Fairness, Privilege, & Life Scripts

We do not all start on a level playing field.

Figuratively speaking, the Universe births some people on third base while others have to stumble for years just to get to first.

As the adage goes, life is not fair.

But that perspective leaves me hanging, reaching for something to soothe the sourness of such a harsh reality…

So I might propose a follow up that goes like this:

Life’s not fair, but fair is no fun. And it’s certainly not formative.

With struggle and adversity comes a wealth of experiential knowledge.

The hero’s journey requires and produces a certain earned grit that people born into vast riches or generational dynasties will never know, or at least never be forced to know under any high-pressure circumstances.

No, only the real ones choose to take on real shit — unfair shit, as it were.

Fair is no fun.

Behind fair — and by fair, I mean fortune in this case — is often a facade. Nothing against beneficiaries of any inheritance; more power to them.

But they didn’t bleed building those assets, they walked into a winning lottery ticket all punched and prepared for them.

Luckily though, fortune — monetary resources — isn’t the only dimension or indicator or factor of success.

It’s not even the most advantageous, in my view. More on that in a second.

There’s also an inverse relationship between the maturity or capability of one’s soul and the degree of difficulty of their life script.

Put another way, the higher your level of consciousness — the older your soul — the more difficult your circumstances will likely be.

Mature souls don’t want to incarnate into a situation where everything’s just handed to them on a silver platter.

Why would they?

Ironically, those scripts — the relatively easy ones — are usually taken by newer souls who don’t yet possess the spiritual skill, creative tact, or material resourcefulness to ascend out of an “unfair” situation from the jump.

Old souls take hard scripts. New souls take easy scripts. Being at a disadvantage, in whatever facet, allows for much deeper and more intense growth.

The more humble your beginnings, the more vast your upside potential.

While social class is certainly one competitive advantage that predisposes someone to winning, it’s not the only one. You also have assets like:

Most of these things are not black and white — there’s shades of gray and they’re measured on a continuum, not a simple “yes, I have it” or “no, I don’t.”

And, abundance can be activated by firstly unlocking any facet of even one of these other assets.

Money, then, is more like a byproduct of refining these things; not the cause or gatekeeper of them.

More than money, an awakened mind is the most valuable asset toward illuminating previously unavailable timelines for game players.

Still, we have to acknowledge that some people are just blessed with God-given advantages that predispose them to easier achievement of extreme outcomes.

If you have 1-in-a-billion singing skills, you’re essentially destined for stardom. Enough exposure and enough singing, and it’s going to pop.

If you have a top one percentile IQ, you’re likely going to discover some huge breakthrough or invent some groundbreaking technology.

If you’re a superb actor and look like a model, you’re going to Hollywood.

But most of us embody none of the extremes.

98% land somewhere near the middle with a little more of this and a little less of that.

There are a lot of variables that impact life trajectory, certainly, and it’s difficult to try to understand how each works on an individual person.

But luckily, I’ve found that the Universe tends to bend in favor of those who boldly choose to continually pursue growth — something we can all choose to do. I’ve also discovered that the choice to pursue one’s own awakening is a catch-all equalizer that will eventually serve as a launching pad leading to the attraction of anything and everything good that you could possibly imagine.

Those who’ve been sitting atop ivory towers their whole life have zero impetus to awaken.

But for those who’ve faced severe disadvantages, injustices, unfairness, obstacles, and setbacks, it gets to a point where awakening becomes the only option.

And the pursuit of knowledge mixed with application of it (within the context of awakening) will inevitably result in success if chiseled at for long enough.

In wrapping up, there’s a few other tidbits that are incredibly important to recognize when thinking about these ideas.

  1. Comparison to others is futile. Earth is a shared stage, but we’re all playing totally different games for completely different reasons in alignment with the agenda of our individual souls.
  2. Judgment of self or others makes no sense when you accept that each of our circumstances are literally curated and chosen by our soul pre-birth based on its specific learning objectives for the lifetime.
  3. Born into the shoes of anyone else, you’d make very similar decisions as they’ve made and be in a similar position in life as them. Context, environment, and script play a hugely underrated role in where we find ourselves in the first half of life.

The point I’ve been getting at is that there are no victims in this Universe we currently inhabit.

In some ways, and to a degree, you are at the mercy of the situation you chose to be born into.

Yet through the power of consciousness and the potential inherent in continually pushing toward higher pinnacles, you will unlock higher timelines, new opportunities, and exponentially more rewarding experiences inside of the matrix.

Regardless of where you started the game, that’s the continual and undying goal.

It’s not about where you start; it’s not about where you are now; it’s about where you want to be, then consciously aligning the puzzle pieces over the course of time to create your desired reality.

Yours in service,


2 responses to “Fairness, Privilege, & Life Scripts”

  1. Absolutely necessary conversation! Definitely makes me relax and be the observer and not the “doer” of my life, only expanding thru knowledge from the heart and letting go of control has been the theme lately! Such a difficult balance that not a lot of people talk about! 

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  2. I understand all of this. But, I flip flop between all of us being here for different reasons and this Mass Awakening happening now. Isn’t this point in time different? Aren’t we at the end of the Yuga and everyone will have a similar/shared experience. If so, how does this play into all of our journeys being separate. Is the reality more like, “yes – all of you are going to be here for different reasons having different experiences, however in this collective timeline this is going to happen……. the end of the 26,0000 year cycle and birth of the Golden Age.” ??


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