The Origin & Function of Non-Source Players

Dolores Cannon popularized the idea of backdrop people as ‘extras’ within the matrix. I find the concept highly intriguing and worthy of exploration from an ascended perspective. If you’re easily offended, don’t read on. I should preface by also mentioning that it’s to your benefit to always treat everyone as you’d want to be treated, with love and kindness.

I don’t necessarily like to think of Earth as a PRISON PLANET as some call it, but I do believe many filters were created and inserted into the Earth game which is riddled with paradoxes and perceptual illusions — the foremost of which being that not all people are, well, people.

These hidden and unseen components of self-deception and trickery play on our conditioned assumptions about what is ‘real’, what’s true, and what’s possible. We take the game a whole lot more seriously when we make the mistake of believing that everyone is real. Let’s dig in.


Most of the characters running around the Earth stage are merely holograms. I know this is a major red pill (and therefore an opinion that some may initially find offensive) but the truth is that not all humans are infused with self-aware Source consciousness.

Non-Source players (RED CELLS, NPCS, BACKDROP PEOPLE, FILLERS) are ‘fake people’ — matrix holograms which populate and infiltrate certain physical reality constructs with a high degree of difficulty, like Earth.

NPCs don’t actually have a player controller directing them from outside the construct — instead, I believe these advanced AI robots are hooked up into the demiurgic mind, which is AI (archontic inversion)

Their biological machines look, sound, and act organic but they are actually hyper-advanced AI ROBOTS running on scripts. The flesh and bones are ‘real’ so to speak — the bodies are operational — but the energy imbuing these beings is not ‘hooked’ into Source the way a Character Player’s consciousness is.

Non-Source Players are like puppets who run on extremely complex code that makes them essentially indistinguishable from game players.

Suddenly the question of “what’s wrong with people on this planet?” becomes a lot more understandable when you consider the possibility that the stage is populated by mostly bots instead of actual conscious souls.

My personal philosophy: I feel that no one else on this entire planet may be real aside from me — I am quite literally the Creator of this entire experience and I am alone inside of my VR. This means all other beings are my creation. I carefully constructed and inserted all of them into my personal play in order to serve me. This self-centric cosmology may come off as egoic to some, but I take truisms like “You are not separate from God” and “I am” quite literally.


Soulless ones mostly lack empathy and are immune to knowledge or information regarding awakening-related topics. They do not awaken spiritually because they do not possess the proper programming to do so. They may also embody FALSE LIGHT where it appears as though they are a lightworker but actually have nefarious intentions.

NPCs are coded to question things that are ‘out of the norm’. They become triggered, agitated or angered because you are GLITCHING THE MATRIX when you disrupt the script. You will be able to detect whether another is a Source player or not simply by their energy and how comfortable you feel around them. You can also tell by the eyes — the eyes never lie.

NPCs are also likely to engage in more materialistic or superficial things and conversations. They’re likely to pose resistance to Source players about spiritual topics; they’ll question our choices (e.g., food, lifestyle, etc) and our path in order to challenge our resolve, self-assuredness and self-confidence in our commitment to the path of enlightenment (which includes many alternative ways of living).

Many advanced Source players decide to plan life scripts where they are surrounded by NPCs in order to turn up the heat of their game for more intense experiences in separation. NPCs will embody aspects of separation consciousness while player characters will skew towards unity.

All Source players must come into this game through the womb of their Source player mother. If you are a Source player, then so is your Mom. Many Source players choose to enter into lifetimes where their father is not a Source player. Most Source players are still asleep and most will not awaken. Source players are outnumbered at a grand scale — most of the people on planet Earth right now are simply projections.


We chose incarnations in a realm like Earth which we knew contained mostly NPCs because we knew doing so would create a vividness and intensity unlike anything else in the Universe. Here are 3 ways NPCs benefit us and the system at large.


This duality matrix is sustained by energy, specifically by Source players’ negative emotions. One argument for the presence of Non-Source Players is that they actually propel the continuation of the matrix by inciting game players, evoking emotions, and getting them to react — playing on the unconsciousness within them. By triggering game players then sucking the resultant energy like leeches, NPCs extract chi or life force energy to then feed their negative prerogative.


If this reality is a MULTI-PLAYER SHARED GAMEBOARD, then we’ve all casted other players and written them into our play — some white cells and some red cells. If the 5,000:1 ratio is correct, then we (all 1,600,000 of us) came into this game and wanted it to seem so real that we wiped our memory and gave ourselves billions of other bodies to play their parts all around the globe.

Global catastrophes, mass human rights violations, and tragic events all become a lot more digestible when you consider the fact that they’re not real or being played out by soulless beings including potentially both the perpetrator and victim.

Most of these events are played out according to a SCHEDULE and SCRIPT by actors who are literally are made-up characters playing their part all to benefit you.

Well-known NPCs in positions of power (e.g., Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Janet Yellen, George Soros, major political figures/leaders, etc) or cultural influence (Travis Scott, Madonna, etc) often reinforce collective belief systems and perpetuate negative polarity proportionate to the scale at which it still exists in the collective consciousness of player characters.

Hologram projects image of the Left | World | The Times


I believe NPCs were created when this realm was conceived so that game players could have the ultimate learning experience. The main purpose of backdrop people would be to allow game players to learn by a process of self-reflection. Without a mirror to see oneself, one can not engage in formative self-learning journeys. When game players believe that every person is just as real as they are, they take the game a whole lot more seriously.

Again, how would perception of certain instances change if you suddenly found out that the beings committing the atrocities or falling victim to them weren’t actually real?


My assumption is that Non-Source Players essentially dissipate from the EARTH THEATRE upon their exit from the stage. If a DIMENSIONAL DIVIDE occurs at some point whereby the 5th density construct splits off from the 3rd density realm, NPCs will not be going and your memory of any who were formerly a part of your life would be wiped.

Some also believe that everyone has a soul, but that certain individuals are simply further along their journey than others. Old Souls are more mature while newer souls are still in the earlier stages of spiritual development. From this perspective, young souls are simply not as evolved as older ones and this accounts for their lack of empathy plus their interest in materialism opposed to spirituality.

I recommend obtaining a Source self pendulum to confirm all information for yourself. If you want to dive deeper into this topic, I highly recommend checking out Judy at Quartz Crystal on YouTube. I’ll be updating this post with new information, imagery and content as it comes into my awareness.

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