TIME TO Bet BIG On Yourself

At any decision point of significance, there are always two diametrically-opposing forces at play: the desire to change one’s circumstances versus acceptance of the way things are. The latter often feels comfortable but ultimately is empowered by fear of the unknown. Until the former is of a greater magnitude than the charge energizing the fear, nothing will change about your reality.

Only when your desire to change your circumstances outweighs the charge associated with your fear, skepticism or stagnancy will you ever drastically shift your reality.

I find that taking drastic action seems scary until you’ve tried it, then it becomes addicting from there on out.

If you haven’t yet, at some point in your life, you will be faced with a choice where everything hangs in the balance – where you can see just over the horizon and what you see excites you beyond belief.

But to get there will require you to GIVE and GIVE UP what hasn’t been working. It’ll require you to offer your all, to go ALL IN, to invest – time, money, and energy.

The extent to which you’re willing to risk it all directly impacts the probability of achieving the goal.

The determining factor in success, at this point, is how committed you are to fulfilling the promise you make to yourself.

It’s about winning that bet you placed on yourself.

You’re meant to own your world, not just participate in it.

If you’re worried you don’t have the knowledge you’ll need, you’re just not accounting for the delta between where you are vs. where you’ll be.

Trust your future self to figure it out.

So, if I’m going to bet on myself, I bet big.

I took my inheritance left from my grandparents and invested in a done-for-you Amazon store. Why? Why didn’t I leave that $30,000 gift in the bank to grow? Because, my goal isn’t to retire. It’s to generate enough cash flow as soon as possible to replace the need for my day job. Period. So, I gambled with the chips I had in my hand for the reality I desire in lieu of waiting for a future I did not.

The difference between those who succeed big and those who don’t isn’t necessarily skill, knowledge or character. Sometimes, it just comes down to how willing you are to use the hand you have to your advantage, to bet on yourself, and go all in.

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