Exit the Matrix, Scale Your Conscious Business, & Design Your Lifestyle

by Eliminating Wasted Energy, Turning Your Passion into Your Profession, & Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

For aeons, systems of servitude and structures of control have kept Humanity sheepishly enslaved. From birth, past generations fell victim to a life sentence of matrix enslavement, thrust into a system of feudal serfdom nearly inescapable. Until now, ideas like “exiting the matrix,” conscious entrepreneurship, and lifestyle design have been impractical. But this is the Great Awakening… it’s time to awaken your inner lion and roar! It’s up to you to free yourselfTake back ownership of your life instead of being owned. If you’re ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime — a journey back to freedom — THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

Welcome to the Conscious Creator Accelerator™ Mastercourse, an all-encompassing 10-module program for ascending consciousness brought to you by New Earth Knowledge™!


In 2019, I created New Earth Knowledge, a brand which has grown to 60k followers in two years. This program is an all-encompassing mastercourse, taking you on a journey toward total self mastery, transformation and “Limitless-like” power.


▷ Module 1: Surviving the Matrix in 2022
Lesson 1.1: The Global Domination Scheme & AI Technocracy
Lesson 1.2: The Jab Agenda & How to Circumvent Vaccine Mandates

▷ Module 2: Step into Your Soul Mission
Lesson 2.1: Destroy Depression & Survive the Dark Night of the Soul
Lesson 2.2: Uncover Your Ikigai, Create from Love & Craft a Life Vision
Lesson 2.3: Overcome Self Doubt & Eliminate Imposter Syndrome

▷ Module 3: Skyrocket Your Conscious Brand
Lesson 3.1: Leveraging the Power of Content Marketing
Lesson 3.2: Build a Best-of-Breed Heart-Based Content Platform
Lesson 3.3: Case Study: How I Grew New Earth Knowledge™ to 50k in 2 Years

▷ Module 4: Build Your Coaching, Mentorship or Energy Healing Business
Lesson 4.1: Create an LLC & Find Trustworthy Virtual Assistants
Lesson 4.2: Negating Fears, Overcoming Objections, & Preventing No-Shows
Lesson 4.3: Monetization: Sell High-Ticket Items & Make Multi-Month Offers with Conviction

▷ Module 5: Life Coaching Masterclass: Create Lifelong Transformation
Lesson 5.1: Use Alchemy & White Magic to Create Magnetic Lifetime Relationships
Lesson 5.2: How to Serve Clients with Energy & Empathy
Lesson 5.3: How to Run a Coaching Call
Lesson 5.4: Laser-Focused Coaching: Case Studies & Examples

▷ Module 6: Manipulate The Matrix: Create a Reality of Your Own Making
Lesson 6.1: Leave the Matrix: Use Natural Law to Reclaim Sovereignty
Lesson 6.2: Sovereignty & Strawman Redemption Masterclass [by Juan Martinez]
Lesson 6.3: Crypto & the Future of Payments
Lesson 6.4: Master Your Mind, Raise Your Frequency & Integrate Spiritual Downloads

Module 7: Lifestyle Design: Free Your Time, Work from Anywhere, & Travel the World
Lesson 7.1: Minimize, Mechanize & Automate Your W2 Job
Lesson 7.2: Digital Nomad Lifestyle, Off Grid Living, & Foreign Travel
Lesson 7.3: Offshore Banking, Real Estate Investing & Dual Citizenship

Module 8: Money Mindset: Gain Financial Independence & Invest for Freedom
Lesson 8.1: Mini Money Masterclass: Cash-as-a-Consciousness
Lesson 8.2: Program the Quantum Realm, Master Your Creatorship, & Manifest $50k Months [by Anton Wisbiski]


8 Modules of Online Training Content   ($2,700 value)

20+ Blogs, Templates & Insider Articles   ($1,300)

 Bi-Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls ​ ($3,300)

  🚀 BONUS: Additional MP3 Recordings and Guided Meditations for Instantaneous Manifestation & Quantum Leaping ($497)

  🚀 BONUS: 1-on-1 Work w/ the Instructor & Access to Private Facebook Group ($597)




Conscious Creator Accelerator™ Course

In the 8-module trademark program brought to you by Michael at New Earth Knowledge™, you’ll be taken on a transformative inner and outer journey toward fulfillment of your highest potential.


As “awakening” goes from an interest to an industry, demand for intuitive healers is skyrocketing. New niches are emerging daily. From coaches to content creators, it’s time to stand outgrow your footprint, and make the matrix bend to your will! 

sea of clouds

Learn Methods, Mind Shifts, & Strategies to Make Your Brand & Business Boom

Get Access to 20+ Hours of Lectures to Amplify Your Reach, Income, & Impact

Experience Quantum Leaps in Your Professional Life & Personal Relationships

Tap into Source, Access Downloads & Maximize Efficiency




If you’re an awakened, entrepreneurial-minded high performer, this course is for you!

How long will I have access to the videos and course material?
There’s no limit. Come back as often as you like. You’ll have access to course material forever. The program material will live natively in my website, and you’ll be provided login credentials upon purchase.
What if I don’t like the content or don’t end up seeing growth of my brand or business?
All you have to do is provide proof of purchase and show that you worked through at least 3 modules of content and I’ll refund your investment. But honestly, you’ll have to do the work to see rewards. In other words, I’m not responsible for your results — you are. If you have a pervasive lack mindset going into this work, you’re not an ideal frequency match for the course.
What will the templates, take-home assignments, and resources be, exactly?
Supplemental content will expand on the course material with actionable, step-by-step tasks to align you with your highest potential. This includes charts, templates (run a sales call, Instagram outreach, etc) , to-dos, challenges, and more.
I don’t have any clients or customers just yet. Is this course still for me?
100%… in fact, you’ll gain more from the course if you’re still in the ideation or beginning phases. You do not need a thriving personal business with dozens of clients to experience radical transformation.
Money is an issue… I just can’t afford it right now.
Is it truly a money issue, or a priority issue? Most of the time, the ego-mind will throw reason after reason at us about why we “just can’t” right now. It will try to rationalize and make excuses to put things off into the future. This is a presentation of fear. When we truly desire change, we find the means to make it happen. My price is an incredibly discounted figure as I want this to be as widely available and affordable as possible. If you could recoup your investment in a matter of your first 1-2 client sales because of this course, isn’t it worth  it? That said, this isn’t about money for me! Let me know what you are able to pay and I will let you in!
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