The Infinite Self Mastery Journey: Spiral of Expansion

For a conscious creator seeking enlightenment, life begins to work like an infinite, inner-and-outer, continuously-unfurling spiral of lessons, reflection, and accumulated wisdom. This ebb and flow helps enhance and expand us in our pursuit toward self mastery.

In this way, the external matrix world is like a playing field where we can apply our knowledge and catalyze new experience, while time spent in inner work is akin to homework or classroom study and allows for careful refinement of self.

The goal is allow both states-of-being — outer play and inner meditation — to spur further growth in the other.

I’ve outlined how this process works outlining five key stages of each (though there may be more or less depending on the individual):

The purpose of third density physical experience is to dance between two primary states: inner stillness and outer play. The 3D world can be viewed as an experiential feedback loop to allow us to apply, test, and reintegrate downloads, realizations, and insights discovered within.

Complete self mastery always requires deep reflection, intense, honest shadow work, and “multidimensional” understanding of catalysts. 

With knowledge of repeating life themes, emergent learning opportunities disguised as obstacles, and an observer-level awareness how you’re maturing through them, you can start to identify how and why life is unfolding for you as it is… and then start to take the reigns and manifest your experience more and more.

As you polish yourself and prepare to do battle with life each successive day, you can relax into an excited peacefulness knowing that it’s really about expansion of your consciousness above all else. Know mistakes will happen. Ensure growth results. Life is a maze; becoming aware of your own evolution becomes a continuous project of self-invention.

It’s only through a process of inner work — meditation done in solitude — that we can gain the necessary levels of heightened awareness to access epiphanies, ‘aha moments’, and revelations brought through signals, signs, and synchronicities that are happening specifically for us when we “go out into the obstacles course” that is the 3D world. Remember, these are always happening to clue us in to some aspect of self where attention is needed. Then we must integrate and incorporate the learnings as quickly as possible as the catalysts often occur in rapid succession the higher we raise our frequency.


Life is hard when we refuse to allow these cycles to play. Only when we face your shadow do we emerge from the darkness and ascend beyond suffering.

It is easy to get sucked into the abyss where those low vibes thrive — and once the darkness gets you, emotions compound and it becomes hard to emerge the longer you remain there. Synchronicities seem to stop and we become blind to the signposts. But it’s easy to choose to heal, at the same time… all we have to to is let go and keep seeking knowledge.

It’s through the continuous acquisition of knowledge that soul wisdom is gained, and through soul wisdom that we eventually ascend beyond the need for physical embodiment.

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