• Neutrality, Non-Reaction & Non-Resistance

    There is so much potential that’s inherent in neutrality. The ability to objectively view something from a totally detached, unbiased vantage point lets us observe nuances and truths that are quite literally invisible to those who jump to polarities or who want to take sides. Veering from neutrality distracts you from the truth. Non-reaction is… Read more

  • Time Compounds in Perceived Quickenness As We Age

    Time is like grains of sand in an hourglass. When we’re young, the grains move imperceptibly slow — heck, we’re not even aware that they’re moving at all. This is mostly due to the fact that our consciousness is still being dripped into our vessel well into childhood, so our senses aren’t yet equipped to… Read more

  • TIME TO Bet BIG On Yourself

    At any decision point of significance, there are always two diametrically-opposing forces at play: the desire to change one’s circumstances versus acceptance of the way things are. The latter often feels comfortable but ultimately is empowered by fear of the unknown. Until the former is of a greater magnitude than the charge energizing the fear,… Read more

  • Dissecting The Lack Issue in The new age Community

    Listen to a recording of this article:   Without passing judgment, I’ve merely observed a perpetual and overwhelming lack of ‘abundance’ among the new age community… despite proclamations and affirmations of success, wealth, and money mindset. Why is that? Why do so many spiritual people have an abysmal money mindset and resultant lack of money… Read more

  • Concurrent Timelines & Parallel Lives

    Listen to a recording of this article:   Think about those “close calls” in your past — those times you made stupid choices that could have resulted in unwanted or even horrific consequences. Isn’t it mind-boggling to think that another version of you is living out those less desirable ‘timelines’ right now? I’ve recently been… Read more

  • The Energetics of Self Love

    Your consciousness is self-sustaining. You require nothing to tap into lasting self love. Learn more in this insight-packed post! Read more