10x Your Brand + Biz, Become a Recognized Leader, & Design Your Lifestyle in the New Earth

All While Alleviating Fear, Avoiding Matrix Distractions, & Living Fully in Your Purpose 

Join Spiritual Teacher & Life Coach Michael

for the most transformational brand-building program in the conscious community! Learn strategies, techniques, & tactics to design your lifestyle, grow a massive audience online, & make your purpose your profession in the New Earth!

As spirituality goes from an interest to an industry, demand for intuitive healers is skyrocketing. New niches are emerging daily. From coaches to content creators, energy healers to epigeneticists, naturopaths to network marketers… it’s time to stand outbe seen, and grow your footprint

👉🏼  Learn Specific Methods, Mind Shifts, & Strategies to Make Your Brand & Business Boom

👉🏼  Get Access to 12+ Hours of Compelling Lectures Plus Step-by-Step Processes, Tactics & Templates to Amplify Your Reach, Income, & Impact

👉🏼  Energetic Investment in the Program Will Result in Quantum Leaps in Your Brand, Business & Personal Relationships or Your Money Back


Lesson 1: Discover Your Soul’s Mission

Alleviate Anxiety, Awaken to Your Purpose & Align for Success

Surviving the Dark Night of the Soul

Awakening to Your Soul Purpose (“Ikigai“)

Creating in the Love Frequency

Lesson 2: Setting the Foundation for Success

Casting A Vision, Making A Mission, & Staying Strategic

Expand Your Context of What’s Possible

Craft the Best Vision & Mission Statement to Guide

Lesson 3: Leverage the Insane Power of Original Content

to Build Your Brand & Cultivate an Audience Salivating for Your Services

Step-by-Step Method to Build a Sustainable Content-First Business

Become the Go-To Online Resource for Your Target Audience

Amass Followers with Ultra-Compelling Content, Copy & Captions

Lesson 4: Case Study: How to Grow Your Brand to 50k Followers in 2 Years

Stratospheric Promotion Techniques

Use Customizable Outreach Templates to Cultivate Connections, Skyrocket Shares & Enhance Engagement

Create Automatic “Follower Flow & Attract Your Own Tribe

Gain Clout, Become a Known Influencer & Garner Brand Awareness in Your Niche

Lesson 5: Soulpreneurs, Monetize Your Passion

Create Abundance & Sell High-Ticket Products with Love

Apply Love-Based 5D Sales vs Profit-Based 3D Sales

Learn How to Get Clients, Handle Objections, & Make Offers/Proposals to Prospects

Use Customizable Sales Templates that Work Like a Wand to Earn Business

Lesson 6: Cultivate Magnetic Relationships

Create Genuine Personal Interactions & Lifetime Brand Affinity

Communicate with Consciousness IRL & on Social Media

Lovingly use the Principles of Energetic Reciprocity to Your Benefit

Lesson 7: Planning for Freedom: Leave the Matrix & Legally Bypass 3D Restrictions

Use the Mechanics of Reality Creation to Invent Your Dream Life

Learn How to Appear Busy & Minimize Your 3D Job so it Bothers You as Little As Possible

Use Common Law to Begin the Process of Detaching from Matrix Restrictions, Systems & Control

Circumvent, Navigate & Bypass Invasive Governmental Regulations (e.g., Taxes, Travel Restrictions) & Get the Matrix Off Your Back

Lesson 8: Lifestyle Design for Love-Based Leaders

How Conscious Creators are Freeing their Location, Traveling the World & Leaving the Rat Race

Apply the Principles of The 4-Hour Work Week

Get Off-Grid & Create Your Tropical Paradise

Hacks to Travel on a Budget While Working Remotely

Lesson 9: Money Mindset Matters

Changing Your Relationship to Wealth, Expanding Your Context, & Investing for Freedom

Reverse Career Conditioning & Expand Your Ceiling, Context, & Capabilities for Abundance Creation

Invest In Assets & Build Businesses so Your Money Works For You

Create Multiple Streams of Conscious Cash Flow to Fund Your Escape & Free Your Time

