Why Attention and Trust are Your Most Valuable Resources in 2023

Time, money, and information are all invaluable ingredients if you want to create something great.

But none of them is your most valuable resource. 

In the digital economy, attention is the new silver and trust is the new gold.

In the new economy, #attention is the new silver and #trust the new gold, writes @gnosisbymichael

If you can capture and keep attention by harnessing and framing information, time will work for you and money becomes a lagging a byproduct. 

Money and time are both imaginary, information is relative, and attention is fleeting.

But trust, much like love, is a goldmine that’s all yours once you earn it (and will remain yours unless abused).

Trust — of an audience, from a partner, even within yourself — is like a tree that grows bigger as you water it and let it do its thing unencumbered.

So, metaphors aside, what can you do with these concepts?

You can start realigning said variables to your benefit.

And while you’re at it, you can flip antiquated models that have told you to optimize for returns and revenues upside down.

Savvy creators are using information to continuously create surpluses of free value which inevitably attracts attention and eventually generates incredibly high levels of trust.

And in the online ecosystem, trust compounds faster than money.

Trust + attention = authority and influence

Wielded properly, that’s how you scale your impact.

Then you figure out how to use those other variables — money, time, and information — as chess pieces in your long-term scheme.

If you want to scale anything sustainably, optimize for attention and trust above all.

Your 10-years-from-now self will thank you.

And the people who rely on you, follow you, and look to you as a leader will thank you, too. 

Yours in service,


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