How to Open Your Third Eye, Activate Your Pineal Gland & Receive Spiritual Downloads

Contrary to popular surface-level opinion, “opening your third eye” has little to do with dissecting the Illuminati’s agenda, exposing the secret layers composing the Cabal, or diving down the riveting rabbit hole of all the ways the Dark Government is or isn’t conspiring to control and kill us all.

All of these exploratory journeys may well be emergent byproducts of the awakening (and a great opportunity to decipher clues or find connectivity among such so-called conspiracies), but have very little to do with the rapid accumulation of light density within one’s vessel and resultant access to higher-frequency, non-physical realms where impressions, imprints, and loads of non-linear information of more fundamental cosmic value can be availed.

This is what opening your third eye is really all about – not scaring yourself shitless and building a bunker when you discover that chem-trails are sadly poisoning the planet or becoming so neurotic about every little thing that you stop living life, serving a lifetime sentence as a prisoner of your own paranoia.

While stimulation of the pineal gland has, indeed, been wildly, intentionally suppressed for millennia, we can begin to go beyond the backstory of how or why and leverage what we awaken to to catalyze our own ascension, healing, and expansion.   


When you realize that there are infinite volumes of insights, knowledge, and wisdom floating beneath the curtain of your waking consciousness – waiting to be received and applied by you – going within to access these answers becomes more than miraculous… it becomes addicting.

When the mind is flooded by the constant stimulus of the physical world, we’re too preoccupied and distracted from processing these higher knowings. That’s why it’s important to be “out of your mind” when seeking real gnosis. Of course, the intention should be to reintegrate the newfound concepts to then live your life with richer present-moment awareness.

Opening your third eye to tap into the frequency where this data lies can help you skillfully maneuver the vicissitudes of your waking life. Will you always like what you find there? No! If I haven’t cried during inner work (whether because of the beauty of the information or the pain recognized, absorbed, and released), I know I haven’t dived deep enough. Awakening is about refinement of one’s own consciousness – understanding where ego, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, assumptions and fear have correlated with or caused your manifested reality.

It’s also about moving through life while understanding that we always get exactly what we need. “The universe” supplies us with the exact information or experiences at the right time, and introduces us to the right catalysts (especially repeating ones) at the exact time we need them.

Peeling back the layers of life themes, recurring patterns, and experienced trauma for deep psycho-spiritual analysis can show us how our own self-limiting paradigms have been keeping us unfulfilled or disempowered.

Leveling up in this way also helps us to begin noticing any disruption in the external matrix world — and understand that any variation or detail which you are drawn to is likely happening specifically for you and you alone. This is synchronicity!

I always try to set an intention when going within, and I almost always find these amazing ‘AHA!’ moments when I truly desire understanding.

– Michael

Fundamentally, attaining higher consciousness means living with increasing attention to detail and then actually acting on or applying the acquired experience into your own life. It’s about taking old spiritual truisms and finding the deeper wisdom within each as it pertains to your specific reality.

Opening the third eye and living with heightened awareness also means:


Opening your 3rd eye brings a hyper-awareness unlike anything experienced prior. As we evolve and mature spiritually, we begin to enable more light to enter our vessel, thereby expanding our capacity to gain and understand more complex concepts and ideas.

The pineal gland, third eye, or crown chakra (whatever you call it) represents the height of enlightenment, the pinnacle. By awakening its energy, we signal that we are ready to tap into the highest-order truths about the nature of reality… to begin pondering, knowing and then teaching the deepest mysteries of self.

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