When You Know How to Listen, Everyone is the Teacher

Painful or disturbing things anyone says to you can be viewed as catalysts to awaken your awareness to some hidden aspect or unseen dimension of self where attention is warranted. No one ever says anything to us that we don’t need to hear on some level.

Though it’s tough to remain calm and thankful for hurtful words while immersed in the emotional turbulence of interpersonal energy exchange, remember that everyone is a mirror — a reflection of parts of ourselves simply expressing a single perspective to us from theirs. 

We could judge their comments as valid or not, but this tendency to want to label is not a very expansive perspective. Instead, we can ask “what unacknowledged part of myself is the universe trying to make me aware of through this person?!” 

“What unacknowledged part of myself is the Universe trying to make me aware of through this person?”

We can also consider the source — you can see where others contain unhealed trauma and emotional imbalances by how they express themselves to you — the words they choose, the intention behind those words, and the energy behind that intention. Take it ALL (the “good” and “bad”)  with a grain of salt, understanding others’ words are more often a reflection of them than you. But also understand it is ALL happening for a reason… and that there is usually a sliver of truth even in remarks which feel false or accusatory.  

I recently had two divine feminines serve this function for me: one called my energy “domineering” and another told me she hopes I can emerge from the darkness. While I personally have never considered myself overbearing or stuck in the dark, I accepted the feedback and re-examined myself. I considered how my energy could come off as authoritative and re-scanned my consciousness to identify where density still exists.

I found that I am quite direct and I do say what I mean, especially with feminines I am interested in getting to know deeper. I enjoy flirtatious chat up-front and share my desires with confidence and clarity. To another who has been through traumatic experiences with other men, I inner-stand how this energy could come off as domineering. As for the darkness: we all have darkness. Mine shone through in several unresponded-to messages “left on Seen” which triggered feelings of desperation reflecting an underlying need for attention.

I’ve taken the lessons these catalysts offered — addressing the MESSAGE contained within the communication without judging the MESSENGER. We must remain cognizant not to judge our catalysts — often other people — which only blurs the information they’re sharing and creates further karma within us.

Never get hung up on the words catalysts choose to use; find the indirect, underlying message contained within the data. Then apply it across your own consciousness.

Messages from catalysts in our lives are NEVER personal and often not easy to hear. Remember, your ENTIRE external reality is a FEEDBACK MECHANISM from which you can glean insights, new ideas, and fresh ways of seeing yourself to then adapt, adjust, heal, and grow.

As Ram Dass said, “When you know how to listen, everybody is the teacher.”

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