How to Unlock Your Soul Purpose: Ultimate Chapter Guide [+ Exercises & Videos]

Chapter 1

Overcoming Fear and Ego

The ego loves to make up stories and convince you that you ARE those stories.

It likes to get you to associate your sense of self with its many identifications, beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and more.

Most of all, the ego is continuously trying to take you out of your NOW MOMENT.

The ego wants you to focus on the past and the future, not the present, which is all that exists.

It wants you to forget that now is all that exists, and to start focusing on, worrying about, and remaining incessantly paranoid about the past (a collection of memories, fears, and traumas) and the future (projected thought which will never arrive).

This can cause you to assume a lower frequency than where you’re supposed to be — and, sadly, to spend precious energy you could be allocating to chasing your dreams to defending your ego.

We sometimes project this fear and doubt outwardly as excuses, justifications, or some other cover-up among a plethora of reasons why we “just can’t right now.”


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Fear is nothing more than the refusal to step into your true nature as unbridled, eternal, empowered consciousness — as a fully-actualized Creator. 《💪🏼》 . . . Pretending to cover up or curtail fear might work for a period, but it’s like dangling a piece of meat in front of a hungry tiger… eventually it will eat you alive. 《🥺》 . . . But, “we are afraid of being rejected, abandoned, or isolated, NOT of being eaten alive,” writes @brendonburchard in ‘The Motivation Manifesto.’ “In an unconditioned mind, fear is louder & more intense & immediate than our desire for #selfmastery or for contribution to others. Fear steals the drive to #ascend to our highest selves… #fear is the great usurper of progress & #personalfreedom.” Brendon continues, “if we are not genuinely expressing our full personality & pursuing our true desires, it is b/c we are choosing to act from aversion rather than #ascension.” 《💡》 . . . Additionally, if you subscribe to any variation of #simulationtheory wherein the experience is literally happening FOR you, not to you, then it’s easy to understand how NOTHING can happen to you that will ever permanently defeat you. You can prevail through anything that comes into your game b/c this game is YOURS, and you create(d) your reality. 《🗝》 ✶ follow my personal page ⇢ @mjbecker_ ♡✦ ─ · 。゚☆: *.∞ .* ☽:☆゚. ─ ♥ #selfcare #personalgrowth #fearisanillusion #thematrix #eliminatefear #chooselove #conquerlife #egomind #killyourego #saynotofear #selfgrowth #motivationquotes #spiritualquotes #selflove #motivationalquotes #ascending #selfawareness #selfconfidence #selfhelp #selfimprovement #personaldevelopment #personalcare #selftransformation #selftrust

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The ego loves to hear you make excuses because they’re proof that you’re succumbing to its insidious chatter.

Refusal to step into your passion for whatever reason just refuels your ego’s fire, keeping it feeling safe and uncompromised.

BUT… what if you legitimately don’t know what your passion actually is?

Then what do you do?

At some point, usually when we become so sick and tired of ego mind identification and equally lost, confused, or plain unsure of the meaning of our life, we are literally forced into this sort of deep and depressive state where nothing seems to make sense anymore.

Life has lost all meaning and it seems almost purposeless.

Things start losing meaning, anxiety begins setting in, and we start getting worried that we might never find something that lights a fire in our hearts (it’s OKAY — I have been there).

For many, this phase of uncertainty is a painful but necessary precursor to emergence.

This stage is called THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL.

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