Financial Freedom, Risk & Reward, & Winning the Matrix

If you subscribe, as I do, to the most literal interpretation of those basic spiritual mantras of “I am always protected,” “I always have enough,” and “I am infinitely abundant,” then it benefits you to be much more ‘risk tolerant’ than ‘risk averse’ in this modern economy fueled by access, connectivity, and more money-making opportunities than ever.

So that’s what today’s message is about: cultivating a willingness to take calculated risks with potential for favorable payoff(s).

I do not believe the world is out to get me in the way I did when I first woke up and sought to “escape” the matrix.

I also have developed a love, even an obsession, for money (versus a more grotesque attitude which set in shortly after my awakening) by viewing it for what it is: a neutral tool that wants to be with people who will honor it, multiply it, and alchemize it for positivity.

While the matrix is littered with lies, deception, and tests, the answer is not to escape it — it’s to learn how the system works, to attain financial literacy from real teachers, then to uncover shortcuts, circumvent roadblocks, and reverse old programming so you can turn the odds of success in your favor.

It’s about playing the game, not ejecting yourself from it.

And that means learning why cashflow is king, how and where to invest, and the importance of erecting as many passive income streams as possible.

It means choosing to view the world as ripe with riches, too.

It means recognizing that 99.9% of people aren’t out to get you as much as to just take care of their own at the expense of all else.

I look at people as resources. Some people can help me in my game, some not so much.

I’ve found that accessing, meeting, and ultimately ‘using’ the right people is the key to ascending within the matrix.

You have to be cautious with who you listen to, but you don’t get very far if you trust no one and no thing.

To that point, skeptics who see only scams will forever stay stagnant.

They rarely act, rarely lose, but pay for it by working until they’re 65.

The New Rich find exhilaration in radical action and take contained risks.

They build networks, hire and pay others for information, move and move on quickly.

They don’t always win the battle, but their persistence eventually ensures they’ll win the war for their own independence.

They’re constantly looking for that one big winner and they know that it only takes one momentous victory, one right decision, to offset all the losses.

They know winning is just a matter of playing the game long enough to hit the jackpot — whereas those who never act, never make the investment, never run with the business idea… they have a 0% chance of winning.

While you inherently have a better chance of losing if you take action, it’s also the only way to win.

I’m constantly on the outlook for anything that offers potential for outsized returns where I put in 10 units and get 100 back, or 1,000 back.

That said, I’ve gravitated toward the following types of opportunities:

I’ve taken hits with most of these. I just closed my Airbnb. My Amazon store is currently suspended. Kangen sales have been stale for over two years.

It’s not always going to be sunshines and rainbows.

But I trust in my macro mindset, my precious plan, and my amazing ability to pivot.

Every multimillionaire knows that taking L’s is a prerequisite and byproduct of eventually striking gold.

Financial freedom just requires making enough smart chess moves that stack up atop one another, and staying in the game long enough to let it happen.

That means avoiding ruinous risk.

Anything that could wipe you out is not worth it.

Stay away from most high reward, higher risk. Entertain some high risk, high reward. Take most low risk, low investment, guaranteed reward and use them as a stepping stone.

Once I realized we’re in a real-life Monopoly game, it became fun to start playing.

Now I thrive on and even crave the excitement of moving my pieces around the chess board.

Once you start to gain a levered position with your assets, you simply keep playing, keep acquiring favorable positions, and keep waking up every day with a heart full of gratitude for having used the hand you were dealt to the best of your ability.

Freedom is just a matter of time given the variables of: the right knowledge, the right people, and the right assets in your pocket.

Once those three are aligned and working for you, you can look out the window, smile, and just say “King me” — every day for the rest of your life.

Yours in service,


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