How to Unlock Your Soul Purpose: Ultimate Chapter Guide [+ Exercises & Videos]

Chapter 7

Living in Alignment

“The purpose of life is to create your Self anew, in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about Who You  Are. It is to announce and become, express and fulfill, experience and know your true Self.” — Neale Donald Walsch

There is only ever ONE question to ask yourself… at all times and in all scenarios — one that will, if considered deeply and often, help you live into your soul purpose EVERY MOMENT of every day.

And this question is: “and what does this have to do with the agenda of my soul?”

What does what you’re thinking, doing, and being right now have to do with the agenda of your soul?

Ask this question as much as possible before doing anything. Want to go to McDonalds? Well what does that have to do with the agenda of my soul?

Want to go on a run? What does that have to do with the agenda of my soul?

You get the idea! This question, asked consistently, will (a) help you get to know your soul much better, and (b) help you understand/remember why you’re here in physicality in this miraculous human body on Earth.

Are you here to awaken humanity? To clean up the planet? To start an organization for good? To change the way humanity imagines God? To mend a broken family? To touch the lives of thousands through your healing art? To paint, write, draw, build, architect, orchestrate, or otherwise create?

When we finally figure out what sets our soul on fire, we lift the all of humanity up a notch. When we find our greatest gift and freely, lovingly give it to the world, only then will we be in alignment with the agenda of our soul.

Consciously Creating Yourself

“Your picture of reality is your most important creation. Make it powerfully profoundly beautiful.”

How do you live into that essence, though? How can you constantly be creating yourself moment-to-moment — isn’t that exhausting?

In actuality, every act that we take is an act of self-definition. We are constantly defining and declaring what it means to be us in every second by simply being it.

When we become aware of that, we can mindfully step into that new space of conscious creation. There, we can come to realize that each now moment is a true present (presence), and that it is ours to decide what to do with.

Through the process of awakening to the truth of who we really are — by a process of self realization and a reclaiming of our sovereignty — we step into our power like NEVER before.

Then, we can come to realize we are not victims of our circumstances and that we are always creating our reality… ascending, evolving, creating, and growing with every moment.

Assume the Vibration

The final step to begin living your soul’s mission is to put yourself in the VIBRATION of having it right NOW — even if you don’t.

What would you FEEL like IF YOU WERE LIVING IN YOUR PURPOSE? What would you be thinking, saying, and doing?

Become that person, now.


If you want to be living in your soul’s mission, you have to put yourself in the VIBRATION of having it right NOW — even if you don’t.

The idea that you’ll be ready in a year, or with further certifications, education, training, or learning is a completely fabricated, time-based, egoic, man-made illusion. Do NOT ever let ANYONE else define who you are or when you can start being who you are meant to be.

We have to put ourselves in the vibration of already having what we want in order to signal to the universe that we’re the right one to receive that very ‘thing’ and that we’re ready for it NOW.

This means demonstrating that it — whatever it is — is basically already ours with our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, words, and corresponding actions.

You literally already have whatever it is you want. Say it: “I give myself permission to BE in my highest purpose, living my dream life right now.”

Because consciousness is eternal and connected, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. And since time is a perceptual illusion, you actually are all things simultaneously and you have all things available to you simultaneously.

That means you GET TO CHOOSE what you want to be in any given moment by simply being it. How?

  1. Assert your desire/wish ⇨ Write it down, think about it daily
  2. Think thoughts consistent with attaining and having it ⇨ Thoughts are things and anything that manifests in the physical realm first is born in the mental realm
  3. Act like its yours and have the attitude of having it now ⇨ Become who you’d be if you had what you want or were living the life you dream of
  4. Assume the persona of that version of you which is living that life

BE WILLING TO TAKE DECISIVE ACTION. Recognize that OPPORTUNITY will come but that it will be disguised as hardship. Be patient; give it time. With time, it will come into your reality.

How Will I Know?

When we become immersed with what we are DOING, the doing merges with our BEING.

This is purposefulness, and indeed, you are in your purpose. When your sense of time completely disappears, you have found the love frequency, the frequency of your God-Self. Lose yourself in that space whatever activity you happen to be DOING when you find that feeling.

It is only ever here that you will be in love. This is now who you are.

Believe it, and live it into every breath you take.

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