COVID-19: A Planetary Cleansing & Ascension Catalyst

This post is a co-creation between Michael and Karina Krystof (@eternally_starborn) based on our research, reading, and intuitive guidance. Please take what resonates and leave the rest.

In addition to serving as a catalyst to spur many sleepers to peek behind the veil, the COVID-19 virus — now more than a year old — is silently playing an important part in our evolution as an ascending collective. Whether manufactured or organic, this planetary microbial imbalance is manifesting so that viral patterns held within the human biology can be released.

This and all major viral outbreaks represent humanity’s subconscious superseding of old DNA patterns by literally burning it out at the ancestral level. With an ascended perspective, we may actually start to embrace and understand that this is all a necessary part of our global ascension.

At a microcosmic level, for the duration of this so-called pandemic, we’re going to continue seeing patterns playing out in ourselves and the collective (including our families, loved ones, and other sects) that need to be released. With this knowledge, we can feel empowered to work with these energies rather than resist them from the unknowingness. When you start to see the cohesion and the perfection of the process, the puzzle begins to become clear.


A virus is basically a piece of code capable of copying itself and corrupting then destroying the existent data. Any virus comes to wipe outdated and corrupt programs that inorganically emerged in the matrix-system (which has has long been a virus in-and-of itself). Also understand that to COVID-19 and its creators, the awakening of consciousness among the collective is a virus — a spreading of energy which directly opposes its agenda! Our positive polarity and love-based orientation is strait up SCARING the malevolent forces which have kept this prison planet enslaved for 350,000 years. But now that is ending.

What Humanity has become so desensitized to (and now considers “normal”) has been slowly created from an inverted, diverted, and perverted reality recorded and manifested into this hologram through the will of the collective unconscious. The Planetary Grid has been long infected by Miasmas (spiritual pollutants and subtle carcinogenic energies like the lingering aura of uncleanliness from various things and actions within the material realm) including dead waste, mindless littering, deterioration of man-made constructions, ancestral karma, and disease that has altered and infected the original human DNA. 

These dis-ease patterns are energetic blockages in our body and are encoded and passed down in negative ego behaviors or flawed DNA coding sequences from generation to generation. When miasma patterns accumulate and grow larger in the collective consciousness, they take on energetic form like an archaetype or entity, and they can then manifest as energetic bodies that have some form of intelligence. 

As a conscious, alive organism, Planet Earth has been awfully sick for a while. It’s cellular structure has been damaged — the overwhelming majority of its cells (living beings) carry diseases, darkness, and distortions that further divide and multiply into more sickness.


Eventually, the inevitable and best way to correct the destructive, dead Miasm stuck within the planetary grid is to place a retro-virus Miasm into some of its sections. 


Our planet is undergoing a much needed and necessary healing, preparing to come out of the dark womb (the black hole) it’s been stuck in for eons and to join the free cosmic family. 

Corona means crown in Latin.  Corona also refers to the plasma aura that surrounds the Sun and other stars. Crowning is the term used when a baby spirals down the birth canal. Spiral is a vortex. When water is vortexed, it is structured (becoming crystalline). 

Additionally, the lungs — the area the virus affects — are parallel with the heart center. This virus marks a transition from the lower three chakras through the 4th chakra (heart) to the 5th and higher chakras. I’d bet we’ve all actually contracted the virus at some point as a part of the purge. The reason why some cannot transition is due to accumulation of miasmas in the lungs (this is where it’s all stored). When you get the virus and heal, it clears the miasma.

No matter what we think or believe, no matter how many debates we hold or whom we chose to blame, no matter whether we wear a mask or not, who the President is or any of that 3D nonsense, The Earth will continue to go though the purification process until it gets rid of cancers or rehabilitates the collective level of consciousness within its domain. Eliminating energetic waste — everything and everyone who is causing distortions in the Planetary Body and Energetic Grid — is a necessary byproduct of this planet’s ascension process. 


There are four classical elements typically referred to: Earth, water, air, and fire (that explain the nature of all energy within this realm).

We have had “The Initiation by Fire” that lasted for quite a while ending with the Australian wild fires in January 2020. 

“The Initiation of Air” began in February with the mask mandate and continued by the “I can’t breathe” rhetoric and riots in cities across the country. Of course, the Element of Air is associated with the astrological sign of the dawning Age of Aquarius.

The next to come is “The Initiation by Water” — which couldbe signified by hurricanes and floods. I also believe there will also be a mass social movement toward healthier drinking water and movements like Kangen water will explode in the conscious community. 

Overall, how you view this alleged pandemic depends on your level of consciousness.

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Some truth seekers have postulated that the abbreviation for COVID-19 is an acronym for “Chinese Originated Viral Infectious Disease” or “Certificate of Vaccination Identification by Artificial Intelligence.” 1 and 9 correspond with the 1st and 9th letters of the alphabet, respectively, “A” and “I.”

So? So, it’s not about the vaccine. It’s about the supposed certificate of ID that those who get the vaccine receive, and the ability to monitor, manipulate, surveil, censor and control that could be possible with who-knows-what in our bodies.

However, this fear-based fourth density perspective is not all that useful for ascending beings already working at 5 or 6D, and I’ll leave it there.


Earth is ascending into 5th Density. There is very little fear present within beings incarnated in 5th density reality constructs. In order for individual consciousnesses to survive the harvest, one requirement includes that it must have a low threshold of residual fear within its consciousness.

This virus is a code programmed to respond only to those with a subconscious desire to opt-out of the transition to 5D New Earth and continue their experience elsewhere. In such cases, this would have been planned pre birth or ordained by the soul.

Susceptibility: Who Should Worry?
Like any other virus, COVID-19 is a low vibration entity with a closed electromagnetic circuitry with a resonance frequency of around 5.5-20 Hz. In higher frequency planes, it is not active and from the ranges of 25.5 Hz on up, the virus dies. For a person living in a high vibration, it is no more dangerous than acute respiratory infections. If one is vibrating around the same rate of the virus, they are more likely to attract it. Low vibrations can occur due to various disturbances of our energy body (fatigue, emotional exhaustion, hypothermia, chronic diseases, fear, blocked emotion, nervous tension, etc.). Areas created artificially (hospitals, prisons, power lines, metro and public vehicles, shopping centers, offices, bars, etc.) where vibrations are lower than 20 Hz also compromise the energy body and therefore immune system.

“Even if we consider the situation from the point of view of science, it becomes clear that a person who does not increase his vibrations will soon leave the Earth plane in one way or another, and neither elevated position nor accumulated capital will help him. You can increase your vibration by working with yourself; only those who do emotional work and raise their vibration will survive.”

~ Gurey Maryam


There are still those who have problems with this transition and want to remain in the dark, those who are still pointing fingers at one another, blaming the virus,  the Democrats it Republicans, the Blacks or Whites, or Blues of Yellows, the Bill Gates’ of the world, the Chinese, or any other monster of choice.

The fact is the Earth stage we’re all operating within is running on its own script. Every generation is given a clear opportunity to awaken — for Baby Boomers it was the hippie movement in the 70s. For Millennials, it’s this present plandemic mixed with emerging equality movements across the world. If one refuses to awaken within the context of these social upheavals, one consents to remain in a third-density vibrational frequency while others will move with the planet into the diverging 5D construct — an alternate reality altogether.

Vibrate high, be love, be in joy, quickly get rid of your anger and fear, and you’ll be fine.

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