so much right now.

This occurs differently for each of us. My journey was catalyzed by a renewed fascination with the paranormal which led me into a deep exploration of existence, consciousness and metaphysics.

Once you realize that there is SO MUCH MORE going on beyond what we can perceive with the five senses, new doors begin to quickly open.

I sought an expanded view of the nature of reality because my old conception of it had become too limiting, too painful. Experiencing my own suffering and seeing others around the world suffer in unimaginable ways pushed me to begin digging into topics I’d never before even gave a thought to.

But I digress. This period is about understanding who you REALLY are.

YOU are pure consciousness… formless and non-physical.

The physical world you find yourself aware within now is merely a perceptual illusion — it is a virtual reality dream world, and is not as “real” as it may seem. Part of awakening then, is separating our understanding of self from attachment to anything physical whatsoever.

Experimentation and material objects
So many of us seem to allow disappointment and self-defeating thoughts to possess us for trying 2, 3, 4, or more career paths. WHY?! Searching only becomes futile and fruitless if you turn to the accumulation of material objects in an effort to fill an empty void or to find lasting happiness; material objects are temporary and the high of acquiring them only lasts a few days, weeks or months. Once the initial fun wears off, depression will set back in. I get it — I’ve been there! This is because constantly jumping from job to job or partner to partner or buying thing after thing only delivers a short-term endorphin spike but can NEVER deliver the underlying, lasting sense of purpose and fulfillment that your Soul desires. Your soul doesn’t care about ANY material thing; it cares only about who you are being as you attain a life of true JOY, PEACE, and lasting HAPPINESS. This is only possible by doing one thing: stepping into your mission.

The best way to break through, from your Soul’s perspective, is to continue to push local you to the absolute brink.

This isn’t meant to be a negative process even though it probably feels it.

Your Soul is trying to do a couple of things.

Primarily, it’s trying to expand its consciousness through you. It’s also trying to appease the desires, wishes, and goals of your Higher Self so that it can acquire the maximum amount of knowledge… also through you.

Here’s the most important part: BOTH your Soul and Higher Self have a HIGHLY VESTED interest in (and need) YOU in order to fulfill the end goal!

There’s nothing but love from those higher levels of self — they just want to see you change the world on the scale they know you’re capable, and, if you’ve read this far, I’ve got news for you: they know you are ready.

So, how can you learn the agenda of the Soul and find the desire of your Higher Self? There’s only ONE way.

Are you ready to hear it?

Here it is…

You HAVE to go within instead of with-out.

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