• Concurrent Timelines & Parallel Lives

    Listen to a recording of this article:   Think about those “close calls” in your past — those times you made stupid choices that could have resulted in unwanted or even horrific consequences. Isn’t it mind-boggling to think that another version of you is living out those less desirable ‘timelines’ right now? I’ve recently been… Read more

  • The Energetics of Self Love

    Your consciousness is self-sustaining. You require nothing to tap into lasting self love. Learn more in this insight-packed post! Read more

  • The COVID Agenda: End Game Masterplan, Vaccine Holocaust, & NWO/New Earth Timelines

    I recently put together multiple pieces of a master download around this entire COVID-19 (and now divisive vaccinated vs. unvaccinated) spiritual war which has been waging for the past two years, and which, unfortunately, won’t be ending anytime soon. If this Earth construct operates on a data stream (meaning that we’re living in a highly… Read more

  • The Origin & Function of Non-Source Players

    Non-Source players were created to infiltrate and populate physical reality constructs with a high degree of difficulty like Earth. In this post, learn about their esoteric origin and function. Read more

  • Planetary Awakening Update: Economic Reset, 10 Days of Darkness, G.E.S.A.R.A., Disclosure & More

    I’ve spoken with multiple informed sources who believe the “10 days of darkness” and ensuing Global Reset will happen within the next couple months. It could be sooner. BREAKING NEWS: THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS SET TO NOTIFY FEDERAL AGENCIES TO PREPARE FOR A POTENTIAL GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN Grab more popcorn. — Gold Telegraph ⚡ (@GoldTelegraph_) September 23,… Read more

  • The Infinite Self Mastery Journey: Spiral of Expansion

    The purpose of third density physical experience is to dance between two primary states: inner stillness and outer play. The 3D world can be viewed as an experiential feedback loop to allow us to apply, test, and reintegrate downloads, realizations, and insights discovered within. Read more