Lesson 10: Staying Connected, Productive & Passionate

Principles of High Performance for Advanced Awakened Creators

Rewire Your Brain & Reset Work Habits to Maximize Efficiency 10x

Work in Flow State 100% of the Time

Access Life-Changing Spiritual Downloads & ‘Aha Moments’ & Epiphanies at Will


12+ hours of videos, lessons & lectures ($1,000 value)

All PowerPoint slides & a copy of my 2 eBooks ($195 value)

A 2hour 1-on-1 coaching/strategy session with me via Zoom ($610 value)

22 customizable sales, email, & outreach Templates for 5D entrepreneurs ($2,000 value)

3 Exclusive Guided Meditations for ultra-powerful manifestation & automatic attraction ($300 value)

10 Assignments/Journal Prompts to catalyze growth & apply learnings ($250 value)

44 proprietary techniques to expedite creational power & performance in 5D ($200 value)

2 exclusive podcast episodes on social media growth hacks (secrets to owning the Instagram algorithm) & keys to mastering client attraction ($1,000 value)




Conscious Creator Accelerator™ Course

Make 2021 the year you level up beyond your wildest dreams. Note that by completing this transaction, you are pre-paying for the course which will be launched in August.


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Whether you’re ready to begin or are already growing your brand online, I’m so certain you will be undeniably expanded and transformed after the program that I’m offering a 110% money back guarantee! That’s right… I’ll pay you if you’re not blown away by the end.




Not sure if the program is right for you? Meet with me for a personalized strategy call before you commit to anything!


If you’re an awakened, entrepreneurial-minded high performer, this course is for you! Here are the most commonly-asked questions:

How long will I have access to the videos and course material?
There’s no limit to how much you can watch the recordings. Come back as often as you like. You’ll have access to course material forever. The program material lives in Thinkific and you’ll be provided login credentials upon purchase.
What if I don’t like the content or don’t end up seeing growth of my brand or business?
All you have to do is provide proof of purchase and show that you worked through at least 3 modules of content and I’ll refund your investment plus 10%. But honestly, you’ll have to do the work to see rewards. In other words, I’m not responsible for your results. If you have a pervasive lack mindset going into this work, you’re likely not an ideal frequency match for the course. This isn’t for whiners; it’s for winners!
What makes this course different from the hundreds of others out there like it?
Michael is a well-known spiritual influencer with a strong business background in corporate marketing… you won’t find another divine masculine with the breadth of knowledge Michael possesses. His depth of wisdom (and ability to bridge the spiritual with the physical) is what sets him apart. You’re getting secrets strait from the mouth of a “shark” who know these waters well.
What will the worksheets, take-home assignments, and resources be, exactly?
Supplemental content will expand on the course material with actionable, step-by-step tasks to align you with your highest potential. This includes charts, quizzes, to-dos, challenges, and more.
I don’t have any clients or customers just yet. Is this course still for me?
100%… in fact, you’ll gain more from the course if you’re still in the ideation or beginning phases. You do not need a thriving personal business with dozens of clients to experience radical transformation.
Money is an issue… I just can’t afford it right now.
Is it truly a money issue, or a priority issue? Most of the time, the ego-mind will throw reason after reason at us about why we “just can’t” right now. It will try to rationalize and make excuses to put things off into the future. This is a presentation of fear. When we truly desire change, we find the means to make it happen. My price is an incredibly discounted figure as I want this to be as widely available and affordable as possible. If you could recoup your investment in a matter of your first 1-2 client sales because of this course, isn’t it worth  it?
It’s is still really expensive. What kinds of payment plans or financing can I do?
I wanted to make this energy as affordable as humanly possible. While the cost is an absolute steal for the ongoing value you’ll get, I recognize that it’s still a large sum. I’m more than happy to arrange flexible payment plans as per your needs for the duration of the course. My suggestion to break up the cost into weekly payments if needed. Just reach out if you need to set one up.

Have a question not addressed here? Just email me and I’ll reply within a day.