• The Mindset & Motivation of the Ruling Elite (+ The 5 Games of the Matrix)

    Fundamentally, there are five socioeconomic “games” being played out on the planet. All five are intertwined with one another, and actions taken by those playing in the higher-order tiers have a disproportionately strong impact on the levels below them. As game players ascend from one level to the next, the things that drove and motivated… Read more

  • Please Don’t Use ChatGPT to Automate Your Online Interactions

    I just received an obviously AI-written message in a conversation thread with a potential partner (not the first time). Big turn off. I won’t be working with him. But it got me thinking… No AI should be used to replace oneself in digital dialogue. ChatGPT is really, really good. And it’s ability to write contextual, coherent,… Read more

  • Reformulating My Relationship to Solitude

    Quite often, the things we resist, run from, or feel anxiety about — the things we fear — eventually become the things we desire most down the road. That was true for me, especially regarding my relationship to the feeling of being alone… which for years since my early twenties, I’d attached a negative label… Read more

  • How the Universe Assigns & Aligns Material Rewards Based on Your Energetic Signature

    The universe is a conscious machine that’s programmed to pair material experiences, or rewards, or things with people based on what people “tell” the universe they desire… or deserve. But this is very subtle and implied based on your underlying energetic signature, not so much explicit based on overt demands or simply by saying aloud… Read more

  • The Energetics of High Status (5 Ways to be More Respected)

    Our world works as a status meritocracy (regardless of what we may want to believe). Earth is still ruled by roles. This game called life is one wholly dictated by perceptions, assumptions, and implications — implications of superiority, of mastery, of ownership, of dominance. To “get anywhere” in life, you have to demonstrate some degree… Read more

  • Why Attention and Trust are Your Most Valuable Resources in 2023

    Time, money, and information are all invaluable ingredients if you want to create something great. But none of them is your most valuable resource.  In the digital economy, attention is the new silver and trust is the new gold. If you can capture and keep attention by harnessing and framing information, time will work for… Read more