The Energetics of Self Love


The human torus is designed to be a self-generating, self-sustaining, self-correcting CLOSED LOOP CIRCUIT. It (your consciousness) is intended to run totally autonomously within-and-of-itself, completely independent of outside forces.

From an energetic perspective, self love actually means HOMEOSTATIC ENERGETIC AUTONOMY.

The heart center is an eternal engine of sorts that continuously emits LOVE ENERGY into the system. You are always being supplied and sustained with the necessary energy for the highest levels of contentment, joy and peace from the seat of your consciousness, your heart.

Your torus must be able to host a clean, strong flow of that love energy for reuse.

Over time, trauma can create the equivalent of little cracks in the filament which composes the flowing array of photons that constitutes your consciousness.

We all have these to some extent.

Our field can become weakened by numerous things – chronic debilitating beliefs, long-held assumptions about life, pain from the past, an inability to nourish oneself with love, and more.

As time goes on and those holes remain unrepaired, the love energy being pumped out through the heart escapes through them (or is lost through the bottom of our torus).

A consciousness who does not recognize the root cause of those puncture wounds risks them growing into gaping holes through which it begins bleeding energy (manifested as that person seeking love externally). In its place, density comes rushing inward like a virus attacking a cell, polluting and diluting the healthy flow of energy.

To varying degrees (and unknowingly), it is from this place than most people “look for love.”

A toxic self-deprecating cycle of DESPERATION DEPLETION DEPRESSION emerges and we forget how to give sustenance to ourselves in ongoing solitude.

Intertwining our unhealed energy body with another introduces complications to the entire system if the underlying intention in that seeking stems from a place of incompleteness, lack, or fear.

When we begin a new relationship having sought that union from a place of SCARCITY CONSCIOUSNESS, for instance, we enable the creation of a dangerous secondary circuit that is not linked via the heart but rather through those puncture holes in the toroidal field.

When we do inevitably attract a partner, the fourth D begins to set in – DEPENDENCY. Then, our unhealed aspect will “connect” with our partner’s as we feed and fuel one another’s imbalances. Love may be still present in the relationship but if both parties are unaware of the issues at play, the bond will likely be eroded over time.

The goal for each of us is to rid ourselves of existing density and patch up the holes so that our own inherent love energy can again flow to and from the heart center unimpeded. This is only possible by awakening more deeply… by pursuing enlightenment.

There are three paradigms I’ve discovered to radically shift your perspective from outward-to-inward, from seeking externally to sulking in your own self love:

1. Imagine there is no world out there.

Could it be possible that what seems like a very real world “out there” is just a projection? I believe that my torus is a 360-degree, interactive, highly-responsive panoramic theatre… that there is no one and no world external to myself (only the illusion of it).

So, seeking or needing anything from the movie screen, from the matrix, is to disempower myself. When loneliness pokes me, I feel it, absorb it, and remind myself that I am fully self-sufficient, capable, and strapped into an exhilarating self-designed, self-regulated ride. I am all that I have, and I love that.


2. Remind yourself of who you help (and of your worth).

Nothing can ever replace or surpass the feeling I get when I help someone else heal or realize something profound. There is no greater high for me than activating others (and therefore myself). I’m able to tap into self love each time I feel others benefitting from my energy.

In one sense, we do need others as a mirror to allow ourselves to see the impact we are capable of creating. We can leverage other players’ energy as an indication of how we’re doing on our journey.

Next time you’re feeling in lack, go into meditation and feel into your unique energetic signature. That essence is a one-in-8-billion reminder of just how incredible you are. Take that momentum, go create something, and get into flow state. Purpose-driven creation is love, and there is nothing that will ever replace the high you get in that energy.

3. Either meditate/sleep or stay busy – avoid downtime.

Either remain active or turn off the body and go into neutrality within. Too much time spent in your head during waking consciousness will almost certainly result in anxiety, loneliness and negative paranoid fantasies. Stop those narratives and the egoic mental chatter which accompanies them by remaining occupied with passion-driven projects.

While some daydreaming is okay, you want to avoid long lulls of inactivity… that’s when the density and doubt is likely to set in.

Aim to fill your days with meaningful passion projects and healing exercises. Don’t allow time for self-defeating thoughts to simmer. When in meditation, remind yourself that you’re totally taken care of and open up to receive downloads. Let the revelations and insights soothe your soul in a way only they can.


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