Understanding Replaces Forgiveness in the Mind of the Master

Forgiveness and understanding are two peas in a pod. And deep understanding means having a higher perspective which requires that we open our mind to possibilities that transcend this material world. In this article, I explain why forgiveness is important to spiritual growth, what it means to truly forgive, and how to do it.

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Forgiveness is often regarded as a core tenant to spiritual evolution — and for good reason.

When we hold grudges, resentment, and animosity, we are not able to fully “let go” of situations that were only ever meant to teach us. We also harbor that lower-vibrational resonant frequency within our toroidal sphere, which will ultimately manifest as dis-ease within the physical body if not released.

Forgiveness is a key to our evolution, but something many of us struggle to do when deeply immersed in egoic attachment to the content of our lives.


By dwelling on the past we leave our “NOW moment,” and refocus our point of attention on something which we can not change. Remaining present and choosing a higher perspective is necessary and beneficial when dealing with difficult situations where healing is needed.

By choosing not to forgive, we remain stuck in the past, unwilling and unable to find the learning lesson which was intentionally planned at a higher level and only ever meant to help us evolve.

Without forgiveness, you choose ignorance and dis-ease

Resentment, anger, and grudges are all fear-based emotions and represent repressed aspects of self as well as energetic imbalances within.

Failing to forgive creates a literal weak spot within our consciousness.

These hiccups are created within our energy field whenever we hold dense emotions that we refuse to acknowledge, transmute, and release. In time, they can cause build up — like plaque — and set the stage for accumulation of further density.

To ignore the need to forgive is to choose ill health.

The key to forgiveness

Forgiveness can come in two forms: of ourself and others.

Self forgiveness takes both time and acceptance of the fact that we were doing our best given our circumstances.

But, what about with others? In certain situations, it’s rather difficult to just “be the bigger person” or “move on.” When we feel severely wronged — or especially when our loved ones have been mistreated by another — it feels almost impossible to simply forgive.

This is perfectly understandable, but only holds us back. True forgiveness actually has little to do with the other person.

Forgiving doesn’t mean “being okay” with obvious mistreatment… it’s about finding meaning where only fear once existed.

Forgiving does not mean condoning; it is the process of accepting that which is, and absorbing all knowledge inherent in a given situation.

— Michael

Sometimes, in extreme cases (e.g., criminal acts) where forgiveness is simply not possible, we can instead choose to understand — the one opportunity to move past the need to forgive without actually forgiving.

This is precisely why understanding replaces forgiveness in the mind of the master.


Here’s one of the most transformative understandings I’ve ever come across: everyone always acts out of love.

Everyone always acts out of love.

Love is the only energy in existence which has no opposite, yet there are many expressions of love that look like its opposite. Only a master can see they are all the same.

Understanding this is critical if you want to heal old traumas and let go of that which no longer serves.

Next time you feel wronged, ask (in your mind) of the other party involved:

“What do you love so much that you felt you had to do this to me?”

Whenever we feel taken advantage of, abused, or hurt, we must remember that love is really all there ever is.

If you examine every negative relationship from this heightened perspective, eventually, you will understand — even if you don’t agree.

Because so many people have forgotten who they really are, distortions of love appear to occur “to us” all the time, in different instances, often by individuals who are supposed to be closest to us.

Many of these individuals are still asleep, and likely contain imbalances themselves.

Part of self mastery is being able to hold space for (and unconditionally love) others despite imperfections.

What else is helpful in both forgiveness and understanding? The knowledge that we all make pre-life plans and sacred soul agreements with others to maximize our growth inside the lifetime.


As we expand our consciousness, we can come to remember that we have made complex soul contracts with everyone who impacts our life in a profound manner… especially those who hurt us.

When we begin to awaken and expand our perception of self and existence, we can remember that we had co-created experiences with other souls who agreed to challenge, test, deceive, injure, abuse, and hurt us on purpose.

We did this with intention and in order to give ourselves a chance to prove who we really were in the face of that strife.

Anyone who hurts you in any profound way is simply upholding their end of the bargain.

From this perspective, you can still choose to forgive — and this is healthy — but you don’t need to. Instead, you can begin to thank everyone for everything by embracing the fact that you planned all of the major events in your life before you came into it.

There are no victims in the universe, only creators. The Masters who have walked this planet all knew this.”

— Neale Donald Walsch

In this space, we begin to seek the knowledge embedded in the quality of experience.

The polarity of “good” vs. “bad” falls away and we can measure life, in all its manifestations, not by whether it treated us right, but by how it expanded us, tested us, and pushed us.

No problem can be solved or understood from the same level of consciousness from which it occurred.

Therefore, we can understand that perceived transgressions caused by others are opportunities in disguise to allow us the chance to choose to exercise forgiveness.

If you don’t, when you log out of this experience, you will blame only yourself for failing to capitalize on the opportunity to forgive — a lesson crucial to the ascension process.

Pain and perceived injustices caused by others are opportunities in disguise to allow us the chance to choose to exercise forgiveness.

— Michael

Even though it might initially seem a little strange, if you begin to look at your life on Earth as a game or simulation, it actually becomes easier to play.

Realize that other souls agreed to play their part within that game from a place of service to you. Every time you feel wronged, imagine that another is offering their hand to you to give you the opportunity to demonstrate who you really are!


It is not at all easy to shut off our ego, see others as one with ourselves, and have a higher perspective all in the heat of the moment.

Whenever we encounter challenges, roadblocks, or pain caused by another — whenever this opportunity generously extends its hand to us — we must strive for conscious gratitude and prove to the universe that we’re willing to find the meaning of the experience.

Nothing happens by chance in this universe… each of us has planned it all. With this understanding, we can actually subtly thank those other ones who do us wrong; we can graciously bless them for playing their scripted role so eloquently.

Without their energy, we would never grow nor have the opportunity to decide who we want to be in response to the distortion.

Remember that ALL is ONE. Everything done to you and everything you do to another, you do to yourself.

Oneness is more than an idea, it is who we really are at the deepest level… there are no others, just you, just one. Ultimate forgiveness and understanding is to forgive and understand the self.

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