Dissecting The Lack Issue in The new age Community

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Without passing judgment, I’ve merely observed a perpetual and overwhelming lack of ‘abundance’ among the new age community… despite proclamations and affirmations of success, wealth, and money mindset.

Why is that? Why do so many spiritual people have an abysmal money mindset and resultant lack of money to use, transmute, and enjoy?

There’s a couple reasons I’ve become keenly aware of to briefly share:

First, it’s actually a frequency issue. Upon awakening, many highly intellectual and intuitive individuals propel themselves into a stratosphere way beyond the vibrational plane where money flows, making it much more difficult to cross the chasm and attract it.

You have to understand, money itself (a fundamentally neutral human construct) exists on a certain frequency – for the sake of argument, let’s say that money, a 3D energy stream, vibrates at a rate of 20 Hz.

If you’re existing in 5D and spend your time consuming information about the nature of reality, consciousness, and creational dynamics – knowledge that vibrates at, say, 80 Hz – you’re not even going to be near the frequency at which wealth attraction can occur.

So, while you may be more evolved and much more ‘tapped in’ than some materialistic cash-obsessed douchebag, the douchebag will, unfortunately, and in this current system, outperform and outearn you every time.

It’s backwards, it really is.

And it’s unfortunate that the Universe doesn’t drop funds into our account based on how high we raise our frequency, or how many good deeds we do, or how many secrets of the simulation we unlock in meditation. Or so it seems.

I’ll get to that more in a second.

But look, if you spend all your time smoking weed or laying around reading books about Law of Attraction while someone else – even someone who isn’t awakened – is spending that time learning entrepreneurship and opening up income streams through which money can flow inward, you can’t be surprised when they blow past you in amassing wealth and abundance.

Secondly, money just seems unimportant to a lot of higher vibrational beings. As long as they have just enough, they seem to be satisfied.

In some cases, they’ve actually normalized lack, and then subconsciously labeled that lack as abundance or at least comfort.

They’d rather be poor and remain on the periphery of the matrix system than to go into the system, learn how it works, and then play the game of business. Again, I pass no judgment on either stance – I’ve experimented with both, and there are benefits to both.

Still, I believe that underneath the apathy and this passive approach to money is non-beneficial beliefs about what money is, a fear of losing money, or a fear of abandoning their spiritual principles by reshifting focus on something that feels unimportant, sticky and fake.

This is where the starving artist complex comes into play.

As my Crypto Advisor Nicholas puts it, a lot of the spiritual community “has massive money blocks because they feel that money is the root of all evil. Many seekers cripple themselves by repelling money with negative beliefs about it. They feel the material is to be diminished because they hate our materially-obsessed culture.”

But you shoot yourself in the foot when you make the mistake of believing that material equals bad and that since money appears to be material, then it’s bad to focus on accumulating money. Any time we succumb to fear-based programming around money, we subconsciously create scenarios which will deprive us of it.

When we hold negative beliefs about money, we commit self deprivation. If you aren’t actively learning about, using, and accumulating money, you will, at some point, be forced to fight an uphill battle that will take years to fix.

My disinterest in finances and money during the first few years of my awakening came back to bite me in the butt as I reintegrated and realized I wanted to play the game of business. I wanted credit, and I had none. I wanted cash reserves to play with, and had none. I wanted financial literacy, and had to take time to get it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your level of consciousness determined how much money was in your bank account? It actually seems like that should be how it works- if the point of life is to expand your consciousness and raise your frequency, shouldn’t the simulation have been built to reward the people who take the time to do the inner work and raise their frequency? The higher your vibe, the more money the simulation deposits into your account. Boy, if it were only that way. That would almost instantaneously create world peace. But that’s not the world we seem to live in, is it?

Perhaps one day.

But for now, we have to get over our reservations about money, we have to be willing to descend ever so slightly so it can be within our grasp, and we must learn how the game is played so that we can win it and forever focus on our spiritual purpose.

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