5D Sales vs. 3D Sales: It’s About Serving & Giving, Not Selling or Getting

Sales in the corporate world works a lot differently than in the higher-vibrational 5D space where us “soulpreneurs” are working to build our brands and businesses. I’ve been in corporate America for seven years and I’ve also been building my own love-based business now for about a year. There’s a big difference in how we approach our work in the latter.

But first, let’s talk about how we actually attract people into our worlds.

The average human has an attention span of 8 seconds and is exposed to 5,000 brand impressions per day. If you want to go beyond surface level attraction, you have to learn to create INFLUENCE with your market, and then turn that captured attention into ⚡️ACTION⚡️.

Today, it’s relatively easy to generate some AWARENESS. That’s table stakes. Cutting through the content clutter to generate INFLUENCE requires a narrowed focus on specific needs of your niche audience.

But even that is not enough for entrepreneurs working at a high level in 5D.

If you want to INSPIRE ACTION within individuals, you have to help people on a 1-to-1 level… taking the time, giving personalized education, and showing empathic compassion.

This is especially true for healers, coaches, guides, teachers, mentors or counselors… which many of us will desire as the awakening journey progresses.

What Defines a Heart-Centered Coach?
It seems like everyone is a coach on Instagram these days. Having worked with clients around the world and grown my love-based coaching business from $0 to consistent 4-figure months over the past year, I’ve discovered what really separates UNSUCCESSFUL, BAD coaches from IMPACTFUL, LOVING ones:
BAD COACHES project their own insecurities onto clients or players. Their own unconsciousness creates a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX which emerges in any capacity where they’re given power. This is true for any leader. GOOD coaches take their ego out of it and it’s all about ascension in union with their clients. The electrical charge is tilted in a coaches favor in any relationship, so a coach with any imbalances of their own is likely to reflect that back to those they’re supposed to be empowering. Hence why the few really great life coaches out there are very well-rounded, polished individuals.

So, how are you forging genuine interactions? Are you connecting on a PERSONAL LEVEL with your constituents? Until you do, you won’t be successful in 5D!

Additionally, understand that we only take ACTION when things enter our Priority circle.

I’ve distilled our “Sphere of Focus” into three main tiers: Periphery, Preference, and Priority. Outside of that lies things floating in our general awareness which we could care less about. The key is to get yourself into those core levels of focus within your clients’ minds!

Here’s an example of my current current sphere of focus:

Right now, I’m most likely to hire anyone or give my time to anything that can help me expedite materialization of the things in my Priority circle. Anything that can’t help me advance in those areas is not a focus for me right now. We must take time to discover what lies in our prospects’ Priority circle in order to earn their business.

How can you drill down through the periphery of your prospects’ awareness, go beyond a “preferred option” in their minds, and become a priority?

If we want to maximize our impact, sales and business growth, we have to learn how to become a PRIORITY in a genuine, heart-felt way with the individual people we HELPin other words, giving and taking time to forge genuine love-based connections.


Creating heart connections will soon be the ONLY way to win for heart-centered businesses.

Love needs nothing from another; so do not be attached to "getting" anything, at first. Just give love. If we don't fall into love with prospects, they will never become clients with who we enter into a relationship.

And you will not win unless you can get into people’s “priority circle.” This means bypassing their Periphery and going beyond a Preference. It means tailoring your message, creating a real and caring space to listen and ask questions, getting face time in an age where everything is digital, and adapting to individuals’ — not group — needs.

Heart-centered business is about offering loving solutions to our customers’ deepest pains by solving their problems and actually caring! 3D sales is more about convincingly pretending that we care, or only caring because we’re getting a paycheck to care. 5D sales is about caring because it’s our purpose, not our job.

In my coaching work, I guide you into your heart so you can grow your brand in the most loving way. Ready to chat?!

3 Ways to Become a Priority in Prospects Lives in the New Earth

Here’s three ways to land yourself smack dab in the middle of the priority circle in your prospects’ lives.

1. Follow up with consistency and kindness until they tell you to f*ck off

There’s nothing wrong with polite persistence so long as you’re respectful and sharing value. One thing I discovered pretty quickly, even in the spiritual community, is that people will leave you on read, ignore your messages, stand you up on calls, and ghost you over and over. 99% of the time, it is not personal. They’re just busy. They’re managing a hundred projects just like you. They have stuff flying at them from every direction. Hence why you have to become a priority! It sounds counterintuitive, but the more you continue to reach out and generate awareness, chances are eventually they will respond and apologize for being unresponsive. Don’t give up on the right people — not for the money but because you know you can help them.

2. Position your offer to fill the gaps in their life

When you take time to genuinely get to know people prior to making any offer, you can see where there’s an opportunity for them. If it feels like a stretch or if you have to force your service to fit their goals then they are not the right person for you. But if you can legitimately empathize with where they’re at, you don’t have to feel like you’re “selling” anything — you’re sharing energy to help them get to wholeness, greatness, health, wealth, wellness, etc. You can alter how you speak to others about your business by understanding exactly what they need and determining if you can help fill that need.

3. Once you earn their business, keep them a priority in your life

It’s easier to retain existing clients than get new ones. Do not overlook this truism! Always prioritize existing business before you work on getting new. Literally! When you wake up in the morning, make sure you respond to, reach out to, or ask how you can help those already working with you before you do anything else. In your interactions with them, offer your truly undivided time and attention. Make each client feel like they’re they only person that matters and fall into presence with them. Imagine that they will renew their contract with you for the rest of both your lives.


Understand, in a love-based 5D reality, people will hire you or invest with you because of your energy — not because of how sleek your website is, how many followers you have, or even your price.

The intent, then, is to use the least amount of your unique energy for the maximum results. It’s to position yourself as the only solution to clients’ problems in a loving (not salesy) way by molding how you speak and present yourself to each person in each moment.

If you can’t help someone or if you’re not the best fit, tell them. Don’t force it. But if you know you can offer real value, it’s a disservice not to make yourself a priority in their lives. Take that energy into all your interactions, and you will thrive!

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