The Conscious Cashflow Club™ is a knowledge-sharing community for awakened entrepreneurs, investors, creators, artists, and healers interested in generating passive and residual income.

In the spirit of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad teachings, this independently-operated club was founded with the mission of bringing together love-based creators to teach, encourage, and support one another to achieve their dreams. My goal is simple: help others design their lifestyle, travel the world, build their wealth, focus on their soul purpose and leave the rat race as soon as humanly possible.

Get Off Grid. Free Your Time. Invest Consciously. Build Your Own Business. Exit the Matrix. Escape Rat Race Enslavement. Travel. Join the New Rich. Invent Your Reality. Build Your Freedom.


Article: How To Create Conscious Wealth By Changing Your Money Mindset & Investing In Assets

If you desire time, location, and financial freedom, you must invest in assets (not liabilities) and make your money work for you, not the other way around.

Podcast: Conscious Entrepreneurship & Off-Grid Income with Kangen Movement

You don’t have to settle for the linear trajectory that one earned income stream offers. There is so much more out there.

Article: Is Your Relationship to Money Keeping You From Attracting it?

Money is not bad, it’s neutral. It is an energy flow available to us in whatever quantity desired.


We meet on the second Monday of every month via Zoom.

JOB stands for Just Over Broke. Working for any entity for a linear paycheck — regardless of salary — is a silent trap that holds your TIME and ENERGY hostage, keeping you from ever amassing true cash reserves or turning your purpose into your profession. With COVID restrictions only increasing, the stock market more risky than ever, and the explosion of the digital economy, it’s time to take conscious control of your future.

“Up until my awakening in 2018, I didn’t even realize how incessant my programming had been… and how restrictive my limited money mindset was… I didn’t even know I could work for myself or that eventually opting out of the 9-5 bondage and enslavement system was an option.”


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Leverage Amazon Automation with a completely done-for-you passive income investment with the Roughnecks eCom team. Email me if you’re interested.

Empowering Principles, Values, & Affirmations

Through the conscious creation of passive and residual income streams, I am moving from the left side of the Cashflow Quadrant to the right side so that I can own businesses instead of working for anyone.

I will never succumb to making a living on earned income alone — this is a slave’s deal; it’s the highest taxed and I personally have to work for it. There is next to no leverage and absolutely no possibility for residual value. 

I am actively generating cashflow from money-making opportunities that consistently, repeatedly, automatically deliver funds into my bank account.

I do not desire to have a job — I want to own a system and invest in other people’s systems which bother me as little as possible while supplying autopilot money energy into my bank account. My multiple owned assets run autonomously providing me continuous abundance to fund the 5D freedom-based lifestyle I want to live.

I am overcoming flawed beliefs that lavish living is only for materialistic people. I deserve to live richly. I was born to take the road less traveled and live life completely on my terms — traveling the world and enjoying the finer things in life. My willingness to take action and invest in opportunities I feel intellectually-intuitively guided to align with will result in my complete and utter freedom.

I plan on taking “mini-retirements”  that excite me throughout my life in lieu of turning 65, reliant on a pension or 401(k), and rotting like a raisin under the Florida sun. When I’m 65, I’ll be so in love with my healing purpose that work will still be play and I will be more full of life than ever.

I am thankful to be part of this awakening generation because I have an ability unlike others before me to ascend both spiritually and financially by empowering, uplifting and even investing in others in this digital economy and Age of Enlightenment that I am spearheading!

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Agenda & Recordings

Mo. 1 ⋆ 10/11/21 ⋆ Topic: The Rigged Economy & Global System of Financial Control [recording]

Mo. 2 ⋆ Nov. 2021 ⋆ Topic: TBD

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