generation of acceptance & Freedom of Expression

We’ve seen a mounting cultural and generational movement evolve over the last decade around radical acceptance.

It’s like a 60s revival – only instead of free love, it’s free expression and embrace.

Of course there’s still pockets and people full of ignorance and hate. But they’re fewer and farther between.

Viewed from both an ascended and optimistic POV, it’s actually quite encouraging to observe how much more accepting humanity is becoming of previously shunned segments and sects of people.

This shift is, without a doubt, a key aspect of the mass awakening of consciousness happening on the planet.

What’s happening beneath the surface is that Oneness is starting to go from a figurative ideal held by some to a dominant value being subtly implemented at scale. Acceptance is becoming the norm.

Our Gen X and Gen Z have a lot to do with it.

Both generations contain an influx of lightworkers, rainbow children and old souls to whom equality, oneness, and unconditional acceptance is self-evident and obvious.

The dream that MLK gave his life for is being realized, I think, I hope, as the world awakens.

It’s easy to scoff at those stuck in deep unconsciousness who continue to perpetuate anything less than total unity and absolute acceptance of all people.

To me, and to you, it’s ridiculous that anyone would be treated differently than others due to any characteristic.

But we must have patience and therefore acceptance of those who are not so quick to embody ‘All is One,’ lest we become just like them.

Deconditioning of long-held beliefs is obviously difficult and most baby boomers or older people stuck in their ways have been there so long they’re nowhere near being even willing to try to change.

Our role – your role – is to drop nuggets. To purvey truth. To embody love wherever you go. To speak up. To dispel stereotypes and disintegrate negative archetypes by shining a light on that darkness.

As indoctrinated individuals/generations start to slowly become phased out of the workforce, positions of power, and the planet over the next couple decades, things are going to start looking different pretty quickly once the hundredth monkey effect hits and the majority of the population is semi-conscious.

Despite narratives of negativity and timelines of tribulations that are apparent from some angles, I’m encouraged by this observation.

I’m encouraged to see and feel greater levels of love radiating from most of my Millennial cohorts toward others of our same species – indeed of the same source of consciousness – as them.

That is a blessing worth celebrating… and spreading.

Yours in service,


2 responses to “generation of acceptance & Freedom of Expression”

  1. Ugh I needed this empowerment so badly right now!! Thank you so much for the positive message for humanity, we needed it ❤ I’ve been having more anxiety and fear come up lately more than ever, I know the strong ones are definitely being tested super hard and also I know I’m on the verge of expanding my consciousness even deeper!! Thanks for all you do!!!!Ash

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    1. You got this, Ash. When anxiety comes up, where is it stemming from? If the source is outside of yourself, remind yourself that there’s a lot of turbulence out on the global movie screen right now. I look at it as a mass purging. Try not to take on the energy of the general populous which is becoming more positive but is still largely fear-based. If it’s due to personal tests and catalysts, look at it the same way – a process of evolution. I have a tattoo: “each level demands a new you.” Anxiety and fear are just a byproduct of your conscious evolution into higher frequency bands. Hit me if you’d like to chat more! Much love!


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