How to Unlock Your Soul Purpose: Ultimate Chapter Guide [+ Exercises & Videos]

Chapter 6

Finding The 5 P’s

When enough seeking, searching and suffering has taken place, you will eventually be ready to give up the fight of pretending to be that which you are not.

You’ll almost be forced to go within and find out what it truly is that is calling you on this planet in this lifetime.

It’s in this exalted place of living in which we can allow the five P’s — Purpose, Passion, Pleasure, Power, and Presence — to pervade all that we do.

Working Toward Actualization

Your job is what occupies you, but your purpose is what actualizes you.

Ultimately, we want to merge our occupation with our actualization so that we can work on daily activities that fulfill our purpose most readily. This is not to say you can’t be in your purpose if you’re working for somebody else, but merging what you do to earn a living with what you feel called to pursue, inherently, is where FULFILLMENT will come into play.

No matter what you do, at the highest level, your highest purpose is to be a purveyor of God-Source love in the realm of the physical.

Your intention is to bring your job and purpose together into one, harmonious essence that will allow you to share your greatest gift of creative love with the world.

When you are fully living in your purpose, you will be your truest self, and you will be giving your greatest gift of artistic, healing love to the world.

It’s okay if nothing is coming to mind right away. There is NO RIGHT AGE to “figure it all out” — I’m sure I am nowhere near my final destination. Allow new levels of purpose to show themselves to you as you go.

Child prodigies
In their pre-birth planning, some souls wrote their LIFE SCRIPT so they’d find their mission very early on in life. Every once in a while, individuals come along who are so incredibly gifted, so talented in their given area, they shape a new paradigm and change the world through their gift. Examples are child prodigies who everyone knew by the time they were 16 or 17 years old. These souls are rare, and are playing “star roles” in the global movie — having been programmed to become activated in adolescence so they could make impact early on. Many of these souls display natural, God-given abilities that seem non-human. They impact RAPID and large-scale change in their arena. These individuals came here to absolutely dominate their given niche above and beyond what anyone else can do. Athletes like LeBron James and Tiger Woods, performers like Michael Jackson or Chris Brown, and physicists like Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein possess truly one-in-a-billion talents that may never be matched again. Now, if you didn’t find your “thing” from a young age (or if it’s changed several times like it does for 99.9% of people), it is OKAY! You’re allowed to try new paths in life until something sticks. You’re supposed to! Do not compare your path to a child prodigy or even a friend excelling in their area… think of life as your own individual movie.

Imagine, for a second, that there was no such thing as money, finances, rent, bills, work, or any of this other 3D crap that convolutes and pollutes your mind.

Step out of your mind completely. Now ask yourself, “what makes me happy? What does my heart love more than anything? When am I most BEING myself? What am I best at? What would allow me to make most impact and help others at scale?

Go ahead and grab a pen and paper, and fill out the following diagram.

To do this, I really want you to step out of your normal linear thinking pattern and tap into the non-linear, non-local, formless essence of who you truly are.

When you imagine your greatest and best version of WHO YOU REALLY ARE, who are you?

At the highest level, what state of being are you in when you most love yourself?

Step it down a level — what would you be thinking about in that state?

And then down to the 3D level — what would you be doing? What is your grandest service to the world? What are you best at?

Don’t rush with it. Close your eyes and really go within before answering:

After you’re done, read the bottom sentence aloud by filling in your responses. How does it sound? How do you feel reciting that?

That’s it.

If you’re having trouble filling it out:

If you aren’t yet certain or sure, that’s okay. That just means you’re one step closer to figuring it all out. Continue being patient and working with the methods outlined above and give it a bit of time. At least the wheels are spinning.

If you filled it out without any hesitation:

If you can honestly, truthfully, concisely answer these questions without a shadow of a doubt, then you’re already conscious of what you’re here to do. Now, you just have to START. The best way to start is to… well, just start being that person!


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