How the Universe Assigns & Aligns Material Rewards Based on Your Energetic Signature

The universe is a conscious machine that’s programmed to pair material experiences, or rewards, or things with people based on what people “tell” the universe they desire… or deserve.

But this is very subtle and implied based on your underlying energetic signature, not so much explicit based on overt demands or simply by saying aloud what you want.

Words are (relatively) ‘cheap’ in the universe’s eyes. It’s about belief, intention, and also action — all much harder to “get right” than saying what you want.

Words and literal requests can help but only once your energetic signature is “right” first.

The universe also has an inherent and immutable mechanism by which it evaluates our level of development or spiritual maturity.

If it senses that we are not yet in a state- of- mind where we’ll be able to effectively host, or handle the experience we desire (and the power that level-up may bring), it will withhold its manifestation in our life while it prepares us through experiential catalysts.

If you want something but are continually being let down and are therefore frustrated as to why your wishes seem to evade you, it’s not because you’re incapable or un-deserving.

It may well be that the universe just needs to prep you before it can deploy the kind of experience you want into your story – or more likely to shift you onto another timeline entirely.

The universe also wants us to fully respect and appreciate the gifts it bestows – it wants us to possess a certain depth of consciousness to fully feel our manifestations when they arrive. Sometimes keeping them from us for a period can intensify that effect once the gift is allowed to be realized.

If the universe can see where you’ll be in a year and it knows you will be much better prepared to hold the blessing at that time, it may withhold it as it gets you ready by putting you through a series of “tests.” You do not need to “pass” these tests – I’ve found that merely undergoing the gauntlet will spur the necessary shift whether you deal with it well or not.

Growth is inevitable in the face of adversity and often the adversity alone is all we need to prep us to receive.

I’ve found that I’m a better magnet – manifesting things more efficiently – when my disposition is essentially that of a “humble servant.”

I believe the universe wants to witness displays of our character when we think no one is watching.

I also believe it’s continuously giving us opportunities to showcase who we really are, and that our choices in those moments also determines how richly and how quickly we can receive.

We can put ourselves in the best position to increase the probability of reception of our desires by constantly asking of ourself “what would the person who receives the thing that I want need to be like, act like, and think like? Am I getting closer to becoming that person?”

If you imagine yourself as a radio frequency emitter, you can visualize how you are at all times projecting a variety of frequencies through the unspoken thought forms, beliefs, ideas, understandings, and ideologies that you hold.

When we hear the word ‘alignment’ thrown around in spiritual circles, what we’re really talking about is finding the ideal combination of those above referenced variables to maximize joy, impact, and attraction of abundance. When the stars align within, everything you want “with-out” can then come flying to you.

Hopefully this post can help you unlock a couple realizations along your journey 🙂 Peace and love!

Yours in service,


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