• AI, Ancestor Simulations & Ascension of a Species

    A lot’s been made recently about artificial intelligence. My view on AI is a little more esoteric than some (surprise, surprise right?). At this moment, I’m not as interested in the potential for tools like ChatGPT or when driverless cars will be implemented at scale. Use cases like the latter certainly carry potentially scary implications… Read more

  • Fairness, Privilege, & Life Scripts

    We do not all start on a level playing field. Figuratively speaking, the Universe births some people on third base while others have to stumble for years just to get to first. As the adage goes, life is not fair. But that perspective leaves me hanging, reaching for something to soothe the sourness of such… Read more

  • The Magic of Consistency

    Consistency is most important trait you can have if you want to achieve your potential.  I know this because I spent my entire 20s suffering from major shiny object syndrome. I’d jump from this to that every time something new came into my awareness. I wasn’t finishing what I started. I was shifting my strategy… Read more

  • Financial Freedom, Risk & Reward, & Winning the Matrix

    If you subscribe, as I do, to the most literal interpretation of those basic spiritual mantras of “I am always protected,” “I always have enough,” and “I am infinitely abundant,” then it benefits you to be much more ‘risk tolerant’ than ‘risk averse’ in this modern economy fueled by access, connectivity, and more money-making opportunities… Read more

  • generation of acceptance & Freedom of Expression

    We’ve seen a mounting cultural and generational movement evolve over the last decade around radical acceptance. It’s like a 60s revival – only instead of free love, it’s free expression and embrace. Of course there’s still pockets and people full of ignorance and hate. But they’re fewer and farther between. Viewed from both an ascended… Read more

  • You’re The Average of What You Do Most Often

    We are disproportionately the average of what we think, believe, and do most often. In other words, your frequency is the cumulative result of what you do most frequently. Someone with bad road rage will be uptight and eventually have high blood pressure. Over time, they become that kind of person. By the same token,… Read more