Achieving Self Mastery Through the Healing Journey

You are NOT broken if you’re “healing.”

The word “healing” is an overused buzzword, in any case.

Yes, in many cases we are healing wounds or actual physical disease.

However, upon awakening, the concept takes on an entirely different, more holistic meaning than before.

For an awakened being, healing becomes about gaining perspective on long-term suffering, or finding meaning where we’d previously had only lack of understanding. Healing becomes about polishing and refining one’s consciousness to better understand our own mind and heart.

Instead of continuing to reaffirm to my subconscious that I’m broken by using the term healing, I think about healing as “solving” — as figuring out, learning, opening my third eye even more widely.

“For an awakened being, healing becomes about gaining perspective on long-term suffering, or finding meaning where we’d previously had lack of understanding. It’s about polishing and refining one’s consciousness…”


Solving the mystery of myself is an intriguing process. To me, solving is about figuring out and coming to terms with what’s true, regardless of how I feel about it. it means working on finding understanding where there was only chaos before — reassembling what was once fragmented and making sense of what had been jumbled.

We’re each a multilayered puzzle. Putting those pieces together doesn’t mean they’re dismantled. It simply means they’re waiting to be made sense of by you!


“The Universe” wants to see evidence that we’ve learned through the many EXPERIENTIAL CATALYSTS it’s provided.

It’s not enough to say we get it, or to come across the epiphany in meditation. We must offer proof in the physical realm with consistent DEMONSTRATIVE ACTION, over time, to show we’ve embodied the lesson.

This will often mean passing tests which will include vices or temptations not of benefit. It may mean shifting our behavior. It could be healing a disease. In every case, we must show, definitively, over and over that we’ve actually committed to the highest level of self love before we can receive that which we actually desire.


For many of us, the healing journey is often an incredibly expansive but “longer-than-we’d-like” intensive into ourselves. I’m in the midst of figuring out a two-year mystery nerve condition right now.

We all know that ANY physical disease or illness is reflective of an underlying psycho-spiritual-emotional imbalance — but why do we need to go through trauma in the first place?

In short, severe trauma is usually planned by you (your Soul) prior to your incarnation in order to help expand its consciousness.

But, understand that what we decipher as discomfort and pain is felt simply as EXPANSIVE FRICTION from the Soul’s perspective.

I also believe physical healing — especially of mystery conditions — works like up-leveling in a video game. 

We literally trigger the release of density in our bodies by unlocking certain pieces of awareness (through insights, realizations and aha moments) about ourselves which must be brought to the surface and acted upon.

Hence why we MUST do inner work if we desire long-term healing for chronic mystery conditions which so many light-workers go through.


Suffering backs us into a proverbial corner where we’re forced to either awaken, heal, and find inherent meaning, or succumb to further punishment.

I believe Earth is literally a virtual reality, and every decision you make reflects your level of consciousness within the game. Hacking it, solving repeating life issues, and healing karmic wounds within the game is yours if you want it… but requires acquisition of gnosis by virtue of raising your frequency to tap into deeper levels of your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Consistent inner work, meditation, and more can help reveal the bigger picture, beyond just your 3D human perspective. With honest reflection on repeating life themes, your pre-rebirth plan, and previous behavior within the matrix, you can start to identify how and why certain challenges are arising in life… and how each is actually a multi-layered, multi-purpose gift for your evolution!

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