Book a Guidance Session

Interested in booking a healing session with me? Wonderful! Here’s a bit more information about what I offer, my background, and what to expect.

Get to know me!

Hi! I’m Michael. I am an INFJ personality type on the Myers-Briggs scale, an Old Soul, a Virgo, and an intuitive empath. I am also claircognizant and receive sporadic psychic visions. If you want to read more about my personal story, I’ve covered it in full-detail in this post — feel free to check it out.

As of now, I am offering distance energy healing sessions, spiritual awakening guidance, and esoteric mentorship.*

I am currently practicing these services for close friends or acquaintances who are comfortable working with me to help me develop my skills to a point of maximum proficiency. With that being said, and since I am still figuring out the best combination of services for me, I am not charging for my work at this time. However, if you would like to book a session with me and find value or healing, it benefits you to complete the energy exchange with a small donation via Patreon.

*I am still in the early stages of determining how my intuitive gifts and energy will add most value for the collective.

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Healing Services

Awakening Guidance

The awakening journey can feel daunting, scary, and uncertain. We often wonder “what’s happening to us,” having been jolted from our typical routine. This guidance will focus on honoring your awakening, regardless of your circumstances and honing your intuitive gifts.

Suggested investment: $25 for 30 min

Distance Energy Healing

Holistic healing is crucial for our mind-body-spirit complex. Distance energy work can help identify, affect, and impact change on all three levels. I will direct my intention on your specific needs to deliver a neutral “packet” of energy for your Higher Self to work with.

Suggested investment: $35 for 45 min

Mentorship & Esoteric Guidance

When understood from a place of higher consciousness, many of life’s challenges can be eliminated or more easily understood. This guidance will help you understand your purpose, why you came to Earth, and more.

Suggested investment: $25 for 30 min

Depending on your preference and how I fell most guided to offer help for you, we may jump on a quick Skype call where I will learn about your situation and offer my perspective to help you gain a healing understanding of your situation from a place of higher consciousness. I will likely spend time in solitude/meditation as well in order to do the actual energy work. Then I will deliver you a self-recorded voice message as well as Word document with my takeaways, thoughts, recommendations, and summary.

If you are interested in working together, please feel free to contact me!