The Energetics of High Status (5 Ways to be More Respected)

Our world works as a status meritocracy (regardless of what we may want to believe).

Earth is still ruled by roles.

This game called life is one wholly dictated by perceptions, assumptions, and implications — implications of superiority, of mastery, of ownership, of dominance.

To “get anywhere” in life, you have to demonstrate some degree of dominance.

To pretend otherwise is to delude ourselves and to resist what is.

Dominance doesn’t have to be bad.

You can dominate your world in very benevolent ways.

And we all want to be — or feel — highly respected.

Respect is simply the result of some semblance of status.

Status and mass respect, by the way, are not things that one has to attain by virtue of stepping over others.

Quite the opposite; in the New Earth, they’re a byproduct of uplifting and empowering others.

A fully-conscious society is less impressed by flashy feathers but instead by degree of wisdom and extent of impact.

Respect of others and status in the world can also be attained by refinement of one’s disposition — and by using social engineering techniques that let one control the energy of individual conversations, maintain the power balance among groups, and embody a tremendous depth of EI by picking one’s battles, humbly handling one’s business, and more than anything else by treating others with respect.

That said, here’s five sly and strategic ways to become more highly-respected within the world.

1. Articulate your thoughts for impact

The goal should always be to compact as much high-potency insight as possible every time you speak.

And when you speak, make sure you’re enunciating from the chest, the heart chakra — not from the throat. You want to think of the throat chakra as tunnel through which a stream of controlled consciousness coming straight from the heart center passes; not as the seed of your verbal energy.

You also want to remain reserved and quiet unless and until you have something of value to add.

A lot of people speak to fill the space; they may think this makes them seem smart, but it really signals a lack of self confidence.

Only talk if you have something worthy to say.

2. Become More Unreachable

High-status people are energetically-selective.

Your attention is your most valuable resource.

Every time you give it out, with every acknowledgement, you hand over your energy… you share a portion of yourself… you consent… you invest.

So, it’s time to keep it clean and compact, therefore adding more value to the people and places you do decide to entertain. They become very important.

Give your time and attention sparingly.

And stop giving it at all in spheres where it’s unreciprocated or unappreciated; doing so devalues your worth both internally and externally.

3. Take a Stance; Don’t Have an Opinion

It’s time to start speaking your unabashed truth.

Anyone can have an opinion, but very few are willing to take a stance.

What are you willing to stand by, to proclaim and shout from the mountaintops?

So much of how other perceive us is based not on what we say, but how we say it.

If you say something confidently and you act like you know what you’re talking about, people will believe you more often than not.

That’s not to say that making things up is a strategy to success. When you can, you should always present evidence-based insight and provide proof that dissipates doubt and makes debate difficult.

Claims hold more weight than opinions.

When you make a claim, people might not like or agree with you (especially if it offends their sensibilities), but they will respect you if you as long as you paint that picture confidently.

4. Maintain Leverage & Have Other Choices

Fundamentally, those with choices will always retain more power than those without.

Leverage lets you say no to stuff.

In my opinion, the wealthiest people in the world aren’t respected because of all the things they can do, but for the staggering amount of stuff they can afford to say no to.

If you have unlimited choice, then the thing you do choose, by default, holds a ton of value.

Manufacture situations whereby you can maximize the choices available to you. Always have more than one chess move.

The matrix is built to back you into a corner. If you let it, it will stifle you. No leverage means no choice which means no power.

So, find leverage, have choices, and build power.

5. Be Willing to Die in Defense of Your Truth

One of my favorite quotes says that “if we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.”

I think to live in full self-respect, you have to be willing to “die” in defense of your truth.

Now, I don’t necessarily mean dying physically. I want to live above all else; the sanctity of life is the most respectable thing I can think of. I’d fight to maintain my life against almost all moral or material dilemmas.

But you can die to people, to old versions of self, and to outdated ideals.

At some point, you will have to. You’ll be faced with the option of maintaining old ties or choosing yourself — which may mean letting go, losing, or moving on.

You must always chose your truth over all else.

To maintain self-respect — the most virtuous form of respect — you have to chose you. If you don’t, you will live with severe cognitive dissonance, anxiety, and doubt until you decide to do what your heart knows is best for you.

Final Thoughts

It’s normal and natural to seek, even to chase, status and respect.

The difference between selfishness and selflessness is the chasm that separates ego-filled seeking vs. a more heart-led quest to create change.

As long as it’s fueled by love, I say gain as much clout and admiration from the world as you can. That’s honestly what invigorates me most about life.

To touch the masses at scale, you need a stage and spotlight. Either build yours and take center, or remain a cog in the world’s wheel. You’re here to do the former, and to absolutely crush it.

Yours in service,


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