The Symbolic Structure of Existence (Source, Divine Masculine/Feminine, & More) [Massive Download]

Deep and esoteric truths are woven into the fabric of the universe's structure. Symbolism and imagery are used on multiple levels to plan, understand, and remind us who we are and why we designed the tapestry of life as we did.

The Eradication of Negative Polarity in the Milky Way

Negative polarity is an experiment that our Galactic Consciousness implemented in order to see how consciousnesses within the games of this galaxy would overcome it. Now it is being eradicated in full.

Love is the Answer: What it Means & Why it’s is the Key to Everything

Love is the answer, and love is all you need. As a profound recognition of non-separation, love is the means by which ascension and our eventual reintegration with Source Consciousness is possible.